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    Hey folks. Big Brother the ale house sounds nice.
    Warm here in SF.

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    It occurred to me:
    Gen Keane on Fox (or other TV stations) is an advertisement for General Dynamic products. Therefore his appearance falls under FTC guidelines as an advocacy advertisement.

    He could also fall under “endorsements.”

    Interestingly what he is selling falls under the Fox News UNACCEPTABLE COMMERCIAL APPROACHES, PRESENTATIONS AND TECHNIQUES section:
    ? Claims or representations, direct or implied, which are false or have the tendency to
    deceive, mislead or misrepresent.
    Scare approaches and presentations with the capacity to induce fear;

    And Firearms, fireworks, ammunition, and other weapons.

    Here is a link to guidelines.


    I just read the advertiser guidelines, and they are pretty strict in lots of ways including references to equal time for political candidates!

    I know what you are thinking, “No. He is not an advertisement. He is not endorsing war for profit in an ad. That is why he is on the “news.” (,Maybe it is really an infomercial!)

    Now we know that Fox classifies his appearance as “editorial” or news so in their mind all these FTC rules and Fox’s interpretation of them go out the window during the show.

    However, my goal here is to show that Fox DOES have some rules and regulations that it follows and can contrast with their lack of that in editorial (news). Again, no big deal, everyone knows Fox News doesn’t have to tell the truth on their “news” But this is a two part strategy:

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    I’d like to get the aspired standards for guests at national TV news rooms. and then we have something to hold against them.

    “Hey, I’m not the one who puts these in place, you are. And it appears you aren’t meeting them.”

    These are not external standards with any weight like the FTC, these are their own. There is no penalty if they fail to meet them. So why are they even trying?

    Ego. Because they WANT to feel that they are really ‘journalists’ and that all their mission statements mean something.
    The want to show that they aren’t being played, when in fact they are. And one of the few ways to point out that they aren’t being played is to acknowledge who the players pushing the war work for. It’s actually fairly easy. Also a lot of people think it doesn’t matter, ‘Former General? Of course he is pushing war, duh.” But it does, because if forces the media to acknowledge who benefits.

    I’ve noticed that when the media write about the media and they don’t want to comment they let them.

    Sure I can pretend to be stupid with my premise. “Well what are your standards for guests and identification? In the 2008 NY Times stories they just didn’t comment. Is that okay? That’s really bullshit. What is it “proprietary?” Why can’t you explain to the viewers why you don’t say rt. Gen Jack Keane works for General Dynamics or Gen Zinni makes from from Blackwater and from Raytheon.

    Is it because they assume that the public know this? They don’t have time? The point is that they don’t have people on from the Peace movement just the war movement. The peace movement don’t make money on war. These people do.

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    My latest idea. You know how we have these retired generals pushing war? Lee Fang did a piece about how they really work for General Dynamics and other military contractors. I’ve decided that they are really a paid spokesperson endorsing a product, and as such they fall under the FTC regulations.
    So I’m going to call up the Standards and practices people at the networks and ask if they are going to start identifying who the Generals work for now.

    When they say, ‘They aren’t covered under our Standards and Practices I’ll ask, “Okay, then what are the standards and practices that they DO come under? They will direct me to the News group and I’ll ask what their guidelines are for identification. And I want a copy of it. Then when we see them on one of the shows WITH OUT identification we tweet the shows and the host reminding them that they are violation their own standards and practices.

    This allows us to engage the news producers at the same time pointing who they work for and Who Benefits from More War.

  • Thanks TarheelDem! I just watched a video about how the drone strikes are not as neat and clean as they are sold. http://youtu.be/6yMOzvmgVhc They kill kids. They say that ISIS is very clever with social media. You can bet that they will be using footage of kids killed by US drones. So when that comes [...]

  • I watched the movie Non-stop not knowing the 9/11 connection on 9/11. Then while writing this I watched Wag the Dog. It’s freaking scary how spot on that movie still is.

