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  • staffjam wrote a new diary post: Canada’s Shale Boom: More To Come In Montney

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    In the world of a constantly changing oil and gas environment, the Montney shale basin is the sleeping giant that holds the key to accelerating Canada’s shale oil and gas boom, but the real treasure within this giant is a tight liquids-rich zone (approximately 15-20 miles wide) that has big and small players alike narrowing [...]

  • staffjam wrote a new diary post: Soros Signals Argentina’s Shale is Biggest Place to Be

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    One of the world’s legendary investors is upping his bet on Argentina’s shale oil and gas industry in a show of confidence for shale production in South America’s largest unconventional prize —and a big boost for both supermajors and smaller players making big waves in the heart of new discovery areas. George Soros has doubled his [...]

  • staffjam wrote a new diary post: New Technology Could End The Debate Over Pipeline Safety

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    Who could have ever imagined that North America would surpass Saudi Arabia as the world’s largest producer of oil and natural gas liquids? A decade ago, that would have seemed laughable. Yet that’s exactly what has happened; and it’s not just Saudi Arabia that has been left in North America’s dust — Russia has, too. The [...]

  • staffjam wrote a new diary post: Back to Permian: US Oil Comes Full Circle

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    Much larger than Eagle Ford and once thought to have reached peak production, new technology has brought us full circle back to the Permian Basin in Texas and New Mexico, where the recent shift to horizontal well drilling has rendered this play the unconventional ground zero. Determining where the next real oil boom will be [...]

  • staffjam wrote a new diary post: New Spy Technology to Spawn Oil Revolution

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    The future of oil exploration lies in new technology–from massive data-processing supercomputers to 4D seismic to early-phase airborne spy technology that can pinpoint prospective reservoirs. Oil and gas is getting bigger, deeper, faster and more efficient, with new technology chipping away at “peak oil” concerns.  Hydraulic fracturing has caught mainstream attention, other high-tech developments in [...]

  • The Energy Information Agency (EIA) has predicted that natural gas production in the US will continue to grow at an impressive pace. Right now output is close to 70 billion cubic feet a day and is expected to reach over 100 billion cubic feet per day by 2040. The trend is likely to continue without [...]

  • staffjam wrote a new diary post: Are Canadian Energy Stocks Set for a Rebound?

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    As Canadian energy stocks are finally seeing a bit of a push, and demand for Canadian commodities looks set to rise, juniors are confident that economics will ensure that Canadian oil—the cheapest in the world—will find its way to more markets, with or without Washington’s approval of Keystone XL. In the meantime, some sweet spots [...]

  • staffjam wrote a new diary post: The Big Winners in Kenya’s Oil Debut

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    Kenya will start pumping its first commercial oil next year and begin exporting in 2016, but this is just the opening salvo: new discoveries in recent months and fast-track new well development make Kenya the darling of East Africa from an investor’s perspective. Kenya is set to soar past Uganda, which discovered oil much earlier, but is now having [...]

  • The 2010 Kalamazoo spill and the 2013 Exxon leak in  Arkansas are the most glaring incidents, but these are just the big leaks that are found right away and reported. Most leaks are found eventually—but there is money to be saved and damage to be avoided by catching them at the smallest rupture. Right now, we rely [...]

  • staffjam wrote a new diary post: When Drilling Is Expensive, Piggyback: Interview with AOS

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    Africa is becoming the top choice for North American oil companies looking to diversify, and the East African Rift is the hottest of the hot, with Kenya waiting on commercial viability, Angola and Ghana already on the road to rival Nigeria and two newcomers—Namibia and Zambia—where the doors have been thrown open for exploration. Getting [...]

  • staffjam wrote a new diary post: Will Saudi Arabia Allow the U.S. Oil Boom?

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    Technology, technology, and more technology—this is what has driven the American oil and gas boom starting in the Bakken and now being played out in the Gulf of Mexico revival, and new advances are coming online constantly. It’s enough to rival the Saudis, if the Kingdom allows it to happen. Along with this boom come [...]

  • Until recently Tunisia was considered to be a minor league and relatively underexplored venue in Africa’s rapidly expanding oil & gas scene. This situation has quickly changed with new bid rounds and forced relinquishments creating an opportunity for new companies to come in. Major American E & P companies like Shell have jumped at the [...]

  • Pipelines used to be things that were just built without blinking. It is said that there are enough pipelines now in the US to encircle the Earth 25 times with enough left over to also tie a bow around it. Today, getting a pipeline built is not so easy – there are too many environmental [...]

  • Kenya has become the hottest oil and gas venue in East Africa since big discoveries were made in the country’s virgin oilfields last April. All eyes are on Kenya in 2013 to see how quickly–and economically they can develop those discoveries into production. Nairobi based Taipan Resources Inc. ( TPN-TSXV; TAIPF-PINK) is the 4th largest acreage owner [...]

  • According to the US government, los Zetas are the most technologically advanced, sophisticated, and dangerous cartel in Mexico, a set of qualities that has also led them to become the most violent and feared. Formed back in 1999 when commandos from the Mexican army’s elite forces deserted ranks and became the armed forces for the [...]
  • staffjam wrote a new diary post: Did Big Oil Kill Off Green Energy?

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    The American Petroleum Industry announced the U.S. oil and natural gas sector spent billions of dollars last year on environmental programs. The energy lobby said it estimates that about 20 percent of all investments in low-carbon technology came from private energy companies. At the most recent international climate conference, world environmental negotiators were too ensnared [...]