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  • I am adding on:
    Andrew Leonard, Salon:
    “Two weeks before House Majority Leader Eric Cantor lost his primary election, his challenger Dave Brat launched a campaign ad featuring Cantor with his arm around the shoulders of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. The text of the ad read as follows:

    “There are 20 million Americans who can’t find a full-time job. But Eric Cantor wants to give corporations another 20 million foreign workers to hire instead.”

  • On the subject of Cantor’s defeat, what I am reading– which is the mainstream media thought the eyes of the more liberal blogosphere– there is a lot of talk about anti-immigration reform and tea party leanings, but far less about Brat’s outspokenly anti-Wall Street message, and his position against the Chamber of Commerce, and their approach to favoring immigration reform, ie bringing in a tens of thousands of low-paid workers. This is — or can be — a high point. What do you think?

  • I was thinking about this post all evening, and I came back to respond. But I see that everyone has said it for me.
    How out of date is this speech? Does anyone believe this 1950s bluster? It’s embarrassing. I am ashamed that I voted for him.What world is he living in that he thinks he can say something is trustworthy about the American system of justice? That’s the system where banking giants are permitted to forge papers to cover up their years of fraud and double dealing that put threw millions of Americans out of their houses. Banks openly stole millions of houses, they defrauded cities and towns and pension systems. We know there is no longer a functioning system of justice here.
    And then of course, Who is it that is breaking the law, and perverting the Constitution? It is not the one who is reporting (Snowden) on these high crimes. It is the perpetrators of the high crimes. They keep blaming and trying to blame the reporters.
    And then there’s, What would we expect from someone who gave the election away to the Republicans for a few thousand obviously miscounted votes? And he gave away the election that was won by the majority of the USA. How pathetic, that he can stand up and say such baloney.

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    I don[t know. I think there is no there there anymore. There is no constituency for it. They keep thinking they will prop one up through their ownership of the media, but the last couple of times, they fell flat on their faces.
    Like with the war in Syria, and the open attacks on Elizabeth Warren. They have to go home and recalculate how to go about it another way. I sometimes think it is impossible for the bubble people live in to be so thick that they can maintain their completely out-of-touch ideas as their reality.
    They think, and apparently you do too, that the PR men will carry it again and people will vote for the same lies. I really think it’s over. I see a lot of serious articles being written about the failure of capitalism, and only a few years ago you never would have seen that.
    And can you imagine that there will be another Obama, who tells us one thing so convincingly and then openly and completely puts the opposition into power.
    One beautiful thing about Edward Snowden is that he told us the truth. There were so many lies, and lies within lies, and so much dissembling in the public spere, that just the very act of one person standing up and saying the truth has had a powerful effect on society. And I mean really just the act of telling the truth — not the details about the national security state.
    The Neoliberals will keep pushing for their advantage — pushing as hard as they can while they are in power, but with no constituency but a vacuum, I don’t know. It has already started that everyone just laughs at them. The elite have not left themselves enough allies to make it seem to work.

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    Setting up an infrastructure to privatize social security. Because his attempts to cut social security appear to be stymied by universal outrage, this is an end run to make progress by setting up an infrastructure to privatize social security later. The masters of the universe really do think we are all stupid, but they are not.

  • This is heartbreaking to me.
    By taking money from corporations which are acting against the interests of Americans, corporations which are engaging in widely reported criminal activities that affect millions of people who are their victims, the most respected public servants
    have been corrupted.
    I find it heartbreaking.
    And cannot we ask,
    “Why should anyone in the government be acting on behalf of corporations which are not paying taxes.”
    Those who are not paying taxes are setting the policies through which they take our taxes and do with them what increases their profits.
    They make wars and destroy our air and water.

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    This is a stunning example of the oligarchy attacking, stealing from, destroying our society. It was for many years seen as the obligation of the ruling classes to build these institutions, and to strengthen them –the art institutes, the universities, the libraries. And now they want to tear them down, along with everything else. To [...]

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    I don’t believe “mistakes” happen hundreds of times across the country.
    This is common practice.
    Of course, I don’t (does anyone?) believe banks should be permitted by government to claim that they made “mistakes” when they commit crimes against individuals and business.
    Certainly destroying someone’s home is a crime, isn’t it?
    How can anyone possibly claim it was a mistake?
    What an insane outrage.

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    I sent a copy of your post here to our illustrious Senator Feinstein with this note:

    this guy or gal has got it exactly right. This is how we all see you.
    Your bubble might burst and you’ll see the whole country laughing–at all of you.”

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    I saw this yesterday, but didn’t have time to reply. My Congressman is George Miller, CA He is terrific, but in the end in the past he has sided with his pal Nancy Pelosi, after she goes over to work for Obama. This time he signed the letter with 50 Democrats asking for Congressional approval [...]

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    I just want to say thank you for writing this piece. It is excellent.

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    U just want to say thank you for writing this piece. It is excellent.

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    I hesitate to comment on this because I haven’t watched it in years– but I do want to say that it has long seemed to me that it is so anachronistic, it is shocking that they kept it up — with these irrelevant old guys they keep trying to buoy up in the limelight. As if nothing has changed for twenty-five years. The country has much better things to do. The political motive is blatant. It works to keep fresh voices off of the public air waves. Imagine having some programming that is relevant. It might change the public discourse — very dangerous.

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    I wrote this letter to Senator Schumer:
    I am appalled by your support of Ray Kelly for the Department of Homeland Security.
    The New York City police department under Kelly beat and assaulted the young Occupy protesters, mistreating them horrifically, crushing our brilliant and beautiful young people with physical assault.
    And you as a Democratic leader supporting this nomination shows how the Democratic Party has been so corrupted that I can never again support the Party which has utterly ceased to represent me or the ideals I have grown up believing were important to our country.

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    Democrats are giving the power to Republicans and then they feel that people continue to be fooled by that and they can blame the Republicans for inaction, for following the dictates of corporate masters.
    The Democrats are in charge. They are working a smoke and mirrors game, giving the power to Republicans, then blaming them and trying to keep the trust of the American people. They have long since lost me.

  • It boggles the mind to imagine that the military wants to insist that their people remain ignorant of the information everyone else in the country and in the world has access to.
    Our people must remain stupid no matter what– and we must act out of ignorance in the future because they know less than everyone else in the world. Are they crazy?

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    What a nightmare. This woman has been in charge of building the Department of Homeland Security over all these years, of militarizing local police forces throughout the country, for making it a boondoggle for corporate profits, for subjecting the American populace to radiation screening and allowing no public comment or oversight.
    The Department of Homeland Security under its present leadership has corporatized and militarized with no public input or transparency.
    That is what the University of California system must want to carry on their mission.

  • Thank you for posting this. It’s wonderful.

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    Bravo. Very well done.

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