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    I was at the gym over the weekend, and one of the TVs close to me was tuned to CNN. I don’t bother with earphones, so there was no sound, but it wasn’t necessary. The big news was of course the Charlie Hebdo killings, and at one point, they showed images of two of the [...]

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    A while back I wrote both my Senators on this topic, using basically this argument: that the trade deals undermined national sovereignty, and that by approving them, Congress would be drastically limiting its own power to legislate in the future. IIRC from the (nominally) Democratic Hagan, I got a “thank you for your letter” response, [...]

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    What a CF. The neocon legacy lives on.

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    To be sure a full accounting would be better than a partial accounting, but I think torture is a good place to start unraveling things via impeachment or indictment. Most people who have not been infected by fear memes or are not hardcore authoritarian followers find it abhorrent. Also, it’s become deeply embedded in the [...]

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    Of course they’d be watching the games about eight years after they were played, so perhaps it wouldn’t be such a big deal.

    Nah, who am I kidding; the NFL would just hit up all the cities with teams for money to build domed stadiums – to block out the extraterrestrial freeloaders.

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    Never, as long as major US banks are laundering drug money.

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    Don’t forget also, that public schools are required to accept every child, no matter how poor, non-English-speaking, or impaired. Charters have ways of either not accepting, or purging those kids they don’t want to teach, ranging from the obvious, such as a lack of special education or ESL classes, to the more subtle, like requiring [...]

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    Excellent summary. Thank you for writing these. BTW, I found the “Legislating Fear” report here: https://vc-cair-ok.s3.amazonaws.com/files/2013-09-17-16/legislatingfearreport.pdf (using duck duck go).

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    Well, my useless conservaDem senator (Hagan) voted for this. I had been considering holding my nose and voting for her just because of the sheer awfulness of her opponent (Thom Tillis), but I can’t do it. I will just have to withold my vote in the senatorial race. OTOH, Tillis can probably do less damage [...]

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    In the short term I have to agree with you Al. War, particularly this war, stirring the Middle-Eastern hornet’s nest as it would be, is the immediate threat. In the longer term though, ending war and stopping climate change are complementary goals. The policies one needs to stop climate change, policies that require global cooperation [...]

  • If people are treated like combatants for long enough, eventually they will start acting like them. This is unlikely to improve matters.

    I’m still up in the air, though, over whether this is actually strategy, or simply the eminently predictable yet somehow unforeseen consequences of wretchedly poor policy and governance. The policies are largely the result of various Shock Doctrine/looting strategies of our elites, and those economic consequences are certainly intended; I’m just not sure they truly understand the social and physical consequences of their strategies, and that they will not be untouched by those consequences.

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    Yes, we could withdraw from Europe, Africa, and Latin America today with few negative consequences for anyone other than defense contractors. I support that without reservations. Leaving Southwest Asia (ME) would cause yet more turmoil, but at least it could start to stabilize and heal without us subverting their institutions and fomenting wars (as long [...]

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    Thanks for the link. Certainly at some point the signal would be too weak. I’ll push lack of cellphone contact a few places down the list of sketchy events associated with this.

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    Has there been any consideration of cellphones in determining where the plane went? It’s pretty much a given that out of several hundred passengers, a few had forgotten or otherwise not turned off their phones. If the aircraft flew over any country in the area save North Korea, those phones would connect to any towers [...]

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    Point taken regarding the fluoridated gases, commonly used in the manufacture of semiconductors of all sorts BTW. But, I think it unlikely that the existing process is the only way to make solar cells; greener processes are physically possible. All we need is funding. OTOH, oxidizing fossil fuel for energy, whether in a boiler or [...]

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    Regarding hazmat diamonds: The left-hand blue square is the health rating, the upper red square is the flammability rating, the right-hand yellow square is reactivity, and the lower square is a space for other safety information. The NFPA ratings run from 0 to 4, with zero being no significant hazard in that category, and 4 [...]

  • I find history both fascinating in itself, as well as useful in understanding the present and in contemplating the future: how can you predict where you’re going if you don’t know the path you’re on? In particular, your article frames nicely a concern I have with our present-day situation. Numerous people, on this site and [...]

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    Extracting CO2 from air takes either energy or time. Refrigeration is very energy-intensive. Cyclic adsorption/desorption would be more efficient, but you’ve still got to concentrate it afterwards by chilling or compressing. The slow way is much more efficient: grow plants. This has the added benefit of breaking up the CO2 in addition to extracting it, [...]

  • All based on an Israeli allegation, mere days after getting their political house in order, forming a new government, and Obomber’s visit. Not suspicious at all.

    It would be sort of sickly ironic if the CW actually turned out to be something like phosphorus or tear gas that is perfectly fine to use on Palestinian schools and the like. /s

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    NPR lost me several years ago. I had noticed the continual rightward drift of course, but one evening on the way home they took one step too far. The topic of discussion was the torture/”enhanced interrogation” program, and who did they have on to discuss it? None other than John Yoo himself. Even that wouldn’t [...]

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