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    That factored heavily into my decision to sign up instead of pay the fine. I was afraid I’d get into more tax trouble if I did not sign up. The process involves more scrutiny for everyone from the IRS either way. I can’t wait.

    Surely income will be scrutinized for those who sign up, as well, in order to determine what subsidy is warranted.

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    Shooting these things from the sky is going to become a sport.

  • Kevin, your reportage is invaluable, and you present it in a clear, level-headed fashion that I would never be able muster.

    Jane, thanks for giving Kevin a platform.

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    Just take your ball and go home, TBogger. Obama gets shit on here, because he deserves every bit of it. People here are willing to hold his feet to the fire and call him out on his countless lies, failures, and betrayals.

    There are plenty of uncritical-minded sites that give him a free pass; go find one.

  • We’ve seen this good cop/bad cop show before. It always ends the same way.

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    Big deal. The Democratic controlled congress of 2009-2010 gave us the same far-right, corporate-friendly bill and policies that we’re getting now. It’s hard to believe there are those who still think anything would be different if the Democrats were once again the majority.

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    This is some low-hanging fruit being plucked. It doesn’t matter which party is better in the polls or which one has a majority in congress. The Democrats had a massive majority during 2009-2010 and a mandate to deliver change, and they chose to fuck us over with the same kind policies and legislation that the Republicans give us.

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    Congress ceded all war powers to the executive decades ago. There hasn’t been an official declaration of war by the US since WWII. So many illegal, for-profit misadventures, so much death and destruction.

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    Japan has released a Blu-ray box set of the entire Columbo series. I went through the whole thing in less than a week. The original run from the 1970s is still brilliant; some of the ’90s and ’00s episodes are abysmal. Homicide: Life on the Street deserves more notice. Kojak was fun. Loved Karl Malden on The Streets of San Francisco . [...]

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    Obama wouldn’t have said word one about the Olympics if Russia hadn’t granted asylum to Snowden.

  • Shady government functionaries are now hesitant to engage in criminal and borderline criminal shenanigans for fear of being exposed? Good.

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    Please, share with us evidence of Snowden’s sadism.

    You still haven’t answered my original question. What’s his sinister, ulterior motive for revealing to the public the extensive, overreaching, authoritarian spying upon them by their government? What’s Greenwald’s motive? Finding Greenwald boring is hardly damning evidence of any ill intent or falseness from him.

    On thread after thread on the subject of the NSA or Snowden, you do a drive-by, offering context-less digs at Greenwald and Snowden, but never offer a reason we should find them unscrupulous or dishonest.

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    You don’t think Snowden, seeing what he has from having worked in the intelligence community for the last several years, could have grown a conscience after discovering the extreme shit the government has been doing, could have realized the system he wanted to kick ass for isn’t so benevolent after all? Pray tell, what is his sinister, ulterior motive for giving us these revelations? What is Greenwald’s?

    And bullshit on these documents and polices having previously been known. Many of us had a damn good idea of the spying that’s been taking place, but no one knew how bad it is, or had confirmation such as Snowden has delivered.

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    Take note, OBoggie: This is how snark is done. Pointed, biting, clever, girded by truth.

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    Thanks for reporting this. I have to ask though, why is it that you are doling out this information now after the recent congressional inquiry into NSA spying and not earlier?

    We’ve published almost two dozen exclusive articles about NSA spying in the last 7 weeks, in multiple different countries around the world. Is that pace not fast enough?
    There are thousands upon thousands of documents and they take time to read, process, vet, and report. These are very complex matters. On top of everything else that has to be done with these articles, from explaining, debating and defending them in the media to dealing with the aftermath.
    People can accuse us of many things. Not publishing enough or fast enough is hardly one of them.
    That House vote was about one specific topic – bulk collection of phone records – that this newest article has nothing to do with. That House vote isn’t the be all and end all: it’s just one small battle in what I can assure you will be a sustained and ongoing discussion/controversy.
    There is a lot more to report still. Accuracy is the number one priority. That takes time.

    Of course, this is understood by Obama’s chief apologist; he’s just being a disingenuous prick.

  • Donald B. commented on the diary post Movie Night Preview: “Robert Williams Mr Bitchin” by Lisa Derrick.

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    Thanks. I didn’t know there was a movie about Williams. I’ve fond of him since first seeing his work in Zap Comix a very long time ago.

  • Pluck, pluck, pluck goes the low hanging fruit.

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    How the hell is simply relaying confirmation from Snowden that he did indeed write the letter in question ‘flacking’ for him?

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    Translation: He’s maintained the same set of clear principles since Jan. 20, 2009 that he possessed prior to then, and has held the Obama administration to the same standards as he had the previous administration, and that is just not fucking tolerable.

  • Donald B. commented on the blog post Happy Fourth of July, Edward Snowden

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    You make an awful lot of presumptions. You don’t know shit about Snowden’s post-leak planning or thinking, or about what ‘neutral’ Americans now think about Snowden due to the revelations of our foreign spying.

    You’ve been doing your best from the beginning to make sure there’s no conversation about domestic snooping by tarring the messenger, seeking to diminish the importance of his revelations by focusing on trivial matters such as his education.

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