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    Maybe off topic (or not) but how powerful are Murdoch’s publications and media in New Zealand?

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    Well it’s totally possible. You need to get in touch with Darren Prince at Prince Marketing Group.
    He’ll help you get the film in, you might even get to go with Dennis Rodman himself on the trip since he likes to travel with an entourage.

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    I haven’t seen the film yet, but I’m looking forward to it.
    I’m very interested in the blur and cooperation between government and corporations.

    Although I haven’t seen the movie in the intro Lisa calls it Anti-capitalist and anti-corporate. Question: Did that tone impact your funding for this?

    Have any pro-corporate pro-capitalist people talked to you and try and correct what they saw as misconceptions in the film?

    Again, haven’t seen the film yet, excited to see it. Right now I’m interested in the thinking of people who work in corporations or for pro capitalist/corporate think tanks who spread their propaganda for a living. Do they see themselves and what they do in your film?

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    I really like what you at talking about.
    I’ve been thinking about writing a book. Spocko’s New Rules for Radicals in the Digital age.
    What I want to describe is that if you want to beat the people who are hurting you, you need to follow the advise from Trading Places. You want to hurt the rich people, you take away their money.

    And what you are talking about are all the institutions that are taking and making money from crack pot billionaires. Yes I want my view to win, but I’d also like to hit them in the wallet in the process.

    This is one reason why so many customer facing businesses want to hide their associations even after they get the dark money that is legal.
    I’m in KC now but I want to talk about this more later.

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    Can’t post mobile browser keeps crashing, both Crome and Safari.
    In KC at nephew’s wedding.
    I have lost the knack for small talk.
    Mrs Spocko cautions me not to talk about food poisoning at dinner or RW radio at reception.
    I guess talking about gun safety at breakfast is out of the question.
    Maybe I’ll talk about movies. How about class struggle and religion with the works of Ayn Rand in Snowpiercer?
    Trans Pacific Partnership and food safety? political spin following the plane shooting?
    The funny uncle has become the crusading crank who wants to bum everyone out.
    Maybe I’ll just tell some jokes.

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    Browser crashing

  • I should have started the clock by the minute not hour. See this http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2014/07/17/limbaugh-eerie-crash-of-malaysian-flight-is-an-opportunity-to-save-obama-from-border-crisis/ adio host Rush Limbaugh on Thursday said that the news media was covering the crash of a Malaysian flight that went down in the Ukraine because it was an “opportunity” to save President Barack Obama from the crisis of refugee women [...]

  • Hi folks I’m in an Airport in Oakland, so I can’t comment much but I’m loving this thread. Could those of you following this post when you first hear or see some of my predictions? It can be from Fox News, but actually any news service. On one hand it is the job of people [...]

  • I’m reminded that this is not a time for snark, to remember the people hurt and killed. So my heart goes out to the families of the dead.

  • Thumbnail  Spocko anticipates the media spin as another Malaysian Airlines flight crashes. In the minutes, hours and days to come you will be reading a lot about this story. This is a tragedy with the loss of multiple lives that will effect thousand of people’s families and friends. There will be a lot of speculation, incomplete information [...]

  • BTW, here is some interesting insight into the retention policy and how the guy gets paid. From a former Comcast data analyst.

  • This is what you get to do when you have almost near monopoly power.

    I saw this story a while ago and what really struck me about this was the number of people who felt bad for the rep because they knew exactly what was going on. He had a ‘retention’ goal and that he would lose his job if he didn’t meet it.
    The empathy was for the guy put into a position that he felt that losing this customer would lead to getting fired is the other part of having an unemployment crisis where you can’t say, “Fuck this shit!” because there is no other work. He might need the health care. And, since call centers are notorious for companies wanting to offshore, I’m guessing that that is the other axe they hold above employee’s heads.

    “You may hate this job but there are 2,000 English speaking Indians would would LOVE to have it and will do it for less money and with more appreciation of the work.”

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    We’d with Ducks is my fav.

    Today I was thinking about how to create a news event attacking charter schools. Then I found out that Donna Brazile and a former Governor are creating a group to fight them. I don’t know how agressively they will fight, I haven’t been impressed by Brazile.

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    Well it wasn’t totally rhetorical. The issue really IS, how to make it happen.

