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    Been reading you since you were contributing at Digby’s “Hullabaloo.” Been a lurker mostly on the Lake since Marcy’s/Scooter Libby days.

    Had to some effort to locate FDL password to tell you how much I’ve appreciated your excellent articles the past few years here. You were a daily read and your ability to make sense out of some of the most complicated news once Obama won got me through some hard times as the rest of the Dem Blogosphere seemed winged out or started to shut down and many of the best departed for other opportunities.

    Best to you wherever you land! Still hope you will stop in occasionally if something catches your eye and you feel a need to speak out. You will be sorely missed.

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    Thanks for this report on Occupy Raliegh. And, you honesty about what your feelings are. Agree with other posters up top, in that it’s hard to know how things sort out with conflicts that are bound to happen. Just glad you are there and keeping it together in whatever ways you can for the rest [...]

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    Well said, David. The focus by the Left and the MSM on the Repug Freak Show is a distraction from the serious issues this country faces.

    The Democrats, Wall Street and MIC are only too happy to keep the focus on Freak Show so the people think that they are better. It’s the meme everywhere.

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    That’s an encouraging report, gnomedigest. I think many of us wonder how this will all turn out. If OWS keeps going and infiltrators find ways of picking off parts of the movement with “actions” that cause law enforcement and media to punish the rest. Hopefully, as you say, your encounter with these young marines will [...]

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    Agree… This is an aggregation of a bunch of statistics from different sources that have been proven in the last years to be not credible when probed deeply. Also that “Boomer Generation Meme” is really so false ..in that the generation spans 20 years and differing regulation that was in place or came into place [...]

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    Kevin …thanks to you and Firedoglake for this incredible coverage.

    It’s much appreciated out here by those who aren’t active posters…but, lurkers who follow it all.

    This is but a “Turkey Lull” and things are going to pick up..and hope you get a little break because we are going to need you going forward. Unless you are a Vegan…take a “road break” for a little Turkey Fixings wherever you can find it…and lot’s of love and hugs to you too!

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    Kevin…that’s an incredible post… It gave me huge chuckles along with angst.

    Great Job you’ve done. I hope this goes viral!

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    Recommend….Thanks for this report. Somehow my recommend came up “unrec” so I am posting to correct that.

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    Trying to Recommend this post…sorry if it got an Unrec.

    Good Read and thanks…

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    Thanks for the update on Raleigh..

    Thumbs Up

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    Never understood why Sheehan was disliked by half of the Left Blogosphere. People seem to forget she was the first to break the “spell of George Bush” when she occupied Crawford Texas in a ditch. As Bush’s entourage sped past in limos during his vacations she and other brave ones were there braving the heat [...]

  • John Kerry was just on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” proposing that we must immediately create an Infrastructure Bank that would be funded by world Sovereign Wealth Funds, specifically China. He also said the nation must (again immediately)come to terms with Social Security, Medicare and Medicade and our Debt. He said he has Lindsay Graham and other Republicans on board with the idea.

    He also mentioned that there is a large project going on in DC to fit our national buildings with Solar Panels funded entirely by a “private company” (he didn’t mention the name of the company) who is doing this without the Government paying a penny. He says “the company” is doing this for a “small percentage” of the savings in electricity. I would certainly like to know the name of this benevolent company and how much they are going to make as the “small percentage” of the savings, though.
    Are they an American Company using union workers?

    Thanks for this article. Was glad to see you post it as I was very unimpressed with Kerry’s statements (frankly, I was steaming angry) Glad to see Firedoglake is on top of the problems with the Infrastructure Bank as it seems to be currently conceived by Kerry and his Republican backers.

  • Why is this post not up to #1 on FireDogLake Website?

    With the fund drive and all…would have thought that folks like me who are holding back signing up might have gotten on board and given $45.00 to the cause.

    If posts like Naked Capitalism don’t get enough interest to get some donors…then what the hell is going on?

    Sorry for being aggressive in tone…but, this is an excellent post and needs to be read.

    What’s with this?

  • Thank you Yves.

    Your article answers a lot of questions some of us may have had about what has happened to the progressive left that was so vocal during the Bush Regime.

    Excellent read.