• Heh, I just read through all the listed posts (except for “Pie in the Sky” – link doesn’t work) and reviewed a lot of comments (ah, memories). The post from 2008 about Rmoney dropping out had several astute commenters suggesting that Rmoney would be Gramps McCain’s running mate……oh, what might have been, and what snark we would have missed had Caribou Barbie not been thrust into the public eye!

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    Hmm, I thought I’d already worked past being teary eyed; guess not.

    I’ll miss this particular corner of the ‘tubes; bye everyone.

    I too am now forced to pay attention to twitter, but this time it will be worth it!

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    Thanks for sharing all your doggie friends with us over the years; every bit has been a treat. I hope that our loss is the boyz gain in terms of longer and more frequent walks on the beach with the Mrs. This much visual pleasure needs to be shared with the world, or at least with your local ocean.

    Long ago, my grandparents retired in Coronado so until I met Tbogg, the words “San Diego” meant “zoo” and “beach”. Now it means a happy vision of the whole Tbogg clan happily ambling down to the shore, including their guardian angels of sweet bassets gone on before. Happy trails, everyone!

  • Dear Sir,

    I want to thank you for all the fun, all the amazing writing (seriously – get on that book you know you want to write), and for freeing me from my blog addiction by freeing yourself from yours. Life is too short, and while we love your work, if it is taking away from what really matters then it is time to make a choice and you’ve chosen wisely. I’ll miss you deeply, but tied into that missing is gratitude and a touch of happiness at your decision to enjoy life and get a better tan; so should we all.

    Vaya con Bassetts, my friend.

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    Exactly. Elected office requires 50% of your time to be spent sucking up for contributions and 50% for actual elected officer-ish stuff, and that adds up to 100% more time than Tundra Trash can be bothered to spend on anything other than her endless need to exploit her followers for any available cash while winking at herself in any available mirror.

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    The boys do California Cool really well.

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    As was retrieved for us above:

    I’m sick of it. The Democratic party needs to wake up and do way, way better before I’ll ever vote for a “Democrat” again.

    Hey, I think I know that guy! He’s always going on about enhancing the contradictions, how he vowed to never vote for a Democrat again, you know, all that happy-clappy horseshit that has nothing to do with the real world. Oh, it might have worked in tsarist Russia, which that leads me to think he’d be more than happy if all 99% of us were forced by adverse circumstance/oligarchy to spend the winter around communal burning barrels, because by God then we’d do the planning necessary to vote in a True Progressive Paradise. For some reason he’s absolutely sure we’d still all have functional voting rights at that point and that the evil overlords would actually let us vote them out. Yeah, that’ll work.

  • Well T, I can’t blame you about wanting to live more in the real world and spend more time with family. I was just coming to the decision to spend a LOT less time on blogs and more time there myself; you just made it quite a bit easier to do that.

    So, go love your family with your presence, write that book, leave footprints in the sand, walk those wonderful doggies, and have a great life my good man. You’ve given us all more than you’ll ever know, and I will always love you for it.

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    Fenway figured out that the real fun in the house was happening on the roof, and that the forcefield keeping him from DeckFun was down. Don’t tell me he hasn’t waited years for this opportunity.

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    OMFG, Nooners actually wrote that miserable crap? It isn’t Tboggian snark? And someone published it?

    What an amazing load of self-loathing projection; get that woman a competent psychiatrist, stat!

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    Yeah, I read that too, and I suspect Pareene has a point. Part of the conclusion from the post-election Rethuglican soul-searching (yeah, I know, you first have to have one in order to search it, but still) went something like this: “yikes, our primary debates even scared the horses!”.

    GOP PR BS Reince probably said a little thank you prayer after these 2 biopic announcements; time will tell if he actually manages to stick to his bullshit threat. I’m betting no because everybody loves a circus!

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    Good point there, Meanie.

    I find it interesting that ol’ Rinsey thinks both these biopics will somehow be positive portraits of HRC. I’m thinking more along the lines of “unauthorized, salacious, take-down-the-woman-who’s-gotten-above-her-raisin’ “, with a side of “we don’t like older women, amitite guys? Hey this is Hollywood, any woman over age 28 is a hag!”.

    IOW, the people who should be displeased about these 2 biopics should probably be dems, especially right before the 2016 election – how come a male presidential politician has never gotten this kind of interest right before the voters hit the polls? Though I am pleased it provided the rethugs yet another opportunity to display excessive butthurt and the need to always, always take their ball and go home when everything isn’t completely slanted their way. I guess we’ll see.

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    Oh now you’ve done it. I keep my anger fairly well under control on most stuff, but hipster wanking about how someone else’s musical taste sucks is something this musician finds annoying as all fuck. Grow the fuck up dude, not everyone has to like the same thing, and seriously not everyone needs to demonstrate their hipster cred by making sure everyone else knows just how amazingly refined their musical taste it. I’ve been buds with some national level professionals, and their tastes range wide and far; they don’t wall off whole areas of musical experience because someone might find it unhip. Try it sometime.

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    Love the vid. Being called a leg humper? Eh, not so much. Makes me even less likely to be interested in what the name callers have to say, since name calling as argument equals sound and fury, signifying nothing.

  • Hey Rep. Perlmutter is MY rep! Glad to see he took what I said about Larry Summers to heart and passed it on to the big guy!

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    Wow, that is sad news. Doghouse was an exceptional writer and an obviously excellent human being.

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    I do enjoy a good Purity Brigade poke now and then, I must admit. And now with St. Ralph planning to find an ‘appropriate’ billionaire to take up his cause and be the next presidential election spoiler, things should heat up quickly. I wonder if “billionaire selected by St. Ralph” is going to have much draw with the ‘heighten the contradictions’ set. Should be fun to watch!

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    A perfect title, Mr. T.

    As a middle-aged woman who had a non-traditional career in my 20′s and 30′s, I think back on all the sexual harassment that just plain came with the job back then, and none of it was as obnoxious as the crap Filner is accused of doing NOW, not then. I did threaten to kill this one guy though, and I think he had a change of heart tied to the complete rage in my eyes. He never did it again, so there is that.

  • A true Tboggian masterpiece!

    Seriously though, if this guy comes out of 2 weeks of live-in diversity training and does it again: tumbrels and pitchforks buddy.

  • Sheldon Lord had the best possible publishing house for his works: Midwood. Absolutely perfect.

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