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    I’m with you masaccio- you would think that it would be obvious to almost everyone but the most devote of the Ayn Rand worshipers that wealth is concentrating up and the that the non-CEO class is getting ground into the dirt. Or perhaps most Americans agree, but just think they are going to be one of the few “winners”. Certainly, convincing the rubes that they are in on the con has been a staple of Republican politics, but don’t you think sooner or latter the rest us might realize that overall, we would be better off with some sort of limits on the concentration of wealth?

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    Pretty words for his voters, concrete actions for the funders has been Obama’s modus operandi from the start of his political career. He really does think that we are stupid- although he does get a bit testy on the rare occasion when the rabble begin to start to catch on to the con.

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    Nice post, Jon.

    I pretty much agree that essentially Obama sold himself to the moneyed interests as the guy who could best con Democrats into giving up on the New Deal and into continuing the implementation of the neo-liberal agenda. His mistake was that he thought the Republicans would be in on the con- and he’d just have to wink and smile and they would know what to do. But, instead, they ended up being too stupid to play the straight man and his too clever by half negotiating ploys ended up just looking foolish to almost everyone but the die-hard elventy dimensional chess believing o-bots.

    And now the rubes, if not their money masters, think he’s going to fold because he has every time before. We will see, but my guess is that Boehner will cave on the debt ceiling, taking the a-bomb off the table, and we will be left with a long continuing government shutdown, which is more like the trench warfare of World War I- static lines and pointless slaughter.

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    The more people see that the whole game is rigged- where there are one set of rules for us and completely different set of rules for the corrupt rentier class, the more willing they will be to change the rules of the game. The truth of the matter is that the last thing the neoliberal elite want is true competition among the owners, they just want to impose it among the 99% of the population that threaten them.

    The other thing is that the neo-liberal randian utopia that they are striving to achieve is, in my opinion, more likely to result in something like Mussolini’s Italy when faced with real-world America. And the average citizen is already very much recoiling from that destination, I believe.

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    Impeachment isn’t the only leverage congress has against the president- they still have the power of the purse, regardless of the legality of military action the president may take. They probably could de-fund any attack that Obama launches, or even pass restrictions on spending money for future military actions against Syria – if they really [...]

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    As twilight strikes the Obama Administration

    You mean they are being taken over by a bunch of blood sucking vampires who use their good looking appearance and pleasant demeanor to deceive the public and create a horde of critical thinking adverse fans who will support them no matter how awful they are? I thought that was the game plan all along…

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    DiFi- she isn’t really a Democrat, she just plays one on TV. Unfortunately, most of her fellow elected party members (including unfortunately the current occupant of the White House) have embraced her cynical strategy of pretty words (and pictures of course) for their voters but concrete actions for their funders (and rich friends, husbands, etc…) [...]

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    Now we get to see how many Democrats will vote to pay for the tax cuts by gutting SS and Medicare.

    Enough to pass them, obviously.

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    Letting the tax cuts expire would have probably resulted in a much more progressive outcome.

    What did Democrats gain from this deal? Chiefly, a one year extension of long-term unemployment benefits- which ends up being about a two billion dollar item. Certainly two billion dollars isn’t exactly chump change, but most likely Democrats could have found some sweetener in a $500+ billion dollar tax cut deal to preserve them after the cliff.

    And the administration creates yet another hostage situation by delaying sequestration for two months. If you connect all of the dots, the resulting picture clearly isn’t one of a happy kitten. What it appears to be instead is a picture of a president being “forced” to cut great society programs as part of the next sequestration/debt ceiling charade and the Democratic party falling right in line right behind him.

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    Just on CNN- Grover Norquist supports the deal. Robert Reich opposes. Amusing.

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    I think you are a national treasure- I hope you can take a well-deserved break and than maybe come back bigger than ever.

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    I’d rather call Obama mendacious rather than a “pragmatist”. Sure, our government has been corrupted enough that the two have become synonymous- particularly within the corporate media bubble where Democratic politicians are routinely expected to act against the interests of their voters. But the fact is that Obama and Democrats like him sold out from day one. Sure, occasionally they throw out a bone to progressives so that they can try to hide their true goals from us huddled masses. But in the end, they act in their funders interests, not ours.

