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  • Wow — next time you don’t see you comment posted, shoot me an email.

    I’m supposed to get an email notification when I get new comments. That didn’t happen. After seeing this, I checked and I had over 100 unapproved comments posted.

    As a policy, I approve all comments except those that are pure, 100% vicious insult. But way to make an assumption, dude.

  • stranahan commented on the blog post I Am Breitbartacus!

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    This comment threat is really the perfect example of what I’ve come to hate about people who call themselves liberal but really take on the intellectual prowess of a mob of people with pitchforks.

    And to stoop to calling me racist is offensive. But it’s par for the course – it’s not an arguement.. Ask Jane if she has any reason to believe I’m racist.

    Real black farmers as opposed to people who claim to have ‘attempted to farm’.

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    Since when is censorship a liberal value? I wouldn’t be working with Andrew Breitbart if he were a racist. He and I don’t agree on many issues but out work on the Pigford settlement is 100% supportive of the real black farmers who were discriminated against by the USDA. If you oppose Breitbart’s ideas, great [...]

  • “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” – Albert Eninstein

    “Forever in debt to your priceless advice.” — Kurt Cobain

    It’s hangover day. Democratic politicians and pundits are waking up, feeling a familiar soreness in their head, slowly and methodically sitting up in their beds, letting their [...]