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  • Jeff,
    Is there any indication NSA shared the same or similar data with DO5? I know you’ve written that DO5 had access to NSA ‘databases’ but it’s unclear what exactly that means in terms of specifics.

    Perhaps, this whole situation is why Tenet was pushed on to his sword.

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    AT&T just passed caps on its broadband customers. I wonder if the cap was actually Part 1 of monitoring and eventually controlling information flow.

  • Thank you for mentioning my work at ePluribus Media and the Missing Man. I found the Unclassified FOIA Response attached to your article absolutely fascinating to read. I suspect the subtleties of just what’s revealed in that Response might be easily missed at first glance. Just the teeny glimpse in to the turf wars alone [...]

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    p19-21 – was it classified under an assumption of mosaic theory? If discussing FISA then ergo, there must be some interest in a surveillance program. Looking at it from a mosaic view, this sentence kind of jumps out – ‘these provisions make FISA…the exclusive lawful means for the Executive to engage in “electronic surveillance’….’ on page 20.