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  • Svensker commented on the blog post Loading Up The Clown Car, Gonna Go For A Ride

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    Dear TBogg,
    Please don’t put up headlines with “Jesse Ventura” and “dangles” in the same sentence. My brain combines them in horrifying ways and what has been imagined can never be unimagined.

    Thank you.

    I remain, sincerely,

    The Svensker

  • Svensker commented on the blog post Fear And Fapping On Campaign Trail 2012

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    Tee hee, you said “tittle”.

  • Svensker commented on the blog post One Thing Leads To Another, I Know

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    I learned something new this morning from my friend’s wingnut friends — apparently Eric Holder’s wife owns the Gosnell clinic* which is why Obama is covering up the Gosnell story, because abortion=good+profit! So he probably blew more stuff up so we could keep ignoring Gosnell.

    *this is, as usual for wingnuts, all wrong. Dr. Mrs. Holder (an ob/gyn herself) is part owner of another building which houses an ob/gyn clinic where legal abortions have been performed.

  • But wait, I thought it was a good thing for private citizens to be armed to protect themselves against government thugs and/or academic elitist thugs. No?

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    You cannot write that Mittens on Newt piece and then threaten to leave. It would be worse than getting all hot and bothered with chunky Reese Witherspoon and then withering on the vine, so to speak. Or something.

    Congratulations on surviving 10 years. And America does need you. If you pull a Billmon (I’m still mourning that) I will come out there and cut you myself.

  • Svensker commented on the blog post Awash In The Blood Of Bambi, You Become A Man

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    I think you really can die laughing. Can’t. Breathe. Aaaarrrrgggh. Urk.

  • Svensker commented on the blog post George Zimmerman’s Family Makes Awkward Literary Reference

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    Crikey. The comments over there are a sewer. However, could you correct your “to gosh darned” in the first para to “too gosh darned”? Thank you.

  • Svensker commented on the blog post Sarahnara, Suckers

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    So tell me, Mr. Bogg, how do you really feel about ol’ Sarah?

  • Svensker commented on the blog post Thursday Night Basset Blogging – Updated

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    Big hugs.

  • Svensker commented on the blog post The Mysterious Galaxy

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    No one has mentioned George RR Martin, Song of Ice and Fire? Maybe it’s not really sci fi, more fantasy, but wow.

    Silverberg’s Valentine Pontifex books are loads of fun.

  • Go read the comments over at Pharyngula. Pretty level headed bunch over there and basically they’re not panicking. I was advising all my west coast family to get iodine pills yesterday, but in reading about the jet stream, it’s so high up, the explosion would have to be a really big one to boost the radioactivity that far… So, scary, yes, but poo the pants, no.

    Also, too, as a bunch of people point out at Pharyngula, the number of people who die as a direct result of accidents in coal mines and from toxins related to mining coal is huge compared to nuke accidents. Not to mention what happens after the coal is burned.

    Take a deep breath (the air is NOT filled with poisonous radiation!) and try to get some perspective.

  • Svensker commented on the blog post Happy New Year

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    Ditto what Tejana said. She’s from Egypt and just watched some of her countrymen blow up some other of her countrymen. Pretty sickening.

  • Svensker commented on the blog post Moore In Laughter Than In Anger

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    Just make sure you don’t trip over their ears junk..

    Fixt that for ya. At least one of those dogs abounds in junk, as I recall.

    Also too voted twice this morning already. Go team!

  • Svensker commented on the blog post Tucson to Tucumcari, Tehachapi to Tonopah

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    Vanishing Point?! I saw that movie like 99 times when it came out, but I forgot what it all meant. It was very very heavy, though.