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    My theory is that Obama has been mendacious from day 1 in that he knew that he was uniquely positioned to sell out Democratic voters to his FIRE sector backers. His whole strategy has essentially been pretty words for his voters, concrete actions for his funders with the occasional bone thrown to the base for appearance sake. And of course a complete embrace and expansion of the Bush security state policies so that he doesn’t look weak on the national security front.

    Having said that, he does have one more election to get through. And you would think that he is smart enough to see the writing on the wall- if he concedes too much to the radical right, then Democrats will probably suffer large losses again in the mid terms. Not that I think he really cares much about the Democratic party, but I doubt that he wants to spend his last two years fighting impeachment or otherwise having to deal with tea-party nonsense. So I am hoping that Obama will realize that it is in his short-term political interests to not sell-out the new deal or otherwise behave like his previous center-right corporatist incarnation.

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    It’s as if Romney’s real campaign message was, “I’ll Lie for You.”

    Yup. Republicans want their politicians to be liars. Why? because they really don’t believe in democracy- they much prefer a corrupt system where their votes are the only ones that count, where their politicians can lie with impunity to fool the press or the Democrats into supporting (or not opposing) an issue they know the rest of the voting public wouldn’t support… i.e. they know their politicians are liars, they just think the lies advance the agenda of their side. I think one of the reasons this is true is a lot of Republicans see themselves as the privileged elite who need to protect themselves any way they can from the horde of lazy moochers who want their stuff. It doesn’t really bother them that their politicians say a few things that aren’t true- because they think they are in on the con.

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    Nice essay Leighton.

    In the end, in this pay-to-play democracy, both parties are primarily serving their funders interests. However, at the moment, the Republican party has to be much more cognizant of their voters than the Democratic party because they depend more on a populist, emotional appeal to sway their voters. Over time, that can be a dangerous thing. It appears the billionaires have successfully muzzled their astro-turfed tea party rabble this election- but I’m not sure how long that will hold. For one thing, this election they get to keep poking at the race button.

    Also, the radical billionaires and their minions on the right don’t necessarily support elite technocratic rule. In fact, they want pretty much to destroy a functioning government (aka “drown it in the bathtub”) in order to replace it with I guess either fascism or perhaps a theocracy (or maybe both…) Unfortunately, their radical agenda gives a huge opening for the “more reasonable” corporate corruption wing of the democratic party to sell themselves to the highest bidder while they slightly mitigate the more disastrous aspects of their funders policies. As represented, for example, by Obama’s promise not to “slash” Social Security.

    In the end, the billionaires will want absolute power- and there can only be one king, so win or loose this election, most likely their will be continued conflicts between the zealots, the billionaires and the technocrats in the Republican party.

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    Well, I think a lot of this boils down to financial self interest for people like Kos (Rachel Maddow, etc…) In that they have a lot greater chance to be successful working as partisan Democrats due to the deep pockets of the corporate media that won’t tolerate any dissonance in their Republican/Democrat Conservative/liberal duopolies. However, [...]

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    The latest example: “I will not slash benefits or privatize social security”

    He parses his words to mislead what his true goals are: i.e. come up with a grand bargain with the Republicans that includes benefit cuts. That’s mendacity in my opinion.

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    David you are exactly right on this. I couldn’t agree more. Not to trot out the old muckraker, but Upton Sinclar’s famous quote: “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it!” Pretty much sums up the state of the current Democratic party (and probably America as a whole). Although I have to acknowledge that the mendacity of Obama and Democrats like him show that they understand that acting for their funders interests and not their voters is essentially corruption and doing that is something they at least need to make some token effort to hide.

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    I don’t think Obama takes the actions that he does because he is a “people pleaser”. There is a much better explanation: He’s the pretty face that can most effectively sell out the constituents of the Democratic party to neo-liberal corporate interests. Essentially, his role is to play the front man to a con. Very [...]

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    I actually think privatization is Obama & the rest of the corporate democrats end-game. Of course, being the clever politicians they are, they will never come out and say it directly, but they can sell themselves to Wall Street as the guys that can deliver the changes the billionaires (and the corporations they love) want without angering the huddled masses too much. But they still need the radical right to have some semblance of power to get away with their mendacity, hence the aversion to supporting true Democrats and the emphasis on respecting the Ayn Rand cultists of the Republican party.

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