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    Considering how many men are turned on by lesbian scenes in porn, maybe the real issue here was that women kissing would result in sticky underwear for the male passengers?

    But I agree with so many of the issues raised by other comments. Maybe Southwest should simply expand their policy to eject bigots from all flights?

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    And so it’s Valentine’s Day, the third one Stacey and I have spent together, and the second one as wives. Yeah, yeah, I know: most states and the federal government don’t recognize our union (although it definitely is legal: we married before I started to transition), but when has love ever respected laws? More to [...]

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    It’s Saturday, and it’s cold. 20° (-6 °C, for those of you in more civilized parts of the world) , as a matter of fact. Still, that’s 9° warmer than it got yesterday, so I suppose that’s worth cheering for. I’m sitting at the art table, with a cup of coffee. I’ve caught up on [...]

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    And perhaps one day soon we will be able to say, as Leonard Cohen sang, “Democracy is coming to the U.S.A.”

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