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    What difference does it make if de Blasio changed his last name to his mother’s maiden name after his parents’ divorce? After all, his mother’s family raised him – claiming their name is a sign of respect. Many of my friends and associates have changed their names for one reason or another; doing so doesn’t [...]

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    Wonderful news! As a San Antonio resident, I’m very proud of GetEqualTX and the activists who worked so hard to get this NDO passed. It’s been very embarrassing being the last major city in Texas to condone discrimination against the LBGTQ community. Thank everyone who persisted in this endeavor. Success at last!!

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    The true statistics on the unemployment rate are published every month in the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports – it’s called U6. In fact there are several different rates reported that take into consideration each detail you referenced, including underemployment and the number of workers who dropped out of the labor market during the reporting period. The lazy media publicizes only the U3 report, which summarizes all the other details and has always been reported as the rate referenced. Luckily we have the internet, which allows us to see each report the BLS compiles at

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    There are none so blind as those who will not see.

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    People who get freaked out over the debt – and this includes both economists and politicians – tend to look ONLY at the debt and ignore GDP. The fact that the debt is only one part of the debt ratio, which is the real factor in judging the country’s economic health, is what everyone should be watching.

    For the last three years, the deficit has been falling and we have had positive GDP growth. Our GDP would have grown faster if not for the Japanese tsunami, the European debt crisis and the spikes in the cost of oil. And also if we hadn’t had to deal with the Republicans’ refusal to pass any sort of jobs bill whatsoever at all. We wouldn’t have been able to do anything about the tsunami, the European economy or the cost of oil. But it’s infuriating that the Republicans have prolonged the recovery to the extent they have.

  • Republicans, conservatives – these people have never made up their minds what they want, or what their “values” dictate they should want. They’re very, very (perhaps terminally) confused.

    Women: No sex ed, no contraception, no abortion. But women are having babies out of wedlock!
    Mothers: They should be staying home to raise their children, but no welfare and no food stamps, and no comprehensive health care; No! they should be working, but no wage equality and no state-sponsored (i.e., affordable) day care or affordable health insurance.
    Immigrants: They’re taking away jobs that “real Americans” could be doing! But they’re lazy, shiftless moochers just wanting a handout.

    These right-wing people are schizophrenic, or bi-polar, or just plain clueless. They can’t make up their minds what they want, but whatever it is, it does not now exist and never has.

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    One of the tenets of Mormonism is that lying is acceptable if done in furtherance of the faith, and what could be more in furtherance of the faith than becoming the president of the United States? This is yet another reason that Romney, as he stated in the video, is not running as a Mormon [...]

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    Don’t be fooled by partisanship. There is a group of Democrats in congress who call themselves “New Democrats.” This group bills itself as “socially progressive and fiscally conservative,” and most of its members are also members of the Democratic Leadership Council. They are planning a compromise move with Republicans that will enshrine Simpson-Bowles into law. Simpson-Bowles calls, among other things, for the “reform” of Social Security and Medicare, more tax cuts, more free trade agreements, slight reductions in DOD spending, and a balanced budget.

    If you haven’t read the report put out by Alan Simpson and Erskine Bowles – the committee did not approve this report, only the co-chairmen of the committee issued it – I urge you to do so. The New Democrats are careful not to call this plan “austerity,” but the effect on lower-income groups will likely be the same.

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    First of all, Attaturk, these people are not pro-lifers. They are anti-choicers. For the most part they care far more about controlling women than protecting zygotes and fetuses. Nomenclature is important; it defines the argument. We owe it to the legitimacy of the argument to call these people what they are: anti-choice.

    Provision of women’s health should never be treated as a political football. Despite it’s description of being an insider account of Komen’s rift with Planned Parenthood, Handel’s book spends most of its time on the sour grapes the author feels about her time spent in Georgia politics and particularly the losses she suffered in her run to retain her Sec. of State position and for Georgia governor. She blames anyone and everyone else – from the Georgia “good ole boys” network for her political losses to Karl Rove for the decision to defund Planned Parenthood. Handel’s adulthood has been spent in the political arena, and she brought that mindset to her position at Komen, an organization that no one recognized as a political player until she arrived.

    One beneficial thing this book does is shine a bright light on the politics of Komen’s founder, Nancy Brinker, and its president, Liz Thompson. According to Handel, she was hired specifically to figure out a way for the organization to disengage from Planned Parenthood. Komen was under pressure from both religious and anti-choice groups, particularly the Catholic church. The idea that a powerful organization like Komen could be diverted from its mission of supporting women’s health by opposition from such political and religious factions is nonsense – until one understands that the management of Komen is just as anti-choice as the groups Handel now blames for the debacle.

    The book is being published by Howard Books, a division of Simon and Schuster with a focus on evangelical Christian themes, if that tells you anything.

