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I’m a guy who has a lot of interests, and once I get interested in something I want to know everything I can about it. I can converse, at least reasonably intelligently, on a wide range of topics. I’m something of a fitness freak, I like to keep in shape.

The picture on my profile is of my deceased cat, if you haven’t guessed already. He’s was spoiled rotten. :-)

I have a wide range of people I call friends, of all backgrounds, interests, outlooks, income groups, and ages. I’m very egalitarian; I don’t look down on people because of their means or background; young people like me because they say I’m not condescending. I try to be there for people in need.

Issues I care about

My interests:

History, Linux, anthropology, astronomy, computers, cryptography, meteorology, military science, open source software, paleontology, philosophy, political science, politics

Political Views

social democrat with a touch of anarchism thrown in?