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  • Knew there was plenty more, but wanted to keep it brief; thank you for supplying the other ‘noteworthy’ parts to his record in Congress.

    Markey better start emphasizing Lynch’s conservative/ on the wrong side of history record because if Lynch is relying on labor( and he is pushing his ties to it harder than Scott Brown ever pushed HIS pickup truck) then it is possible that Lynch could carry Boston, Quincy, Weymouth, significant parts of the South Shore( Brockton and it’s suburbs)~ and let’s not underestimate what’s left of the Catholic Church’s influence in Greater Boston.

    This is shaping up to be a battle.

  • 2 words about Lynch: Terry Schiavo

  • Jane, outstanding work!

    If this is a repeat I’m sorry – have you seen the press release from the Third Way?

    Bill Daley must have drafted it – it’s sickening

    The markets have spoken and anyone who continues to insist that entitlements or taxes are off the table is condemning the US to second rate economic status and a permanent downgrade.

    Leaders from both parties should commit now to ensuring that the “super committee” isn’t a sham by resisting the urge to appoint only members who have already pledged to reject compromise. Republicans must back the ending of many major tax breaks. Democrats must support real entitlement reform. Together they must show that they hear the market message loud and clear, and that the ratings downgrade has changed the political calculus.

    But the Obamabots are out in force saying that if ONLY we had pushed through ‘the Grand Bargain’ this would not have happened.

    I can’t wait to vote against him

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    What I can’t get passed is that he even enumerated the number of times the debt ceiling has been raised in the past: EXACTLY!

    YOU, the President of the US have put us in this ‘crisis’ atmosphere because YOU want a ‘grand bargain’ that HURTS those that can least afford it.

    I still cannot wrap my brain around the fact that this ego maniac was elected with a D after his name on every ballot across this nation.

    And he tries ever so hard to sound like ‘the serious grown up in the room’ we all know the type: a con man selling fake bonds to the little old widow – just waiting to cash that check she signs over so trustingly to him……it’s still stealing, it’s still immoral, no matter how suavely and sweetly said.

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    I am outraged at HIS ~ Obama’s~ use of the debt ceiling to achieve a ‘grand bargain’ that would shred the safety net and lift Hoover above FDR: is he doing this because he believes in Hooverism?

    That makes him ignorant of history.

    Is he doing this because he and his advisers think that’s the way to re-election?

    That makes him craven because he knows it’s wrong on a policy level but he can’t be bothered to fight the correct policy and it shows he thinks the American public is stupid because he is assuming they don’t know, remember, or understand US History and he can con them.

    But what really sets my teeth on edge is the Obama-bots I know: they screamed bloody murder at the mere whisper that Bush was aiming to privatize SS and now? Either *crickets* or Obama speaks – and they swoon.

    Literally swoon with adoration even after that news conference when he announced that he had put $650 billion in cuts to the Big 3 on the table. Can’t wait to hear in about 2 years how miserable their experience was doing those phone banks for this person who is not progressive despite their insistence that he is and that ‘he has no choice’ ( as they say with a whine).

    And at the same time – they point fingers at me and people like me: you’re not clapping loudly enough! Scott Brown( never mind how Martha was SILENT on taxing middle class health benefits)! Supreme Court!

    My answer: what’s to clap about? If she had signaled that she stood with unions over that health care tax, if she used the word ‘reconciliation’ about the public option, maybe she would have gotten disgusted DEms off the sofa to head for the polls, and the Supreme Court?

    How are those GOP Court appointments working out for the Dems in Texas Hmmmm?

    Buh bye Obama: my wish is that you lose all 50 states to show that what started as a reaction against Mondale’s 49 state loss is the nail in the coffin for what the American people think of the DLC vision for the Democratic Party.

    The we can rebuild or start something new for a political Party.

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    Whether they know what they are doing, the consequences of their actions, isn’t known.

    What is~

    They don’t care.

  • When I wake up this morning and see a member of the MA delegation post this on his fb page wall:”I’m a Democrat. I came to Congress to protect Social Security and Medicare, not to see it dismantled.” ~ James McGovern

    I get more than a little nervous and definitely angry that yes, probably once again the guy in the White House will preen before the cameras and boast of ‘taking on members of his own Party’.

    Members of the Democratic Caucus need to be bombarded with phone calls asking for a pledge similar to Jim McGovern’s with a reminder that Obama has done jacks**t for the Democratic Party.

    All he did was turn it into the ‘Obama Party’ ~ fully owned and operated by Wall St oligarchs.

    Nuts to that.

  • Yup, looking forward to a nice Fall vacation checking out the foliage instead of phone banking…all that could change if someone steps up to primary the Trojan Horse because I feel in my bones that a primary challenger wouldn’t even have to raise a lot of money to upset the Trojan Horse in NH next [...]

  • Prediction: not only is Obama going to be a one term President, there will be a record number of blanks where normally a vote will be.

    They only way to change that is to primary this sorry excuse of a 21st century Trojan Horse of a politician

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    i heard Sherrod Brown say that and I started talking to the tv~ Me:” Oh yea, BIG microphone which he only uses to play happy music like ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy’ to “Win the Future’, anything else is too partisan’ You know, I thought that I would get 4 years of NOT talking back to [...]

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    Thanks Jane, it’s a pleasure for me to associate my birthday with supporting a progressive website and progressive,liberal goals

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    Just gave myself a belated birthday gift :>)

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    “It’s hard to change the narrative”…..

    Really, Mr President?

    When did you even try to change the narrative?

    I guess I missed that good ole college try you gave trying to change the narrative.

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    He’s good at making arrogant comments:~ Remember “You’re likeable enough Hillary” Probably cost him NH…would someone please stand up and primary him? Once a person is revealed as arrogant, and clueless to suffering,and not responsive….running against them is easier than you think. And I forgot petulent, pouty, and defensive as well. All traits most activist [...]

  • No….I really am coming to the conclusion that he is either stupid or he conned his way through school.

    8th grade students in my homestate( MA) know the story of the American Revolution and I had assumed that most American students knew of that basic tale….it somehow passed him by.


    How could someone so ignorant as to make that statement be the POTUS?

  • Founded on Compromise?


    Guess he knows jack sh*it about the events leading up to July 4th 1776….AND if he were there in Philadelphia I have no doubt whatsoever that he would be pushing for Compromise( gotta give it a capital C cause he does don’t cha know) with King Goerge III because peoples’ lives were at stake….PUTZ

    Let’s pick out MORE American historic moments for the caver in chief shall we?

    Definitely would have let the South go – no Civil War no siree

    Would have NEVER been found in a famous Union fight getting bashed by police – no siree

    Add more…..I’m just sickened by him and the time I wasted getting him elected

  • Why don’t we approach that question from the angle – which progressive/ liberal Senator or Governor wants to be President but thought maybe ‘sometime in the fuure’….it’s our job to confront that person, now, and acknowledge that maybe their ‘sometime in the future’ is a lot closer than they think.