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  • stewarjt commented on the blog post Liberal Groups Whip Senate on Social Insurance Cuts

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    “…and it’s clear that the President and Democrats in Congress would pay a heavy price for agreeing to that in negotiations.” -DDay

    Mr. DDay, could you please provide some specifics? What, exactly what is the “heavy price” that would be paid? Who, exactly who would extract it?

  • Who the fuck is Henry J. Aaron? Is he going to depend on Medicare for health care in his elderly years? My bet is, “no.” The only people calling for cuts in Medicare benefits are the ones who will never need the program for health care, i.e., in order to live.

    I’m so sick and goddamn tired of the notion that programs helping society’s most vulnerable members live a dignified life must be cut in return for raising tax rates on wealthy people! That does not compute!

    This trade off is in no way “balanced,” “fair,” “shared sacrifice” or any other euphemism used to disguise cruel cuts to any people who aren’t wealthy.


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    It’s a shame Dr. Romer couldn’t admit that Dr. Dean Baker was publicizing the $1.2 Trillion dollar aggregate demand gap long before the stimulus bill was designed and passed into law. Dr. Krugman among others was doing the same thing.

    It seems the only economists not aware of the size of the effective demand gap were the Obama administration’s stimulus designers. They have jobs and tens of millions of people don’t because of either their incompetence or cowardice.

  • What Luther says to Jack Cates in 48 Hours applies to Alan Simpson, “Who gives a fuck what you think?”

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    Because, beneath it all, the man’s a puss.

  • stewarjt commented on the blog post Obama Re-Endorses Raising Social Security Payroll Tax Cap

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    We, the working class and the retired need a pre-election pledge by President Obama not to cut Social Security benefits by any means.

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    The 2012 payroll tax cap for income is $110,100 to be precise.

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    The not so funny thing is that the deficit isn’t even a problem and especially not compared to the unemployment crisis.

  • I say again, if anyone thinks the working class, poor and elderly would be better off even with Republican fiscal stimulus, that is a crazy motherfucker, provocateur or not! We’re not getting what we want until we organize a working class party to promote and protect our economic interests.

  • No, I don’t admit Dems will fight for those programs. There may not even be enough of them around to fight and make a difference. Let’s face the fact that WaPo guy is just a dick. He has no sympathy or solidarity with the working class. I know what side he’s on in the class war. There’s no doubt.

  • Republicans take any opportunity to benefit the rich and cut programs and regulation protecting the working class, poor and elderly. Romney would probably increase defense spending, cut taxes for the rich and cut social programs. If one wants to call this Keynesian, fine. However, it’s a massive DICK that thinks this is in any way comparable to a real Democrat LEADING and fighting for programs directly the working class, poor and elderly. Yes, President Obama doesn’t do this. I know.

    Being provocative is just a dick’s way of getting attention. If any provocateur thinks the working class, poor and elderly would in any way be better off with Romney as president, then he’s lost his freakin’ mind! This is as good a reason as any to ignore that prick at WaPo.

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    Could someone please explain the difference between Rush Limbaugh and the late Andrew Breitbart?

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    “GM isn’t the perfect company: it reduced costs mostly on the backs of workers, and they continue to try to squeeze worker pensions (they just converted all pensions to a 401(K) program for white-collar employees).” -DDay

    How else is GM supposed to lower costs and increase profit per car sold? All else constant it’s axiomatic that if wages and other worker compensation falls, profits rise. One other way to raise profits is by raising productivity, which means making assembly line and other workers work faster in the same time period or firing workers and replacing them with machines.

  • Point of information. A capital gain is the increase in the price of any asset between its purchase and its sale. Thus, it doesn’t just apply to stocks.

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    The steady rightward shift could be due to the fact that capitalists control the state apparatus. That is, there’s been a nearly complete capture of the state by capital. That’s not state capitalism, but a capitalist state where, “The executive of the modern state is but a committee for managing the common affairs of the whole bourgeoisie.”

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    Thanks for your two cents. No, I’m right without qualification. All that matters in capitalism is expanding an amount of money (M) into a larger amount of money (M’) so that M’ > M. There’s no morality, Marquis of Queensbury rules or qualifications to this movement that transforms money (M) into a larger amount of money (M’) or capital.

    If you want to offer your definition of capitalism we can continue, otherwise capitalism is “vulture” capitalism.

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    It’s interesting that the accepted name for Bain Capital’s actions is “vulture capitalism.” “Vulture” is completely unnecessary. What Bain and Romney did is capitalism pure and simple. If you don’t like the idea of firing workers, selling assets and moving jobs overseas in the pursuit of profit, then you don’t like capitalism.

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    “Here’s one: It is obvious that a class system has arrived in America…” -S. Marche

    This is ignorant propaganda. Capitalism is the economic system in the US and almost all of the rest of the world. There are two great classes in capitalist society defined along the lines of private ownership or non-ownership of the means of production.

    The capitalist class is the one small segment of capitalist society that privately owns and controls the means of production. This private ownership by one small class in society immediately implies another large working class in society that only owns a single commodity known as labor power. Labor power is defined as the capacity to work. Working class member’s must sell their labor power for wages in order to live.

    Therefore, when capitalism (or any other previous economic system) exists classes exist. It’s only those who superficially focus on income distribution and define class according to it, e.g., “middle class” for whom a class society is a revelation. They are ignorant of capitalism’s essential features and are thus blinded to the class reality (or choose not to see it) right before their eyes. Suddenly they notice something that existed as long as the US.

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    So how can Germany build twice as many cars as the US while paying workers twice as much? -D. Dayen

    The first part of the question is the answer to the second part. If German auto workers are twice as productive as the US’s, then German automaker capitalists can afford to pay their workers more.

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    The link:

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