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  • What these ladies need is to watch “The Commitments”, in which an entire nation (the Republic of Ireland) of both sexes and all ages uses “fuck” as noun, verb, adjective, adverb, conjunction, preposition, and every other way possible within the constraints of English linguistic structure. And though they (the Irish in the movie) have their various colorful and absorbing problems, none of them seemed to be directly traceable to saying fuck.

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    OK, go ahead and work. Earn money. See if I care.
    Here in crispy-cold Northern New Jersey we are awaiting what may be our first substantial snow of the season, and we are also awaiting our plumber, maybe simultaneously.
    I am in desperate need of wealth, so if anybody knows of a source of same, be sure to let me know. I can draw, I can write, I sing a little, I do the boogaloo. I know the words to “Columbia, the Gem of the Ocean”.
    And in the meantime there are doggies, lovely, mood-lit doggies.

  • Also, you haven’t experienced suction until a well-grown calf has sucked on your thumb. Pull it right out of the socket, he will. Those little bovines were adorable. And the sound of a herd ambling by in the lane at sunset, complete with tinkling bells, is one of the world’s more peaceful experiences. The dairy farmeress said that they all had very distinct personalities, and one got very fond of them in a hurry.

  • Interesting points. I once vacationed in Highland Scotland, in a little cottage up the road from a small dairy farm run by a young couple who were former white-collar professionals from England who’d decided to go back to the land. They had a small pasture-grazed herd and sold the raw milk to dairy product companies in other parts of the UK (i.e., they didn’t bottle milk or make cheese or butter themselves). I got friendly with the woman because 2 of the calves were being kept temporarily in a shed in the back cottage garden, and we’d go out to feed them and chat. She explained that the local testing office sent inspectors out regularly to test both their cows and their milk, a requirement to maintain the license to sell it.

    Since the Missouri expert said the likely source of contamination was “at the animal level”, that argues poor sanitation at the farm, not the cheese factory. Were the Morningland people making cheese from outsourced milk? Or not? Whose responsibility? Deep waters.

    I kinda suspect the involvement of Udder Cruelty, LLC, somewhere along the line.

    As for the godly cheesemakers, should they not churn the other cheek?

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    I don’t quite get the notes of hostility toward the children in this photo that seems to pop up in a few posts. In what way is it their doing that the adults who control their lives posed them like this? Projecting their parents’ fears, hatreds, and delusions onto them, on the evidence of this picture, makes no sense.

    No law says everyone has to love children. Some people do, some don’t. People who don’t care for kids do well to be aware of it. They can seriously, consciously, and conscientiously avoid having any or being made responsible for any. There are a lot of parents who shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near children. The US has the poorest ranking in the industrialized world when it comes to the numbers of children killed by parents or caregivers.

    However, I was under the impression that one big reason that Sandy Hook has energized this debate to the point where things might actually improve on the legal front was that the victims were primarily young, entirely innocent, kids.

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    They start hunting at 7 or 8 with handguns?

    I am the exact opposite of a gun person in every respect. I do think it’s rational to make some kind of distinction between the rural tradition of hunting with guns and this mania for people-killing machines, which is what those little girls are holding. The ritual of sons being taught by older males in the family how to handle hunting rifles and shotguns, and how to actually hunt for food, is very old. Whether families out in the countryside where this tradition makes some sense, now include their daughters in the rite of passage, I have no idea.

    The progression of awareness/not-awareness on those 3 faces is horribly fascinating: the oldest, on the left, who looks maybe 11, is practicing what she imagines is a sexy pout-glower, like a weaponized comic-book superheroine: hormones starting to kick in, and I bet she knows what kind of images Dad and the boys at school like; the middle-grade one on the right is autonomous and cheerful, just going along with the event in a sociable way. She’s at the age, as one expert on the subject of girls growing up in our society put it, when girls “haven’t sold out”; the baby in the middle hasn’t a clue. They’re heart-breaking. And I don’t think their parents, who presumably posed and took and posted this photo, have any clue what they’re doing to them.

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    Now that Gerard is officially a Russian citizen, I hardly think so! But we can dream.

    Molly Ivins was a treasure of the earth, nemmine the English language. Her passing characterizion of Phil Gramm: “Always busy, like an ants’ nest what’s been stepped on”.

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    I know zip about Scientology — so is that the unliked Miscavige in the pic then? He has some crazy iconography going there, I must say. Stargate pattern in background and all. Does anyone here read Hebrew, and if so, what does it say under those 2 circular seals? I can see it says something “of Israel” on the borders.

    Tom Cruise was excellent in both “Fourth of July” and “War of the Worlds”, I think. If he’s serious about the thetans he may be delusional on some topics, but he wouldn’t be the first gifted creative type.

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    There was, reportedly, an instruction manual for Husqvarna chainsaws that cautioned about keeping one’s genitals out of the way of the saw during operation (that was pretty much the way it was – again reportedly – phrased). Translated carefully from the original Swedish, by the sound of it.

    I can only think that any male who packed a loaded firearm in the front of his pants would be someone with nothing to lose.

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    That’s an outtake? Your outtakes are better than most people’s intakes.

    And Wemb’s exterior is as lovely as his ulterior.
    (h/t Mae West)

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    As the old globe is hesitating grandly on its circuitous dance, it’s good to pause likewise, take a long breath, call to mind what you love and take pleasure in, raise a glass to – and relate good stories about! – friends (of all species) who’ve gone, and look fearlessly to the future.

    AKA, everybody have a great Season! Humans, dogs, kitties, birds, fish, 4-footed, 2-footed, all-footed. Everybody.