    One thing that the system (both banking and legal) is to try and talk the anger out of the equation. Even if it is righteous. They also want to de-personalize the villain. Yet our media and our minds work better with personalities, not abstract concepts and a series of rules and agreements.

    I’ve actually said before that there ARE ways to make it happen. But as I’ve found you need more than just the public component of outrage and pain.

    We’ve had a lot of books about what happened and why it happened, but there aren’t a lot of books to say, “Okay, given this, their power base, their captured regulators, their money and bought congress people if we wanted to actually get to a perp walk what could we do?

    I would look at what kinds of cases actually made it to the trial and why and then try and replicate them.

    1) The cases that have gone to court have been rich people who were screwed by other rich people. So what you do is actively look for Rich People who were screwed by other rich people but that also screwed poor people.

    Example. I would find the people who were are Lehmann Brother and Bears and Sterns who were sold out, sold down the river and screwed by Goldman Sachs and other WS Banks. They are rich, angry and can be vindictive.

    Use a former politician who has successfully taken on Wall Street and gotten punished for it. Eliott Spitzer. He got screwed and took the heat, he’s pissed and doesn’t have much more to lose.

    Find a group of institutional investors who were screwed by the same stuff and people that screwed Lehmann Brothers. Power Leverage

    This is the real power beyhind the case, but they are not the public face of it. The public face leverage needs to be Fire Fighters, vets, nurses, and middle class people who lost homes or suffered.

    Then you get a prosecutor from a place that has standing but not the heart of NY or one who can survive.

    The focus is on people two steps below the big names. The have money, lawyers etc, but they don’t want to go to jail. They then roll on the people above them in exchange for no jail sentence.

    When you announce the case you also announce all the forces against the case and let the public know how they will be going about defeating you.

    So then when they try all their pressures and strategies the people can see, “Oh that is how they are doing to do this.”

    And this needs to be chronicled by Matt Tiabbi as an on going story.

    You also get a lawyer and a politican to do “color commentary” about the moves that they are making to make the case go away. Threats, back room deals, attacks etc.

    The case will fail. And the public will see how and why it failed. That can lead to real despair, or suggestions on how to fix this so that they CAN sue people, starting with trust busting and more power in government that is not given away to the highest bidder.

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    Erik. I would like to think that, but when you look at how they were able to dodge punishment this time I think they will do it again. They have become very good at defusing responsibility, making illegal things legal, capturing the regulators and turning criminal acts into civil penalties.

    There are still a lot of angry people, the question is, “How has their anger been turned off into other groups, blocked by bigger powers or dismissed as self blaming?”

    Think about what it would take to channel that anger and pain into something that lead to personal responsibility and change? I sometimes wonder.

    I think there needs to be a combination of both leadership and power against power.

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    I heard this on NPR today, reported as a nice dry story.

    This weekend I went to a Young Turks/Jimmy Dore comedy show. It ended on a serious note about WolfPAC working to get money out of politics by setting up states to have constitutional convention to get money out of politics.

    It thought about how all the pain that big WS firms and banks like Citi have caused people, yet there were no corresponding stories about that individual pain. There is not balanced justice because corporations are not human. A human might feel pain, guilt or remorse for the pain they caused others.

    You could interview the people who caused the pain and you wonder, do they feel bad? Or do they believe. “I was doing my job. I never intended to hurt anyone.” What if you found the people who thought. “I knew what I was doing, and I knew it might hurt someone, but I knew that I personally would never get in trouble for it.”
    Would you feel better knowing those people were punished?
    Would personal accountability change YOU (feel justice was served) or would it change the people inside the system?

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    Agreed. So what tools can we give them to help them change?

    One of the tools is and understanding that the game is rigged against them.
    Another is, “What can we do to stop them from taking out money?”

    If I see myself as middle class and the poor taking money from me, I might “punch down” What if I see myself as middle class and see how the rich are taking my money? Do I “punch up?” What!? And ruin my changes of being part of the elite? NO WAY! If I punch down will I ruin my changes of being poor? Nope. I separate myself from the poor by “punching down”

    One of the other things to address are all the people who are part of the system. They might know that it is rigged but what are they going to do? Become a whistleblower? Why would they want to hurt either themselves or their own industry?

    One of the things I’ve been thinking about lately is how to apply the Spocko Method to other areas. Where can we use interested third parties to take actions that will help implement our goals? How can we use one group’s values against another?

