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    Somebody’s lady garden bears only forbidden fruit on untilled soil.

  • When Chic-Fil-A was in trouble the right rounded up the troops and ate at the restaurant to show their support. Why don’t they do the same thing now by eating as much Morningland Cheese as possible? If anyone accidentally aborts their child it is just God’s will, which should not be questioned.

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    There is no anger or hate or offense on my part and it’s very interesting that two people would respond to a list of the facts with these accusations. My posts did not demonstrate anger or offense and I did not demonstrate any hate towards RWW, just a statement that (s)he was binary.I also never have (and never would) express allegiance to Romney. But by accusing me of anger and hatred and making up imaginary allegiances they are able to dismiss what I say at the words of a hater and thus were able to continue ignoring the facts, thereby retaining their positions of trust in and good standing with their group.

    The facts don’t care if we acknowledge them or not. We will suffer the consequences of others’ actions whether we acknowledge those consequences or not.

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    No, the purity label is easily understood. It means that you see the world as a binary choice, them or us, and anything that questions the unity and supremecy of “us” is a threat that must be supressed. It means that you are willing to give up everything you supposedly believe in to preserve the rewards that come from belonging to a group.

    Obama does not and never did beieve in marriage equality.

    Obama voted against the Federal Marriage Amendment which would have defined marriage as between one man and one woman, but stated in a 2008 interview that he personally believes that marriage is “between a man and a woman” and that he is “not in favor of gay marriage.”[35] He supports civil unions that would carry equal legal standing to that of marriage for same-sex couples, but believes that decisions about the title of marriage should be left to the states.[36][37][23]

    Obama would not allow Plan B abortions in cases of incest and banned the use of federal funds for abortions which means most state health programs do not offer it. 87% of US counties have no abortion provider.

    Obama wants to cut military health benefits and Social Security and Medicare.

    Obama says the we have to cut the deficit, which is a lie. He is pursuing an austerity program by cutting federal spending, which will crater the economy just as it did in 1937.

    Yes, the Republicans are worse. But UI eventually ends and if there are no jobs you’ll starve. The left might not lower the Koches’ tax rate to zero but it will not lower their influence. You are trading a cow for a handful of beans and they are not magic beans.

    The divide is not and never has been between the left and right; it is between the powerful and the powerless.It is very amusing to mock the right–I do it all the time–but it is not enough. We have to fight for what we want in this life. Why do you believe the powerful when they tell you to trust them and obey?

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    They do not think about it. They utterly ignore any statement or question they dislike. They simply state that the change will happen and then the dismiss it from their minds. You can ask them a hundred times to tell everyone how we can push the Democratic Party to the left and one hundred times they will pretend the question was never asked.

    Getting change was never the goal; change requires risk and possible loss. Obeying their leader was their goal and they achieved it brilliantly. They did their job by following and now the leader is free to do his job, which is to lead. There is a mental wall that many will never go over or break through; they come to a complete stop and dismiss the matter from their mind. The wall is obedience to authority. Questioning their authority is not a choice to them. It does not exist. A purposeful blindness is exactly what they develop.

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    You are making your priorities very clear: there are winners and there are losers and you want to be with the winners. The actual policies are secondary, if they count at all.

    The triumphalists and tribalists stand for nothing, defend nothing, and win nothing.

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    It’s not as good as the Santorum picture but it’s good enough: Bristol Palin ghostwriter Nancy French and family.

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    The criticism I see is that he added troops to Afghanistan– the surge. And that he is killing civilians while claiming they are enemy combatants. And that the use of drones creates an atmosphere of terror in Pakistan and will inevitably lead to blow-back. And of course he refused to prosecute the Bush Administration for their illegal actions or the bankers for their wholesale theft and illegality. I don’t think any of that is bullshit although others disagree.

    More than anything though I worry about our economic future. The incredible rise in poverty, the starvation of state budgets, the too-small stimulus. We cannot replace housing as a driver of the economy. 70% of our economy is consumer spending and wages are falling. For a long time they stagnated–now they are actually falling. Low paying part time jobs replaced good jobs. And everyone who predicted this economic deterioration is promising it will get even worse within a few years.

    The right abdicated any responsibility for their actions and the actions of their leaders. We should not do the same. I thought we were better than that.

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    30 million living, breathing Americans will be stripped of their health-care if you don’t vote Obama.

    If you don’t vote Obama, you are a foot-wide, shit-smeared asshole.

    Sorry Susan of Texas, but that’s who you are.

    This is interesting because I live in a very red state and my vote or lack of vote would change absolutely nothing. (Speaking only of the presidential election, of course.)

    So the truth is that I would not be depriving anyone of anything. The other truth is that I have always said that it’s necessary to vote for Obama over Romeny. I think we all know how I feel about the economic elite.

    So I’m not a “a foot-wide, shit-smeared asshole” because I refuse to vote for Obama or tell other people to not vote for Obama. I’m a “a foot-wide, shit-smeared asshole” because I criticize Obama. Because I want people to elect him and then pressure him to not cut Social Security. (Which affects 40 million Americans. Because I believe Obama when he says he wants a grand bargain and that he will get it.

