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  • אלוהים מגיע כאשר אתה לפחות מצפה.

  • The U.S. has become a perverted, immoral nation in a steady state of decay. To implement laws which are contrary to the Divine Laws given us by One, will be a direct conviction to anyone adhering to false balances. To negate the true principles, as set forth by Elohim, and institute the branch of sin to be grafted into the root will destroy this earth. Drunkenness has gained support, as to be established in a position which is considered commonplace. This state of erosion is no longer progressive, but has gained momentum, in which the government has intertwined into fidelity; by newly enacted laws, as that being true. However, no such honor shall be found upon implementing false principles upon the foundation of truth set forth by One. To supplant deceitfulness, and to define an illusion as being true, is merely providing the appearance of false traits.
    A consistent way of trying to bring about change, by implementing artificial deception, to be construed as genuine, is contrary to the Laws of Elohim. To deny, or to negate any laws, based upon the Divine Foundation, or to add to the Divine Law, shall serve as the stone which returned upon us. There shall surely be more severe judgments destined for any tribe, or nation, overturning the tables of truth.

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