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    Make no mistake. Alan Grayson could not run for president. To run you have to have party support and that only comes with loyalty to what Carlin called the “real owners”. The Chamber of Commerce and the Business Roundtable vet all candidates for their loyalty to the incipient system of corporate feudalism. Anyone who isn’t [...]

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    Don’t think for a minute that Cheney believes his lies. All perps lie when confronted with their crimes. Do you expect him to confess? Not without some enhanced confession treatment. ;-)

  • Time Warner didn’t refuse to carry CBS. They refused to pay the higher fees and so CBS refused to allow them to carry CBS programming. (Actually it was Viacom that owns CBS so it was more than just CBS). Fortunately I was able to purchase an antenna and watch over the air but there are no good guys here. They are squabbling like kidnappers over YOUR ransom.

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    Of course the top people knew. Anyone who tells you differently is naive or part of the spin. The US government has always partnered with private industry. That’s the nature of our system of government. Private industry is why the government exists. In fact the entire charade of US diplomacy is to enhance and protect [...]

  • The important thing to note here is that there is widespread agreement among Russians that annexing the Crimea was the right thing to do. No oligarch would get away with defying Putin on this issue. Besides, do we really know how many oligarchs have been *really* affected? No one has mentioned the dollar sums affected. O has a strong interest in appearing strong while not precipitating a food fight that could harm the US and EU economies at a delicate time vis-a-vis elections.

  • to mulp: You say: “He represents the naive views that blame the US government for everything and that by rejecting the US government policy, you can be accepted by everyone in the world.”. You are putting your own interpretation on the facts. One does not need to blame the USG for everything to rightfully blame [...]

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    “As for western Europe’s reliance on Russian energy, what about windmills. Those worked wonders for Netherlands in the 1600s.”

    So, ah, what do you suppose the energy consumption of Europe is today in multiples of the 1600s value? Are we going to have to go to scientific notation? ;-)

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    The 1%ers may want to supplant the Russian gas with US gas but how will they get it there? NG has to be liquefied to transport and that takes expensive infrastructure on both sides of the connection. Methane’s boiling point is −258.68 °F. Cryogenic temperatures. Most gas is shipped around the US via pipelines at temperatures far above cryogenic temps. Don’t be fooled by people (like Boehner) yapping about building LNG terminals and ships. Even if started tomorrow it will be years before American gas can replace Russian gas in Europe. This is just the usual 1% propaganda to get handouts from the government on energy infrastructure.

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    No but Odessa is in both. ;-)

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    Sounds like a real bummer of a movie. Yeah, I know we are in dire straits but such dystopian tales rob us of the hope to fight back. Part of the problem with the left I think is that we come across as too “fire and brimstone”. People look at the writings of the modern left (what there is of it) and think we are secular Cotton Mathers. This is not conducive to motivating people to fight back.

  • I am of two minds on this. My Farsi speaking wife calls our youngest and most troublesome but very cute cat “sheytun” all the time.(Teherani’s pronounce sheytan as sheytun). So the word has very different potential connotations in Farsi from English. No one would ever call a cat “Satan” in an affectionate way in English. The political elements in this country that want Iran to suffer the fate of Iraq, Libya, and now Syria regularly distort the meaning of what Iranian leaders say in the interests of propaganda. That having been said it isn’t as if the nation of Iran doesn’t have a good reason to refer to our rulers as “demonic”. They interrupted the democratic evolution of the politics of Iran in 1953 to install and maintain the bloody regime of the Shah. After the revolution they have done everything possible to hurt not just the leadership but the people as well. Embargoes hurt the people more than the leadership. That’s just a fact.

    Make no mistake, the current government of Iran has values that seriously conflict with our own but they are so much closer to our values than those of the Saudi leadership. For some reason though Saudi Arabia gets a pass on its treatment of women, gays, Christians etc. Why do you suppose that is?

  • Lost? We never owned it to lose. These kinds of questions implicitly accept the framing carefully maintained by imperialists. Reject the framing.

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    Zachary Smith says: “Still an opinion, my belief is that India has been a bit too independent lately. Too cozy with Russia and Iran. Time to take them down a peg or two by humiliating a minor diplomat in a very public way.” I hope you don’t think that any country has to refrain from [...]

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    Thingscomeundone says: “Who is this lady’s family that she got the Indian media and their political elite so worked up so fast just how much Clout does she have and with whom?” This is a lot more complex than what we are being led to believe in our media. Her family is not especially powerful [...]

  • “Why did he think this was funny and trivial at any point?”. Oooh. I know. Call on me. ;-) Because Christie, like all bullies, trivializes any complaint about his bullying. He’s a textbook case of the really dangerous kind of bully–the kind that is smart, engaging, and charismatic. I hope this ends his political career. He has portrayed himself as separate brand from the usual right wing ideologue but I think it is all marketing.

  • I doubt there is an email. I imagine a private conversation with the aide that sent the email is the way it was accomplished by Christie. Of course is is also possible he used the typical CEO way of handling these things (See Moral Mazes by Robert Jackall): you make it clear that you are “results oriented” and then remain aloof from the details. These two ways of doing business by those in power have become very popular.

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    You have hit one of my magic buttons: misuse of the word “isolationism”. I notice you use the word “isolationist” above in a context that implies that it is the opposite of “interventionist”. This is a false dichotomy exploited by propagandists for the MIC to justify militarily intervening in the affairs of other nations. Someone who believes that is wrong and should not be done is a non-interventionist NOT an “isolationist”. An isolationist avoids trade with other countries, travel, cultural exchange etc. Just not wanting to impose our will by military force is not “isolationism”.

  • Why would Jamie’s employees grill him? They may want a raise next year. Gosh you guys, have heart. Congress critters are just working stiffs too.

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    Overreaction on the part of the state has a way of growing the ranks of dissidents rather than thinning them. It’s kind of like the way that drones against “terrorists”.

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