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  • “There is always vigilantism.

    *MODNOTE: Lets avoid the slippery slope of fantasy violence*”

    You know, when I first read the modnote above it really pissed me off. This whole situation with the modern republican big-business fascists grabbing everything as fast as they can has resulting in a situation that I believe will, if unchecked, result in a national upheaval of the working class, and most likely even injury or death to people on both sides of the issue. We’ve seen this played out many times not only on the world stage but also right here in the good ol’ US of A.

    After an hour of wine-soaked thought, I’m coming back to this thread to thank the moderator for commenting on, but not deleting, the post at the beginning of my rambling. While I don’t neccesarily agree that we’re actually talking about “fantasy” violence in this time of working people and organized labor being backed against the wall, I do appreciate the fact that this website allows this discourse without edit. Good on you!

    Well, off to bed…Our “highly esteemed” governor, Scott Walker, will be appearing at a local hotel early this morning to no doubt crow about his success in breaking the working man, and I want to be there to protest his “accomplishment” – then off to Madison with the family for the afternoon, and a shot of Redbreast in the Irish pub on Capitol Square now and again through the afternoon…strictly to treat the athritis that flares up a bit from all the walking, nothing more, maybe a FIBS sandwich if they’re open. Look for me in Madison, I’ve got a white “I Support the Union” button that I wear on my jacket…introduce yourself as an FDL reader and perhaps we can have a solidarity drink together.

    Carry on liberals and progressives…Fight the good fight. Our future, and the future of those who follow, depends on your involvement.

  • sic semper tyrannis

  • Let’s call these Koch-beholden governors what they are folks…Fascists.

    If we, as in all of us, do not stand up for ourselves today in every way possible against the push by the modern republican party to create a government run entirely by (and entirely for) business, it’s surely not going to get easier if the future.

    Get up, organize, protest, boycott, vote, run for public office, and turn the light of day on the plans of these fascists. Our future depends on it.

  • There’s a smoking gun (no pun intended) with this Crandon, WI shooting and the strange behavior by law enforcement and VanHollen afterwards.

  • VanHollen has a history of questionable behavior in Wisconsin, perhaps the strangest was his quashing of information regarding a law enforcement officer in Wisconsin that killed several young adults a few years ago. While information is a bit difficult to find, I live close enough to the location of the shooting to hear firsthand information about it…there were some very strange things going on that are now covered up. Here’s a link to a little about VanHollen’s gag order – it’s not too hard to find out more about his involvement.

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    I’ve noticed something interesting, but not totally unexpected, in the last month – Our news media goes to extremes to censor the “F” word.  No, the offending word is not the one that generally comes to mind when a bit of our language has been tagged deserving of a letter all it’s own…the “F” word I’m talking about [...]

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