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  • They have vilified me, they have crucified me, they have even criticized me.

    – Richard J. Daley

  • sTiVo commented on the diary post Daiichi Nuclear Power Station Accident – Some Facts on What a Meltdown Is by Bill Egnor.

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    Given that a large part if not all of Japan is in a high-earthquake-probability zone, is there any part of Japan where nuclear reactors can be considered safe?

    Also, was the damage to the nuclear plant due to the earthquake itself or to the associated tsunami?

  • The lengths to which the Times has been going to avoid saying anything too nice about the protests (even as their editorial page strongly opposes Walker) has been striking.

    It’s like they don’t know which side they’re on. Like the Democrats they know they’re SUPPOSED to be for labor but are damned if they know why.

    We’d love to support the workers but they’re so icky. F the Times.

  • The one thing that has me worried is this.

    Our side has boxed itself into a corner (by agreeing to all of Walker’s economic demands in advance). That means at any time of his own choosing, Walker can walk away from this mess by “giving in”, allowing collective bargaining to continue, and taking full credit for being a tough negotiator who brought the evil unions to heel and balanced the budget. And don’t expect any help from Obama or very many of the other Democrats. We need more people in the media willing to call the Wisconsin 14 heroes, not cowards, instead of avoiding that issue. The media will have him smelling like a rose if he does.

    In other words, our side’s strategy is based on their side’s continuing to be stupid. What do we do if they wise up? All we’re left with is hoping they don’t.

    How do we build on this if that happens?

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    The best solution on the table right now is the one proposed by Sen. Merkley of Oregon. Leave the numbers where they are, but end the silent filibuster. Make them actually stand there and do it. Let the Republicans get up there and spend hours defending tax cuts for the rich. When our side needs to [...]