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    Sinestar, I have a suggestion for you. Get a bow and arrows, and learn how to use them.

    When you say that firing a gun and target-shooting is fun, I can, to a certain odd extent, relate. It happens that I discovered as a junior hi-school kid, one chilly morning in outdoor gym class, that I have some talent for archery. I was never good at regular team sports, and my eyesight without glasses is awful… but when I first learned to string a bow, nock an arrow, and aim, I realized that if I ever wanted to pursue a sport, this was it. It felt right. I could hit the bulls eye too. It felt smooth, and fun, and gave me a sense of effectiveness. Or, if you like, power.

    The bow and arrow – even the plain, ordinary ones used in a girls’ gym class in the 1950s! – is a serious weapon, and our teachers were very careful about impressing this on us, and drilling the precautions into us. But archery is fun.

    I don’t know where you live, or what questions you might have to answer to qualify to buy good archery equipment — but if that surge of excitement and satisfaction when you hit the target is your main reason for liking guns, you’ll get it with the effort and control of the draw, the powerful release of the bow, and the sound of the arrow hitting the target squarely.

    If it’s a manhood thing, I guess you could reflect that archery won the Hundred Years War for England. That’s pretty macho.

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    Judson, to your remark about prohibition merely creating a black market — I’m not at all knowledgeable about any of this, but according to Roy Edroso (follow TBogg’s link above) there was a major push in New York City during Rudy Giuliani’s administration for the NYPD to permanently confiscate every illegally-held weapon they came across, and a very significant drop in gun-related crime followed. (OK, Giuliani would’ve been a disaster in the White House, but he wasn’t unmitigated.)

    I understand from another comment someone made that something similar happened in Australia – gun-control laws passed in response to a mass shooting (passed at national level this time), resulting in sweeping buy-back programs, destruction of the stuff once in the govt’s possession, and a significant drop in crime.

    The raging, intransigent desperation of the OutofMyColdDeadHands rhetoricians and the genuine social-apocalypse-coming paranoids, in which latter group Adam Lanza’s mother counted herself, mindsets which have been furiously stoked by the NRA and the manufacturers for – what? 30 years now? 40? – is enough to make you want to crawl into a cave and pull it in after you, despairing of humanity. But we can’t do that.

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    They are probably using the assessment done by the Brady Campaign to End Gun Violence, which appears to be a relative comparison of state laws with each other, not against any benchmark or optimum criterion of strictness. So if a whole bunch of states have next to no restrictions, a state like Connecticut which does have some comes out looking like a tough regulator. This tells you nothing about actual enforcement, or (according to Mayors Against Illegal Guns) about little matters like how careful the state is about reporting the names of mental patients to the national background check d-base.

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    Child abuse wasn’t reported on back in the 1950s and earlier, either, but should we assume that there wasn’t any?

    There have been horrendous multiple killings going well back into American history that did make the news — but given that up until World War One the majority of Americans lived in rural areas, and what we now call “media coverage” was local and small-scale, it’s likely that a lot of bad things happened — on isolated farms or in the poor sections of small towns — that never came to public attention.

    Whether there’s any relation between psychiatric medications and violence — I have no opinion on the topic, being almost totally ignorant. But I think it’s unwise to look at what made news in the pre-meds days versus what gets covered now for proof one way or the other.

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    We’re not in possession of all the facts here, anymore than anyone else is, but:

    - apparently the Newton public schools (this was a public school, not a private one) had recently instituted new security measures. The Sandy Hook School had recently reconfigured its entrance doors, which were locked after 9:30 am, and you could only gain admittance if the staff member on duty recognized you.

    - he used automatic weapons which were legally registered in him mother’s name, and used her car to get to the school. He was living with her in Newton, and killed her first at her home. The type of guns he had are legal in Connecticut (which is

    - according to his older brother, he was known to have “personality problems”.

    So the immediate questions in my mind are, why did this young man’s mother have all these guns in her home? Were they in a place he had access to? If he had received treatment or diagnosis for any kind of mental/emotional condition or disability, had this been reported to the national database for pre-firearm sale background checks? Is it possible for someone like his mother to purchase firearms legally when a person who comes up on that database is living in the same household? How was he able to get into the school?

    According to, a petition and info site for the Mayors Against Illegal Guns campaign, my own state New Jersey is one of many that are extremely lax about reporting people with records of mental illness to the national database, even though NJ is rated as having gun control laws among the “most stringent” in the country by the Brady Campaign. Connecticut also enjoys “most stringent” status, and its rate of reporting mental health cases is better than NJ’s, but not great. This “stringency” in CT includes allowing anyone over 20 who doesn’t show up on the database to purchase assault rifles.

    Which are, as we all know, the firearms of choice for deer hunters, turkey shooters, duck and pheasant blasters, adventurous Vice Presidents recovering from bypass surgery, and citizen militias standing ready to defy King George’s platoons.

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    Is that really a picture of Reynolds?

    Does he have children?

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    What can anybody say?

    I wonder what the wing-gun-nut argument will be this time? That if only all the teachers in the school had been carrying, this would never have happened?

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    60 mortal pounds, eh? I’ve known full grown humans who didn’t weight a whole lot more than that (I had a very tiny friend a few years back). Bet it’s toasty under that lovely generous dog body.

    He is beauteous. I wish (she said, trying to make mournful bassett eyes with an anthropoid face) that some recent video of the boys might be forthcoming as a Solstice prezzy for us all…..

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    Welll…. if she got a Haavaad professordom with a couple,three decades of study, planning & smart effort, she oughta be able to take on the Senate ok. I’m not worried. I think she’s fundamentally down-in-the-core fabulous.

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