  • “You can’t change the world with words Bill, unless you write those words in the evening news with blood.” – Tom Bowen, In the movie  Non-Stop

    Glenn Beck tried to cash in on the feeling of unity many had after 9/11. His 9/12 project in 2009 was BS. But he did understand there  was unity after 9/11/2001. I came [...]

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    Yesterday I watched a middling action adventure move called Non-Stop Starring Liam Neesom. The story itself was okay, but an underlying concept of the film is that airplane hijacking after 9/11 are very different. The twist to this film (and I wont’ give it away) is that the who concept of security after 9/11 is part of the reason that it even happens. The bullshit of “security theatre”

    There was a line about “The only thing people listen to is news written in blood on the evening news.”

    And I remember just how far the government went to keep the bloody images of death away from us. No coffins coming home. Journalists were ‘embedded’ and when there were images that came out, there were things that would enrage us against “the enemy” not against what “the good guys” did. That was why Abu Ghraib was a huge deal. We know that the images are important to get people to feel they are connected.

    This new war on ISIL is designed to keep us away from images of Americans killing. but not to stop images of American’s being killed.

    It will be done with drones. No American “boots on the ground.” so none of our people will be in harms way, that’s why it isn’t called “boots in the air” when we launch a drone.

    But just because our people aren’t in harms way, does that make it less of a war? Anyone want to talk about the money being spent? About the innocents we kill in the process?


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    I don’t listen to Rush, so for all I know, he has already gone down this path. I might pop over to Media Matters to check it out. But I wrote this Wednesday without listening to Rush for the last 2 months.

  • Today the AP put out a story that  the NFL in April received a DVD containing the surveillance video of Ray Rice slugging his fiancée. As you read the story and the follow up from the NFL you will see the personality of the  organization shine through. You will also see the linguistic mark of hot shot lawyers [...]

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    Yeah. I saw it. It reminded me of the old days with special comments to Bush. “You sir…”

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    Hmmm, good catch. I’m guessing that some lawyer was parsing the words. You know they don’t train journalists on how to ask questions like an attorney, but the DO train people on how to answer questions in a way that technically you wouldn’t have lied. The sticking to the “technical” truth is a big way [...]

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    A friend pointed me to this article. Someone is lying about whether the NFL saw the Ray Rice tape.

    Was the coach told to lie? What about the people around him? Why would it matter? I’m thinking money, reputation, money, fear, law suit fear. Money.

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    I tweeted this:

    .@foxandfriends sided with #RayRice until NFL fired him. Obama sides with abused women. Fox to support Rice again? http://my.firedoglake.com/spocko/2014/09/08/why-does-fox-news-side-with-abusers-like-ray-rice/#.VA5RDFR8agI.twitter

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    on my update: I understand that the sports reporters are used to being deferential to the coach, but will else anyone dig into this? I’m guess we won’t know anything more until Rice’s lawyers file the “wrongful termination” suit and everyone will lawyer up and the case will be sealed. I want something besides spectacle to [...]

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    I just watched the press conference. The level of stupid questions was really epic. But also the coach obviously knows how to deal with the media, if he doesn’t have an answer and says so, that’s just fine with them. Like, ‘What hadn’t you seen this video before?’ “I have no answer to that question.” [...]

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    Oh, by the way. Follow up on the CEO who kicked the dog? He has resigned.

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    Today’s Ray Rice story is still developing, but one thing it illustrates is the role outsiders can play in demanding justice and then expecting change from an institution that failed to act–or failed to act with sufficient seriousness about a problem. https://twitter.com/thenation/status/509082756580524032 Digby and Perlstein wrote today about what happened when we failed to hold [...]

  • a redemption story for the main characters.

    Exactly. And how they are pushing root! I was afraid about Shaw coming in but she has been an interesting choice. It’s hard to know just how much influence the network has on PoI. I think this show is a huge part of their line up and after the [...]

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