• Why do the AG’s believe they have the right to settle on a fixed figure without knowing the extent of the problem? I recently saw the lead investigator Attorney General Tom Miller’s slogan, Stand up for the common good not for the corporate few. Why isn’t that happening, enforce the law with the settlement agreement, stop the deceptive and unfair practices levied against negative equity homeowners. as shown on the web-site: http://unitedinprosperity.org. Every negative equity homeowner is legally entitled to a similar and consistent financial advantage to remain a negative equity homeowner regardless of their income or mortgage history.

    How are the AG’s planning on enforcing the settlement terms when the banks ar still violating the law after the consent orders signed with the OCC, Federal Reserve and the Office of Thrift supervision? The consent orders consisted of idea’s taken right out of the petition without the “teeth”. There are automatic penalties involved for not operating within the law, re-read the Unitedinprosperity.org petition. There is but one law for all.

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