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    Farewell then,
    It’s been
    Thank you

  • Without you, T, I never would have appreciated the awesomeness that is bassets, not being a dog person.Thanks for that, the snark, the Random music, the intro to the lovely Mrs Bogg and the L&T Casey.
    In other words, what they said. You will be missed here on the banks of the blogosphere.

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    Imma gonna see your Mayor of Major City and raise you to Police Commissioner (Top Cop). Our third one in a row (the first one was convicted and jailed) has been forced to resign because of corruption charges.
    Three !! One after the other they fall down.These guys are appointed by our Esteemed Leader, the Prez. Who has faced charges of – guess what? – corruption.And having one of his homies in charge of the cops could be useful in the face of new charges of corruption, but all his buddies have the same small legal issue. Sigh.

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    Sadly, the good General has abandoned us, his loyal troops.He is on permanent, or possibly temporary, hiatus owing to illness and general burned-out-ness. Sadly missed.

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    Yeah, I decided to join the chorus.What they all said already.
    Like that close-by asteroid, disaster averted us.(huh?)
    I’m glad you’re here. Keep being here.However briefly.

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    Reporting in from Western Cape, South Africa where the weather is a balmy (or Bloody Hot, depending on your tolerance level)30 deg.Fan’s on, I’m seeing bassets, the cats are fed, American gun nuts are nuts – same ol’, same ol’.

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    Have a happy time on holiday, TBogg.
    The very best to you, the snarkmeister, and your family, bi- or quadruped.

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    I may, as a mere furriner, have misunderstood but I always understood the various state National Guard units to be the “well-regulated militia” that the Constitution was talking about.
    I know they have now been apparently subsumed into the Defence Force abroad but wasn’t that their original function?

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    Excuse me, Mr Bogg, sir, but I hope we will still get our Thursday basset fix.
    Please, sir, if you could just see your way clear to see to that, I, for one, should appreciate it very much.

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    They also serve who only sit and read.
    Every day, several times, I turn my eyes to you woo-woo-woo.
    Thanks for ten years of truly superior snark.
    And I don’t even like dogs – but always enjoy the Bassets – weird.

  • Signs of Spring :Ditch the duvet, that damn cropduster starts droning overhead and TBogg starts kvetching about US football.
    Meantime, in important news, Aus beats SA at rugby. Oh, the humiliation.Sob.

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    PS. Is that a real Sparkle Pony???? I never saw one before.

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    OK, here’s what I see. A whole bunch of Paulites are reeeeallly pissed at the Repugs right now but FSM forfend that the Dems win the election. Karl Rove et Co are looking for some fairly bright and knowledgeable people to screw with Dem supporters, so obviously not among their base.

    It’s a match made in Heaven! Or a Tampa bar.

    Et voila! TBogg gets concern trolls to “sway” Obama supporters.A possible scenario? Whaddaya think?

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    Yet another old lady (post-you-know-what)(or ask Jerk Akins re ladyparts) checking in. Daily (actually more often than that) lurker.Addicted to parentheses and the downfall of the Repubs.(and Tbogg)

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    Back in The Good Old Days of King James and his Version,charity and love were synonymous. (lat : caritas, see also: care, caring). It is only our later, degraded English that has narrowly defined it as giving to others.

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    PJ : I read DKos daily (some of it,anyway) and I just don’t like the fact that it seems like the online wing of the Dem Party.There are a lot of smart, progressive people who write there but the group line is unmistakable.
    Don’t get me wrong – I like Obama, he seems like one of the Good Guys and I respect him a lot more than I do our Prez – I would vote for him If I could – but I don’t like Party Line First sites of any stripe.

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    There is no god but Obama and Kos is His Prophet.
    I don’t like sites where I have to swear allegiance.

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    No. 9. But no goatse? (I am a refugee from Sadly,No).

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    Damn Americans ! As usual, they tend to think their methods universally acceptable. That ridiculous way of cutting the food and then putting down the knife and transferring the fork to the right hand and using it to transfer to the mouth – totally inefficient.Thank FSM most ex-British colonies stuck with what they learned from the Motherland whereby a fork in the left hand is used for both cutting and transferring purposes.
    We SAfricans reject US cultural cutlery imperialism.

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    Because I am poor and can’t afford any gadgets, I have Kindle for PC. Works just fine.

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