• None of this adds up to anything as far as I can figure.

    A) A chat log is a text file. Everything in it, timestamps included, can be added, removed, edited, created from pure fiction.

    B) The delay in communication implies nothing. It could be network congestion. It could be chat participants not paying attention or dividing attention between separate tasks (browsing, coding, eating, phone call, watching TV…) and returning occasionally to continue the conversation. This is not at all uncommon.

    C) It would be relatively trivial for a third party to listen in on the chat, even without active participation of the conversing parties. This also means nothing.

    Maybe I missed some key element in this story over all the handwaving about Poulsen and Lamo. Is there evidence beyond these chatlogs definitively tying Manning to this chat session? Did someone physically observe him typing? Was a corroborating log found on his personal computer (to which only he had access)? Was someone capturing his network traffic or logging keystrokes? I think we need to go to the video.

    From these chat logs alone we know next to nothing beyond what Wired, Lamo and the Feds want us to “know.”

    Computing 101. I am deeply skeptical.

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    Marcy, if you could post some resources on the Titanic/radio connection, I’d appreciate it. I started doing an MA thesis on the web, radio and public policy something like a dozen years ago, but got sidelined by a career. Just unearthed my research notes yesterday for an article on a different tangent (patents, copyright and innovation). This Titanic angle is not something I’d come across in my (admittedly limited) original research and would like to dig deeper. Thx.