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  • Spirula commented on the blog post I Flaunt, Therefore I Am

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    What I like about cooking is the planning, the tweaking, and the eating, not the labor

    In other words, “I like everything about cooking except the actual, you know, cooking part.” To the rest of us, such a realization would result in “ordering out”.

    The saying goes, “write what you know”. And McMe seems intent on doing that…writing about herself. Yet a post like this, displaying such an obvious lack of self-awareness, shows she is clearly out of her element even in this area.

  • Spirula commented on the blog post There Will Be Teblood – The Vikeaning-aning Or Something

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    You all might appreciate this:


    (linked by someone who is a researcher at UF, who also saw Timmeh play at Nease HS (my daughter was in the color guard at the time so I went to see her), but also an ex-Christian who is nauseated by the self-righteousness of these shits like Tim)