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  • Erik, One of the greatest cost curlers of your O’care plan involves estate recovery by States in response to a Democratic mandate to recover Medicaid costs from the recipients who are 55+. Most of the recovery will no doubt be done by the private sector much as mortgage foreclosures were. Opportunities may exist for Medicaid estate recovery auctioneers to jumpstart the process and pocket some small fees for their trouble. These auctions could build community as one generation’s assets go to finance greater expansion of privatized Medicaid. It’s surely a two-fer and I know you will be proud.

  • Use O’care new expanded Medicaid if you are 55+ and start a tab and lien on your possessions such as house, truck, car, tools, etc.. If you thought you were going up, your heirs are going down. Thass the kind of “help” we can believe in as long as a large % goes to the private grifters. Thank you very much.

  • Use your O’care for help at your local hospital when you have symptoms of Ebola. A good progressive may as well enjoy the benefits while reading your latest Jonathan Gruber text.

  • In all of Jon’s posts, I do not recall even one instance where he discusses the Medicaid clawback, private rent seeking administration of Medicaid, lack of expense ratios, or availability of Medicaid doctors and clinics. For some time he used to tout VA care as a success story. But since Obama and the Democrats borked the VA, he has gone silent on that too.
    At least most who read and comment are not bamboozled by the stunning omissions.

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    Bc Obama and Democrats, Jonathan Gruber, PhD. What could possibly go wrong in Vermont? Single Payer “the little people” will be treated gently but firmly. Too much to lose by giving up the Store. Balloon Juice indeed!

  • Amen Marym. This series of posts just serves as click bait drawing moths to a light that lacks the heat of conviction and indignation about the parasitical system that delivers health care while sucking off rents for the tapeworms. I don’t think anyone still here believes any of the implied themes in Jon’s posts. It is sad we cannot move to more productive action. TPP and TISA agreements pursued by the governing Democratic shills may close the door on single payer. Nothing is presented on this which would lead to action. What could possibly go wrong from such willful dissonance?

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    Joeymac is okay with ~40% of healthcare dollars skimmed off to for profit insurance companies right out the chute and then complains about care delivered after that is ignored. I smell another rentier incubating!

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    The comments at my link do add much more of the backstory. I suggest reading all through them before discarding Correntewire as a very valuable resource. Even Erik could flex his brain cells there!

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    If the law is so unpopular, why are our Veterans going for it? With vouchers given out for for profit private care in lieu of the highly touted NHS style VA coverage, what could possibly go wrong?
    What could possibly go wrong?

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    What we are seeing is more Democratic Party election Kayfabe. Yeah in the abstract we should once again rally at the top of the rabbit hole before plunging down it in pursuit of an elusive abstract and undefined goal. At the end of the day we will be full circle back where we started and just for some abstract Kayfabe? Fool me once. Expansion of Social Security would benefit everyone as would Single Payer health care. That is what we should push for and not be bamboozled by the maze of dead end rabbit holes. Failure to push for real concrete benefits will not be treated kindly in many households including my own. Picketty smickety all sounds great for deceptive election tactics. It’s going no where.

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    “Taxation and regulation” are not end goals which resonate with most of us. Show us the money! Single Payer and expansion of Social Security are a couple things which come to mind that might move me. “Taxation and regulation” suck. Too much Dimbot mantras lead to more of nothing. Done with that. Sorry if you don’t see it….

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    Ahh, but have you considered the “trade” agreements pursued by Obama and Clinton which prevent countries from expanding public services without compensation to “private investors?” http://www.correntewire.com/obamacare_clusterfuck_sylvia_burwell_obamas_hhs_nominee_pleases_republicans_by_ruling_out_single#more
    This is the second front frequently ignored in the conversation. Read the comment at the link for more on this. This is why Obamacare was so important to the rentiers. Bloating their marketshare and gatekeeping to actual care, Obamacare is running out the clock until the GATS agreements make it impossible to change for the better.

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    “Walking around money” for “Navigators” and Outsourced IT. What could possibly go wrong? On the second front, Obama is still pushing “trade agreements” that would prevent expansion of public services i.e. Single Payer.

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    Jon, the real debate we need to have is why we are still giving 40% of health care spending to non providing parasites. There really is no role for private for profit insurance in any rational health care delivery system. Dance around that issue and you are simply wasting all our time and health.

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    Yeah, first we heard about the narrow insurance networks which exclude stuff like cancer care. Now we hear about phantom networks which actually don’t have any doctors! But as long as the rents flow to the parasites we still can crow about O’care.
    Too much of this “coverage” seems to focus on hollow statistics like those racked up by the Globetrotters and Washington Generals.

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    I just returned from Mexico. The pharmacies have doctors on staff. You can see a doctor “consulta al medico” for 35 pesos. Dividing by 13/buck works out to ~$3 mas o menos. But we got O’care and we are exceptional with a “uniquely American solution.” Pour me another Raicilla while I cry.

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    Yes medical care is a commodity, and our rulers intend to use GATS agreements to prevent Single Payer from being implemented by use of massive fines. Obamacare is just running out the clock until the new global agreements can protect “trade in services.” http://www.pnhp.org/sites/default/files/Nick Skala GAT and Health Reform.pdf

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    There is more going on which we are mostly only slightly informed. GATS may be poised to prohibit Single Payer Health Care. http://www.correntewire.com/my_cautionary_tale_about_free_trade_agreements_healthcare_presidents_parties_and_lying_is_everything#more

    Skala’s paper, published in 2009, is about the WTO services agreement, (or “GATS”) , but there are many other FTAs.They seem to already severely limit our health care choices – but, they may soon even more severely limit them.

    GATS, which supposedly regulates “everything you cannot drop on your foot” could – invisibly and silently put our domestic health insurance market under WTO jurisdiction – subject to a veto or huge sanctions from a shadowy WTO tribunal if we tried to remove markets from it’s grasp, – for example to implement single payer, a step which I think is necessary.

    Like Nick Skala, (who you can see in this video arguing for single payer) I think single payer is the only way that we could get affordable health care for all. I also think that one of the main goals of these trade agreements, although not admitted, is the destruction of the chances of countries to have public health care like single payer. Putting them into a form of enslavement. Watch what they do, not what they say.

    I do hope more of us start taking a look! Think of O’care as running out the clock until GATS is fully in place.

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    Even though I’m down in Mexico where the weather is nice and you can consult a doctor in the local pharmacies for 35 Pesos,
    I did notice no one has called out Jon for his use of cancer care to support signing up for O’care. In actual fact, the ACA plans exclude quality cancer treatment as a universal feature. Few to none of the major cancer treatment centers are included in the plan networks. Cancer care is OON and you are on your own. Simply disgusting.

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