    So in truth, I am a “a foot-wide, shit-smeared asshole” because I say the exact same thing as Obama. He will cut Social Security. So it seems that you are calling Obama a “a foot-wide, shit-smeared asshole.”

    And we all know what happens to people who criticize Obama.

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    Ryan is a delicate flower who can’t get through life without imagining himself as one of the unappreciated Producers dragged down by the lice and scum. He is so empty-and so empty-headed-that he copied the life skills and psychology of a failed screenwriter who by all account was a shrew who made everyone around her both miserably insecure and puffed up with false pride, like herself.

    She also smelled sometimes, according to her followers. Evidently higene was for the lower orders too.

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    I can think of one reason why Ryan would pretend he is superior–he is a Randian. He must always be better than the common man and the common must must always be inferior, by definition. We could test this theory by going over his old interviews, etc, if he genuinely does think he is an Übermensch he will need to reinforce this false belief constantly to make it appear true, and he will have left behind a string of lies and exaggerations.

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    What happened to the vow of poverty?

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    Our Megan could never resist the chance to lecture liberals from her self-endowed position of superiority.

    Megan McArdle: “Abortion is something done for the benefit of the mother, for which the child who will not be born pays the ultimate price. Trying to elide, sugarcoat, or invert this is morally bankrupt. It seems to me not only reasonable, but fundamentally right that society should force women to confront the tragic cost they are asking someone else (even if only a legally hypothetical someone) to pay for their freedom, and evaluate whether the benefit they are gaining is really worth that cost.”

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    And it’s still true today. If you want a career supporting the rich you can always find someone to pay you. Students in top programs are offered internships and all sorts of opportunities to make money and form lucrative connections. All people have to do is enthusiastically praise and abet the rich.

    Bound For Glory was just on tv and in the movie Guthrie said he had to be with “the people” because if you separate yourself from them you get lost. The rich have throughly separated themselves from the poor and now they tell themsleves that the poor are scum who deserve to suffer.

    People used to be desperate enough to fight to help the poor and for their rights. If the poor and marginalized people don’t have rights than none of us have rights. We just haven’t gotten in the way of the rich yet and so don’t realize it. The first time we tried to stop them, whether through boycotts, political action or violence, we would learn different, just as the Occupy protesters learned that they only have the rights that the people in power will let them have.

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    Since when do superheroes invade countries to convert the people to her own religion and kill everyone else? Did Xena skulk in the shrubbery so she could wage imaginary war on little boys?

    The Phyllis Schlafly thing is dead on, though.

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    Get the fuck out of town! Does this mean she was shit-canned from the Atlantic for lying about her conflicts of interest?

    I devoutly hope this means she will do more food blogging. Maybe she’ll get to write about Diana’s favorite foods, or the latest celebrity trends in McMansions. She must be incredibly relieved to finally be able to stop blogging about numbers and ideas.

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    The Atlantic seems to have found a happy medium in which McArdle’s name is on the blog but the magazine doesn’t have to actually print any of her mendacious, inept, easily refuted work. Guest posters work for free to get the exposure, McArdle has all day to go shopping–it’s win-win!

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    We need to find that young lady woman a baby daddy. How can she be a real red-blooded all-American girl when her baby doesn’t have a daddy? The baby will end up pregnant even though he’s a boy, since those liberals are trying to subvert God’s own Nature through their science. And a school dropout. A homeschool drop out, which means he’ll go from sitting on the Lazy-Boy playing video games all day to sitting on the Lazy-Boy playing video games all night.

    And now that Bristol’s a born-again virgin, who will guard her verginity for her, which women like to hand over to their men like it’s a handbag and they have their hands full shopping? Her little man will be too busy smoking crack on account of being raised by a single mother, the slut.

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    How could I have forgotten Ross, Mervyn’s, and TJMaxx? Plus we have a kick-ass Goodwill that keeps me in Liz Claiborne sporty separates.

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    That’s just like my life! Well, almost.

    Yes, that was First Lady hopeful Ann Romney Susan of Texas in Houston Saturday, looking very Palm Beach-y tired and hot in her hot pink tunic Snorgtee shirt and jeans with her shoulder-length blond brown hair. The only thing missing was the Helga Wagner necklace homemade jewlery.

    Mitt’s missus She spent four hours with Alfred Fiandaca, her old pal from Boston at the dry cleaner, grocery store and discount bakery who closed the store for her so she could shop in peace without any worries about paparazzi grabbing a shot of her in the fitting room ignored her. Trying on a little something to wear to tonight’s big dinner at Darlene and Jerry Jordan’s her own house, perhaps? When they’re paying 50k a couple coupon clipping, a lady wants to look good.

    Finally, Ann she strolled out, shopping bags in hand, smiled at the small crowd gathered on the sidewalk car waiting to take her parking spot, climbed into the big black car waiting at the curb thrid-world compact car, and drove off.

    We stay-at-home mothers are all alike.

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