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  • President Obama spoke to service men and women at MacDill Air Force Base yesterday about the U.S. strategy to degrade and ultimately destroy ISIL — a terrorist organization that is killing innocent, unarmed civilians in both Iraq and Syria. ISIL, also known as ISIS or the Islamic State, is also responsible for the brutal murders of [...]

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    ISIL is certainly not a state. It was formerly al Qaeda’s affiliate in Iraq, and has taken advantage of sectarian strife and Syria’s civil war to gain territory on both sides of the Iraq-Syrian border.

    Yes,sectarian strife fulled by whom by whom? So the fuel (money and arms) stop the strife. You appear to be trying [...]

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    Palestinians Offered State Five Times The Size Of Palestine

    In the Sinai desert. No water. Worthless, uninhabitable land. The Palestinians are fighting over land-with-water, and the water rights to the Jordan river. The Israelis are continuing their strategy of dispossessing the Palestinian People of the land. AS to using Women and Child red as a shield, [...]

  • Bush’s Parker:

    Dear Lord, forgive us our plans
    We have to fight them over there
    to learn to fight us over here.

    With the Obama refrain:

    To make our base, the mores and have mores
    have more for ever and ever.
    For as long as we shall collect.


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    IBM Invented email, and by 1978 had the largest email system in the world, in its internal Vnet system.

    In a brilliant act of marketing IBM declared its internal email system “not strategic” and refused to make it a product.

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    ThumbnailPresident Obama, in meeting with NATO leaders in Wails, has formed a new, improved coalition of the willing to combat ISIS, which is believed to be better than Bush’s coalition of the willing for Invading Iraq. Better because of both Obama’s Golden Oratory, and his behind-the-scenes threats, were much more effective than Bush’s clumsy speechifying. Bush’s [...]

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    It certainly favors whitewash. Washington has an ample supply, named by the Pentagon as Beneficial Utility Long Lasting Shadows Hiding In Topography.

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    I’m envious of your abilities with satire. You almost reach Minneapolis Mike’s brilliance.

    Keep trying. Write some diaries. Do remember the key to satire is to be almost believable with an edge. Outright glorification looks weak and approaches toadyism.

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    Words damage more. The damage is insidious.

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    Evolutionarily that was yesterday.

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    get who is speaking the opinion lines

    Me, they are my opinion.

  • and quotes the Old Testament with authority

    The Old Testament seems to be Fundamental to the (R)ight.

    The beatitudes? Or bearing false witness? Not so much.

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    You know not about what you write. Unless Medicare payments place a lien on the property, and all owners must agree to have a lien placed on real property then, as I understand it the lien, does not attach. With join tenancy the real estate is not a part of the estate. A person’s interest [...]

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    Much is written and discussed about domestic abuse, which is mostly understood as men abusing women. Or escalating to domestic violence where men hit women. The definition on Wikipedia illuminates this conventional wisdom.

    Domestic violence (closely related to domestic abuse, spousal abuse, battering, family violence and intimate partner violence) is a pattern of behavior which involves violence [...]

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    Put your home in Joint Tenancy. Joint Tenancy expires on your death, with the property passing to the surviving joint tenants automatically. Joint Tenancy is characterized by unity of Time. Tile, Interest and Possession. Similarly Community Property with Right of Succession protects the home on the first spousal death. Talk to a lawyer, or title [...]

  • Clearly intensifies his constituency as a member of the house of representatives bordello in DC.

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    Pumped storage is technically feasible, however, there is a lack of sites, and it leave large environmental scars (the tidal rise & fall zone).

    Most useful pumped storage site are already used.

    Been there done that.

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    Perhaps CNN should try broadcasting news, as does the international division.

    Might attract a better demographic for their advertisers.

  • you have only praise for Russia’s puppet

    Where’s the praise? Apart from the chess comment, where I believe the individual Russians have demonstrated expertise. Do we really need provocation for another huge European War? Who’d have thought the US would be fermenting such 50 years after settling WW II. The US is good at maintaining (or [...]

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    When an assertion is made by a Health Insurance company, the response is:

    Where does it state that on you web site?

    This include prescriptions, and providers claimed to be out of network.

    No public list -> no disclosure -> the insurance company becomes liable for the costs.

    It appears one cannot afford to be in the health care market without legal representation. There are plans for inexpensive legal representation.

    I make one request, if no success then it’s a letter from my inexpensive lawyer. Works well. Especially when one asks the insurance rep “What is your address for Service?” — It is a legal requirement for any company doing business in a state to have a Publicly Recorded address for service. — and the question get you away from the call center rep who’s responsibility is not to get you reimbursed.

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