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    Dear DW,

    They didn’t do anything because they didn’t want to. If you ever doubt this, just remember Bill Halter’s primary challenge to Blanche (“boo hoo, mean old Blanche Lincoln won’t let us pass health care reform”) Lincoln. Even though Halter supported every policy that President Obama pretended to support, and even though Blanche didn’t stand a chance in the general election, Obama supported Lincoln and he and Rahm Emmanuel were high-fiving each other and mocking unions and progressives when Halter lost

    Oh yeah, and the Bush tax cuts were going to expire automatically. Obama only had to do nothing and the Clinton tax rates would be back in effect, so that there would be money for those programs the President claims to support. Don’t believe a word he says.

    P.S. Go Zephyr

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    P.S. My apologies, I tried to put the word “know” in bold in my preceding comment as well as in italics and seem to have turned the whole paragraph into bold type instead.

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    Yep. Doing favors for the children of the wealthy and powerful (and therefore indirectly the wealthy and powerful themselves), many of whom are your clients, customers, and/or politicians who can help or hurt you, is a time honored-tradition in this country and a smart business practice. Whether it’s Jenna Bush or Chelsea Clinton, in my mind when it involves the family members of politicians, it’s just a legal form of bribery. And since the connected know that their children are more deserving than others, they see nothing inconsistent about this with their opposition to affirmative action and their insistence that we live in a meritocracy.

  • The freakin $750,000,000 white elephant (and I’ll bet it probably cost more) that is proof of how inept and out of touch the U.S. has been in Iraq since day one. The insurgents will be going through there celebrating the way we did when we trashed Saddam’s palaces. What an embarrassment, what an unbelievable tragedy, and all the while war criminal Bush gets to sit around at home and paint. Pathetic. No responsibility whatsoever for the hell and misery they unleashed.

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    Yep, any time I start to think Obama is a frustrated liberal I just repeat two words — “Bill Halter” — and think about Rahm Emmanuel and Obama high fiving and celebrating Halter’s defeat by Blanche “Boo hoo, mean old Blanche won’t let me have a public option” Lincoln. All Kabuki. Obama’s too busy counting the millions he thinks he’s going to be raking in on the speaking circuit too exercise any leadership.

    Oh yeah, good article by Brill in (of all places) Time magazine a couple of weeks ago wondering why Obama hasn’t put the regulations in place implementing portions of the Affordable Care Act. That wasn’t due to the House or a fillibuster. He’s worthless.

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    “Maybe they could throw in a free mental exam and MRI while they’re at it.”

    I was wondering the same thing. If this is a sudden radical behavior change, I’m thinking brain tumor. (Or, maybe he’s just a jerk who’s been corrupted by power).

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    I thought things were screwed up under Bush when the only person prosecuted for financial wrong-doing was that arch-criminal, Martha Stewart. Now, thanks Mr. hope and change, we know that the adage ‘the more things change the more they stay the same” is true when it comes to rolling over for the banksters, unless you [...]

  • I thought about the same issues when I heard the decision. It does at least require the combination of a lower court Judge who is willing to strike down the law, and then the State government deciding not to go to Court to try to revive the initiative. However, given the number of conservative judges being appointed these days, it is quite possible to imagine this scenario happening on an issue important to progressives.

    The government refusing to enforce a law enacted by initiative is a different issue — it seems like we are already facing those issues with the medicinal marijuana initiatives and other laws passed in some states.

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    This will be particularly true given the propensity of the President to take every awful deal he negotiates (and/or implements at the bidding of his corporate masters) and then claim it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. Whether it’s the too small stimulus, crappy budget deals or the Rube Goldberg memorial Affordable Heathcare Act, he just can’t be honest about what his legislation will and won’t do and then wonders why voters aren’t happy with the not surprising results.

  • P.S. If we got rid of stupid employer based health insurance, that would remove a large disincentive for hiring older workers.

  • Punkkitty,

    Please hang in there and don’t give up hope, and in the meantime we all have to (A) stop Obama from cutting the safety net even futher, and (B) try to push for Medicare for all, or at the very least Medicare for everyone over 45, or 50, whatever age employers are currently tossing older workers into the trash. There must be be millions in the same boat who could mobilize. Be Karl Marx’s reserve army of the unemployed. I just wish that tool Oboma would take even a minute to consider the plight of people in your position. But why do that when he could have a grand bargain = sell out the poor, get giant speaking fees in return?

    Good luck, and whatever you don’t commit suicide.


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    Maybe so. I prefer to save my schadenfreude for people who deserve it like George W. Bush or Barack “grand bargain” Obama.

  • And it comes from teaching dumbed-down University of Chicago economics (I know, that’s an oxymoron) to law students like Barack “mean old Blanche Lincoln won’t let me have a public option” Obama

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    Why indeed? I’m an atheist, but this strikes me as pointless and nasty bashing of Tim Tebow because of his religion. This doesn’t belong on FDL.

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    “Duke Energy is quitely giving the DNC a $10 million dollar gift.”

    Eddie Murphy as he is being strangled by Dan Akroyd: “It was the Dukes, it was the Dukes…..”

  • Hyatt was involved in firing and replacing 100 union housekeepers with a non-union contractor in Boston shortly after President Obama was first elected and not only did he not “walk on the picket line” he did not so much as call his buddy Penny or lift a finger to help them. Another bad choice — we do not need yet one more person in the upper echelons of his administration who does not realize that low wages and union busting are bad for the workers and for the overall economy.

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    As best I could ever tell, Robert Samuelson’s sole qualification for writing an economics column is that he shares the same last name as a real economist — Paul Samuelson. One reason I think Newsweek went out of business (and I stopped subscribing years ago) was their insistance on publishing his column and George Wills’ [...]

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    It’s funny you bring up Dorothea Lange because that is exactly the firt thing I thought of when I saw that Wall Street Journal graphic — those illustrations reminded me of her pictures of the families coping with the dust bowl/great depression/poverty. I think we’re due for a Ken Burns documentary on the families struggling to get by on $400,00 take-home now that he’s already done one on the dust bowl.

    P.S. The Worst Hard Time about by Timothy Eagan about the dust bowl is a GREAT book and compelling reading.

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    “It’s hard to fake sincerity like that, but Obama is a master at it.”

    You know what they say, the key to being a successful lawyer (politician?) is sincerity — if you can fake that you’ve got it made!

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    Because he’s the center of the universe and has to show that he can get a deal regardless what the deal actually is. I almost puked at his press conference a week ago when he was talking about Republicans wouldn’t come to an agreement with him because they don’t like him personally. What a narcissist.

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