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  • SRW1 commented on the blog post Noblesse Oblige Is For You People

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    Yo, Ann, ya keep them infermajn and we keep tha presidensy.

  • SRW1 commented on the blog post Shame The Sluts And Make Them Wait

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    McMegan2 weeks ago in reply to just julie
    Ever had an abortion? Considerably more invasive than a trans-vaginal ultrasound.

    So, McMegan is pronouncing herself an expert because of first-hand experience?

  • SRW1 commented on the blog post Pet Sounds

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    Any Finnish connection in the background of the frozen blonde? ‘Kallista’ is the elative form (don’t ask) of the Finnish adjective ‘kallis’, meaning expensive, royal. If somebody is ‘kallista kipua perseetä’, s/he is a royal pain in the ….

    PS: I am aware of the supposed Greek connection of Callista.

  • SRW1 commented on the blog post Ross Douthat’s “The Lottery”

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    You’re looking for a logical argument? This is a straightforward threat: If you don’t stop fussing, buddy, we could always squeeze your nuts a bit harder.

  • SRW1 commented on the blog post Attention Whore Seeks Same

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    Looks like this thread is laboring to get to 500, so I’ll do my part:

    OMG, this is getting people’s temperature up?

  • SRW1 commented on the blog post Faded Movie Star To Appear At $1 Store Grand Opening or Something

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    In the movie’s second weekend, which had 211 showings, the per-showing average attendance dropped to 15.

    The public is quitting on the Quitta?

    She must take that really hard. Cause she’d never do anything of that sort!

  • SRW1 commented on the blog post Rand Paul’s Toilet Is All Plugged Up With Dead Fetuses And Poop

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    Maybe the good senator didn’t want to talk about light bulbs because he knows that he’s not a very bright one? Whereas concerning shit …

  • SRW1 commented on the blog post Once You Do Douthat, You Won’t Want To Do That

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    I don’t suppose there would be any point to backing up for a moment and politely asking why a man who even at college age was repulsed by the act of sexual intimacy (by his own excruciatingly detailed admission) is given a column in a major national forum to repeatedly lecture people about sexuality?

    Well, that one is easy to answer. The NYT had originally thought of recruiting Joe Ratz for the job of in-house scribe on catholic morals, but was then informed by that fellar that he had a better job offer.

    As the cupboard was a bit bare after Joe, the NYT editorial board was about to sink into a bout of utter despair, when some intern serving coffee at the meeting whispered that she knew this Ross fellow who was not so, you know, aggressive with the ladies as the other college guys she knew and always talked kind of grandiloquent about gender relations and all. Given the opportunity to develop at the bosom of some favorably disposed editor, he might have the potential to develop some inkling of talent.

    Impressed by the fact that the intern new the adjective grandiloquent, the board concluded that she might have a point.

    And the rest is history.

  • SRW1 commented on the blog post Michelle Obama Wants To Death Race 2000 Kill Your Fat Ass

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    Jebus. Wouldn’t anybody think of all the electrons that need to be deprived their liberty and forced down the intertubes to spread this dumbfuckery?

  • SRW1 commented on the blog post Gonna Put It In The Don’t-Want Ads

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    Thanks for the advice, Senator.

    The President will make a statement to that effect right after he has announced his decision to be a voluntary one-termer.

  • SRW1 commented on the blog post Why Republicans Should Thank Me And Democrats Should Hate Me

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    In every twisted, wretched, ruinous relationship, there are moments so grim, flare-ups so appalling, that they offer both parties a chance to step back, take inventory, and realize that it’s time — far past time, in fact — to go their separate ways.

    For the American media and Sarah Palin, that kind of a moment arrived last week.

    Jebus. After these two sentences I though Doubthat’s gonna call for Sarah to withdraw from public life. But it appears he opted for the Berthold Brecht idea. Brecht commented on the 1953 revolt in Eastern Germany in his poem ‘Die Lösung’ (The Solution):

    Some party hack decreed that the people
    had lost the government’s confidence
    and could only regain it with redoubled effort.
    If that is the case, would it not be be simpler,
    If the government simply dissolved the people
    And elected another?

  • Didn’t you listen? He’s a big boy!

  • SRW1 commented on the blog post You Gonna Eat Those Fries?

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    Gotta admit that after Rossie’s latest ejaculation the objection of the Catholic Church to any form of birth control make a whole lot more sense. Would be kind of a market distortion in what deplorably already is a sellers market.

  • SRW1 commented on the blog post Look What They Done To My God, Ma

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    “where the idea of a single religious truth seems increasingly passé”

    Running decoding, please wait.

    Update: The following correlations have been found

    religious truth = pie in the sky
    single religious truth = my pie in the sky

    Assembling translation, please wait.


    I haz a sad that you iz not following my superstition.

    End of TranscenDecode action.

  • SRW1 commented on the blog post The Ugly Moose-Patterned Christmas Sweater From Abattoir & Fitch

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    My daughter was a victim of the yamagotchi fad at age eight or so when it was in full swing (The young ones among you will have to look that up on the intertubes, though I am sad to say that will fail to replicate the passionate dedication that came with it). Fortunately, she grew out of it pretty quickly.

    I think the yamagotchi analogy is pretty apt for the relationship Sarah’s fans have with her in terms of their emotional involvement and in terms of how much that object of their passion is real as a person.

  • SRW1 commented on the blog post Beat. Surrender.

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    So the manly manhood of centrist democrats can still only be proven by bitch slapping sanctimonious lefties.

    And yeah,context is everything: The use of the pic stinks.

  • SRW1 commented on the blog post All Our Poor Are Chunky Reese Witherspoon Now

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    Man, that hopin-against-hope thing is just so powerful, init. I always force myself to say three times out loud that “There’s no there there”.

    Often helps to resist the urge. Plus the thought of how it’s bad enough that TBogg has to risk entangling some synapses and how not all of us are blessed with the curing potential of two bassets in the house.

  • SRW1 commented on the blog post That Frothy Mixture of Sadness and Despair

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    How is a 19-year-old girl… going to know if some guy likes her?” he asked.

    Well, if that’s all that separates Rick from following his calling, I’m sure a little practical demonstration by some TSA agent could be arranged for the poor girl.

  • SRW1 commented on the blog post Little Big Grifter

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    TBogg, what the hell did you offer that smoothjazz fellow to coax him into serving as a punching bag? Is that stuff freely available somewhere?

  • SRW1 commented on the blog post The Discreet Charm of Griftoisie

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    That title is deeply offensive to the bourgeoisie. The bourgeoisie doesn’t have its daughters knocked up by working-class studs (and if that ever happens, it knows what to do about it). The bourgeoisie has its sons knock up working-class daughters.

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