• RepubliKillums… T.E.A. (Target Everyone Against) Party… Scary Palin…
    Her symbolic Death-Threat-Gunsight Map is very revealing as to the kind of (?) human being(?) she is.
    Not cute, not witty, not clever… revealing. Evil. Ugly. Hateful. Nazi-ish. Lizard-y. Reptilian, Cold-Blooded.
    She – Sarah Palin – HAS contributed to the creation of this event.
    That map is a seed that has sprouted exactly what it depicted.
    I don’t reckon Jesus would hang it on his wall!
    Dark is behind this event but it will bring Light to the world in the long run…
    I wouldn’t be so naive as to believe that this was the action of one man.

    One ripple effect of this sad and tragic event is that it is stimulating a concentrated focus of prayer, compassion, unity, Light and Love. This will create change.
    Consider that anger and hatred you may be feeling right now is an energy you are contributing to the world.
    If you shift it to Love… Well… Hmmm.
    Because of this, hearts will unite and increase the Love quotient on this planet. We are all One.
    What happens to one, happens to us all. On some level, we are all affected by this event one way or another.
    If you are reading this, you have been affected, no doubt.

    My Prayer, Love, Compassion and Light go out to all of those affected by this.
    I pray for healing and clearing of the poisonous hate energy from which these actions boiled out from.
    I ask for Light to fill the darkness and the void.
    In Love and Light…

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