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  • Wow. An Obama sponsored initiative by Treasury that didn’t help the folks they claimed it was going to help and who needed help instead turned out to be another bailout for the Big Money Boys. Color me shocked.

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    It’s clear to me that if Big Zero wants to be re-elected, he will have to do it without my vote. And most likely millions of other folks fed up with him too.

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    Self-restraint?!? Roberts decision is almost incomprehensable.

    Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle are easier to understand. Roberts uses tortured thinking and makes magical leaps of logic by concluding that the mandate is a fucking tax -when it’s actually a forced participation in commercial activity – which is directly antithetical to the Commerce Clause.

  • Repubs really are the 11th dimensional chess masters, aren’t they? Sell an idea that benefits their corporate masters, and when a Dem proposes the exact same idea 20 years later, pretend to be all against it for political and ideological reasons- keeping their tea- party base as happy as can be. The Dems get pasted for such an unpopular POS corporate friendly bill -and they keep their hands clean throughout the process. For the Dems that pass this utter travesty, it doesn’t really matter if they get kicked out of office because they’ll soon have great jobs and income streams once they do the K-street shuffle.

    We the people have literally no representation in government.

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    Apparently not only has Obama’s position on the mandate shifted radically…

    Jon, that was a very diplomatic choice of words. I would have said that Obama was lying about being against the mandate from the beginning. But then, it was an election year – so I guess the dis-ingenuousness is to be expected. I actually feel pity for the folks who think that Obama’s recent moves to the Left (Gay Marriage, the DREAM act)are indicative of how a second Obama term will be. My gut tells me that anyone who buys this “New and Improved Obama in Progressive Packaging” will be severely disappointed after Nov. 5th.

  • Imo, we are on a downward spiral to borderline Third World status. The full brunt may not fully be felt for another 10-15 years or so.

    I totally agree w/ you bystander. But I also feel the Democratic Party as a whole, with its decades long infiltration of DLC, neo-liberal, Third Way types is just as complicit in our downward spiral as the Repubs. It may be the only thing which slows down the trend to Third World America is divided government.

  • This is a problem entirely of Obama’s making. The too-small stimulus, the federal pay freezes, busting teacher unions, the cuts in federal aid to the states resulting in state and local govt jobs being cut, the focus on austerity, the catfood commission, the “new normal” of unemployment around 8% or higher, the coddling of big banks and Wall Street. Tell me again how Obama will automatically be better than Romney on the economy? Is it the “D” after his name?

    At least there is a historical record for Repubs to run deficits – and we need all the Keynesianism we can get.

  • I wasn’t aware of Sharpton’s and Wright’s positions, so that part of your criticism may be true, and if I overgeneralized with too broad a brush, mea culpa. But there can be no denying that the Left has been so divided for such a long time that it’s become almost impossible for any meaningful advancements to occur. The lame excuse is that the country has gotten more conservative socially -and that argument is absolute bullshit. The nation has become more conservative economically – and it’s on the economic front that the real fighting needs to happen. Right now all the Professional Leftists seem to be competing in Veal Pen Cage matches for the very limited dollars our side generates, and this infighting or lack of support is a big reason we’re getting killed in the political arena.

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    Well David, we appreciate all your efforts fighting the good fight. We really do.

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    I’m curious, although I may already know the answer to my question, did Obama’s Foreclosure Czar Eric Schneidermann make an appearance?

  • What’s been absent since the 70′s has been advocacy from African American church leaders for any of the other civil rights movements (Feminism and LGBT rights). Feminists lost because they focused on mostly economic issues, and had to fight without any committed allies. The LGBT movement is making limited progress on social issues, but it’s taken 30+ years to do so.

    What’s becoming more apparent is that once African Americans got their social and civil rights enshrined, their church leaders, with few exceptions, stopped caring about anyone else. They felt secure in the safe congressional districts created by the Voting Rights Act to essentially create a Soviet-style apparatchik system of patronage politics – Jesse Jackson Jr. and Harold Ford come to mind – that only looked out for their communities’ narrow set of interests.

    The irony is that the more myopic these church and community leaders become, the easier it will be for the Far Right to strip them of their most important social rights. Voting rights for all minorities, including African Americans, are under threat with Voter ID laws in most Red states, and the blatant purging of voter rolls in Florida. By the time these bigoted, self-important, hypocritical, and foolish Men of God realize what’s going on, it may be too late for all of us. Divide and Conquer is so much easier a strategy if one of the friends you’re counting on wants to be bought.

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    And Safe Journey, Ray…you will be missed.

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    I guess when you’ve reached your 90′s and world-wide civilization is closer to becoming the dystopian nightmare you warned against 50 years ago – it’s probably time to shuffle off this mortal coil. I can only hope that Fahrenheit 451 is re-discovered by more folks who can see that without real change, we’re destined to [...]

  • Liberal governance? No wonder the Big Zero hasn’t got around to any appointments, doing anything even appearing “liberal” is the last thing our loser of a POTUS wants.

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    But these political prosecutions by “loyal Bushies” should have been stopped the day Obama entered the White House.

    You’re very close to the mark. Since it’s obvious that Obama’s DOJ will prosecute anyone who leaks information considered to be embarrassing to the US, yet fails to indict any of the crooks on Wall Street, or the [...]

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    Goddammit, not another “he should of known better” sex scandal argument from the Left. So every single man involved in progressive politics either sticks to masturbating in the dark or takes monastic vows, is that it? Bullshit.

    This is a politically inspired prosecution, with ties to US intelligence, designed to smear a jerk who has repeatedly embarrassed the United States. To hear our side claim that the man shouldn’t get laid is hypocritical, considering Progressives are supposed to believe that what goes on in another person’s bedroom is none of our business.

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    I’m disappointed in Dylan for accepting a Medal of Freedom from Obama, but can’t say I’m surprised, especially after that really creepy in a bad way Victoria’s Secret commercial he was in years ago.

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    It looks like we’re going to have six more months of the Obama campaign trying to prove that their candidate has conservative values and believes in conservative ideas.

    But doesn’t he already?

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    Oh, re: last sentence. Yes, we are.

    I know, carguy, the only thing we, the (little) people are allowed to have any say over is the bright and shiny distraction issues of the social/cultural wars. Like abortion, contraception (or women’s rights), Gay Rights (marriage equality), or how much we need to limit sex on TV compared to what the appropriate level of violence should be.

    There is no conversation on the real issues that effect our pocketbooks, unless it’s both sides of the uni-party screaming “lower taxes”. And the folks who actually go too far in pointing this out (Edwards, Spitzer, Kucinich, Grayson) are marginalized, sometimes permanently, regardless if they were actually sincere or not in their anti-corporate populism.

    Where Obama honest, instead of a duplicitous neo-lib piece of shit that makes George W. Bush look like a cherry-tree-chopping young Washington by comparison, his campaign slogan in 2008 would have been:

    “Yes, We Can… Screw You Over”, because they have, are, and will continue to do so.

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    This is actually good news for the long run. Germany and France in lockstep under the Sarkozy/Merckel partnership spelled years of economic ruin for Europe’s middle class with their forced austerity. If Greece elects an anti-austerity government the handwriting may finally be on the wall in Brussels – that the only way to keep the Euro intact is through a growth strategy for all, and if not, then the Euro will fall apart because the ECB is unsustainable without corresponding political unionization – which will never happen. In any event, if France continues on this path maybe Europe’s middle class is saved.

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