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  • stentor commented on the blog post Respect Mah Forced Pregnancy Dickishness

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    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, Piiiiiiie!!!

  • stentor commented on the blog post Worst President Ever, Revisited

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    Umm, Eli, you’re a fucking moron, and the rest of you are pissy little whiners. You don’t like what’s happening, then get your fat fucking asses off your couches, and elect the kind of candidates that aren’t annoying little shitbag bluedog Democrats like Ben Nelson. I mean, for crying out loud, the guy’s from my home state, Nebraska, and he never stops acting like a Republican-lite. But when the fucking Tea Party assholes start doubling down on the crazy, you have to elect Democrats with spines like Alan Grayson, who fight back against the bullshit that the Rethuglicans spew on a daily basis. It’s time to elect some brass-knuckle Democrats, the kind that look like liberals, but punch like Marines. I should know, I’m a former Marine, from Nebraska, and I am a liberal.
    But being a strong liberal means I’m not going to let a shitbag like Eli turn around and dilute the title of worst president ever, which shall and forevermore belong to George W. Bush. You don’t get to get away with that no matter what your liberal props are, and any of you that agree with him are smoking some grade-A weed, because you’re fucking high.