  • Parkland Plus is actually named Parkland HEALTHplus. Parkland HEALTHplus is a charity managed care program within the Parkland Health Hospital System, not a Medicaid provider, although the program may receive some Medicaid funds through the Parkland hospital system.

  • Each of the municipalities in question have a branch of the UT Health Science Center School of Public Health, which handles low-income and indigent care in these areas. The UTHSC, Dallas, handles North Texas; the Austin campus serves Central Texas. The UTHSC in San Antonio serves all of South Texas from San Antonio south to the border with Mexico; the border area itself is served by UTHSC of the Rio Grande Valley. Harris and surrounding counties (Houston) is served by UTHSC of Houston. The UTHSC campus in El Paso serves southwest Texas from the city east to the Big Bend. The Corpus Christi area and southern Gulf coast is also served by the Texas A&M Health Science Center Coastal Bend Health Education Center.

    I’m certain that the UTHSC is behind this push, and it will be a win-win for all the communities now burdened by their responsibilities to these areas – if the legislature will dismount from its ideological high horse long enough to make this happen.

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    So a tax evader, legal or not, who has been ripping off the American people for decades, is proud of what he’s done and encourages others to do the same, wants to be President of the United States.

    You may think money can buy you everything, Mittens, but money can’t buy you love.

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    The president is absolutely correct that the press gives too much coverage to the “horse race” aspect of the campaign and not enough to policy differences. And to say that the press feels a need to equate both sides’ presentation of an argument is a given. The public is given very little factual information through any popular media.

    I’m disappointed to learn the president doesn’t read blogs. He would be quite enlightened by some of the economics blogs, at least those written by actual economists.

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    We already have a country where some states permit abortion and others make it almost impossible. The right wing has been working on shutting down abortion clinics for decades; there are now several states which have only one clinic open part-time for the entire state. Other states have so few clinics so far apart that, considering waiting periods and other barriers enacted to the procedure by the legislatures, it is virtually impossible and prohibitively expensive to obtain a legal abortion now.

    Freedoms are not usually taken away all at once; they are chipped away over a long period of time. That way very few people notice the cumulative effect, or rationalize away the small steps. The ones who do notice are characterized as alarmists when they speak out against what’s happening.

  • Gov. Perry has already announced he won’t increase Medicaid. He did this long before the ACA went to the Supreme Court. Texas is a red state that actually sends more tax money to the federal government than it receives back in transfer payments. Texas has the money to enlarge their Medicaid program. The problem in Texas is an ideological disagreement with any policy initiative of the president and the stubbornness to refuse to participate no matter the benefits to its citizens.

  • I know it’s convenient to say that the Republicans have “hated Social Security from the get-go,” but it’s not true. The majority of Republicans in congress when SS was passed and the Social Security Board was set up (1935 – renamed the Social Security Administration in 1946). The original SS retirement benefit provisions did not provide benefits to cover women and minorities.

    The GOP’s support of the program changed (although they will tell you it never changed and they still support it) when the makeup of the party changed to include more members who believed a private system of funding retirement was more beneficial to the GOP, about the middle of the 1950′s, coincidentally about the same time as women and minority participation in the program began. The push for privatization ratcheted up as more women and minorities entered the formal workplace through the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s, and advanced by leaps and bounds once Bill Clinton and the DLC began negotiating budgetary priorities of social programs in the ’90s.

    There used to be both liberal and moderate conservatives in the GOP congressional bodies, believe it or not. The party hasn’t always been run by the asylum inmates as it is now.

  • I’ve been visiting a couple pals who are lucky enough to have luxury condos (one in Costa Rica, one in Palm Springs), which means I’ve been spending quite a bit of time at the beach or the pool and eating and drinking and being merry. Fun times are over for the time being, though. Duties call.

  • The U.S. budget is divided into two parts: Discretionary spending (spending that is negotiated between the congress and the president) and Mandatory spending (spending that is required by existing law).

    Most social programs are part of the Mandatory portion of the budget because laws exist that mandate a certain level of spending depending on how many people are “entitled” to receive benefits under these programs – either because of low income (food stamps, Medicaid, unemployment benefits, etc.) or because recipients have paid into the programs in the past in order to receive current benefits (Medicare, Social Security).

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    “…and a little child shall lead them.”

  • Did it ever occur to these people that, since homosexuals can not reproduce, it must have been heterosexual couples who bred these lesbians and queers in the first place? So what will keep heterosexual couples from giving birth to more homosexuals even after the current crop has been penned up until they all died?

    There is no logic, much less Christian love in these people. They just hate. They’re frightened to death that the world is changing and there is nothing they can do about it but redouble their hatred. More’s the pity; in the meantime they’re dangerous – not just to homosexuals but to all the rest of us as well.

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