    I’ve run some of these ideas by a few non-profits but they get nervous.

    The deal is that media aren’t really going to do the work, although they will report “both sides” So you need to understand the media and prep your side.

    Some of you missed the book salon yesterday on Ben & Jerry’s it was facinating because it talked about how people can set up system and agreements that enable a corporation to keep a greater mission statement than, ‘Shareholder value” or “quarterly profit above all else.”

    One of the other things I think about is how to turn either a corporations (private family’s) greed or immorality against themselves. Or help discover the kind of twisted behavior that “shocks the conscience” of even the most cynical rich toadies.

    Then there is the trick of setting up infighting among groups.

    The problem with aggressively taking on certain groups (even hated groups) is that they build multiple defensive layers and each one of them needs to be addressed.
    They also create “offensive” layers that they use to attack the people they see as virus’ One of the more difficult offensive layers to deal with is when your own side wants to defend the people you are attacking. That was why I was very careful to never attack the “free speech” of the radio hosts. They were AACKING to be a martyr to a free speech attack. Michael Savage was on of them.
    I flipped that around so that it wasn’t about what they said (even thought it was repugnant) it was about them getting money for it. If it was fine for United Airlines to pay for someone who suggested genocide of the Iraq people, well that’s up to them and their marketing department. I was just alerting them.

    So another part of the tools that we give people are ways they can “accidently” help by placing them in a situation they can’t avoid. Sometimes lawsuits make this possible. Sometimes leaked emails, other times getting public records.

    After all the talk about Citizens United and Money as speech did you know that corporations STILL want to hide their involvement in certain political actions. They have learned that “bad PR” can force them to make changes.

    So they pass off the evil actions they want to trade groups and lobbyists so that it won’t come back to them that, for example, they are responsible for some 22,000 people getting sick from contaminated chicken Salmonella.

    It’s not Foster Farms that is blocking giving the USDA power to recall contaminated chicken, it’s the National Chicken Council. And it’s not the CEO of Foster Farms who is putting the pressure on the USDA to not suggest a recall, it’s a USDA official. It’s the law firm that won the last case against the USDA, it’s the congressman with FF in his district.

    All the people in that chain know what they are doing. Some more than others. They create rationalizations to justify what they are doing. But some of them really don’t want it to keep happening. They don’t want to be whistleblowers, but they wish someone would force them to tell the truth.

    And, if that truth telling happens to get their obnoxious boss in trouble great, but at least they can say, ‘I couldn’t help myself. I was compelled to tell the truth.”

    There are a lot of people who want to do the right thing, but can’t always figure it out. I keep imagining the people with in GM who saw the problem with the ignition switch and wanted to fix it. What do they do when they see “the fix” covered up? They aren’t a hero, but they also don’t want to be responsible for death. They know that certain actions could lead to the death of their career, and that is what is right in front of them.

    How can they secretly force someone’s hand or “accidently” reveal some info to an outside group they would have missed? The “you didn’t hear it from me.” and passing along the info in a why that it put the person on the right track.
    There are ways, and I want to make that possible because there are a lot of good people in the system and they need help.

  • Thanks I’m in touch with Tom, I’ll check out the others.

  • Gary Hirshberg. Stoneyfield Farms Advisory Committee for Trade Policy and

    Negotiations (ACTPN)

    I’ve contacted them to discuss the TPP and go no response.

  • This is interesting. I did not know this. I’m very involved in food safety these days. You are correct, journalism is important, that is why the lobbyists in the food industry work hard to keep them in the dark. Often with the help of the USDA.

    The opportunity for any actual “food journalism” often begins and ends around a recall or outbreak in food poisoning. Sometimes we see stories about animal slaughter here in the US but a lot are blocked with the new AG-Gag laws.

    The ingredients in the pet food that killed thousands of cats and dogs in 2007 were deadly, yet still the industry resisted change. It has taken seven years to ensure greater oversight into pet food ingredients and nobody who was responsible ever went to jail. The reason was that the melamine came from China. The owner of the Factory bulldozed the factory before the USDA/FDA could even get a VISA from China to inspect the plant.

    The ability of a journalist to see into a big corporation is difficult and made more difficult when they are being added by a government that will attack whistle blowers. I know some people who could be whistleblowers in the food industry but they fear both government retribution and corporate lawsuits. So instead people will continue to die.

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