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    Oh, silly idealists, eye for an eye! That’s what Jesus said. Rejoice and celebrate in the streets at death, retaliation and retribution!


    On a serious note, the reactions I’m seeing are a bit disturbing to me. And a little verifiable proof of an actual death involving Osama might be nice too.

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    Amen to the IAFF. I argued the AFL-CIO should have pulled all support the moment the Democrats decided to put their convention in Charlotte, a state with the lowest percentage of unionized workers in the country, and no union hotels or support staff.

  • http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/ezra-klein/post/the-shocking-truth-about-the-birthplace-of-obamas-policies/2011/04/15/AF6qINpE_blog.html Ezra Klein has been one of President Obama’s most vigorous defenders for some time now, especially through the healthcare fight. But this finally cuts through the ridiculous rhetoric that we are at the throes of socialism, that we have drifted into some severe liberal psychosis. We know the reality is far from that message, and [...]

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    I’m OUT. So OUT.

    In fact, I created a graphic that says as such. If any of you want it, send me a message.

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    For all those who discuss whether or not we’d be worse off with McCain/Palin, I don’t think we would. We’re seeing the same draconian budget cuts. Because of the partisanship, the Democrats might have provided a little opposition to renewing the Bush tax cuts. And we wouldn’t see the nightmare that is Obamacare forced on [...]

  • http://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/republicans-and-democrats-begin-negotiating-possible-budget-agreement/2011/03/30/AFoid35B_story.html?hpid=z2 Democrats started at $6 billion of cuts, then went to $10 billion, now they’re at $33 billion. If you’re the Republicans, why on earth would you agree now? They’ve shown a desperation to surrender at all costs, that they’re entirely devoid of any such principle. Everything’s on the table, even removing the EPA’s authority [...]

  • Snyder to cut unemployment benefits Michigan has decided to be the first state in the nation to reduce its unemployment benefits from the standard 26 weeks to just 20 weeks.  This is claimed to be to save unemployment benefits for those currently receiving them, but of course, we know the reality. The genius (who already has [...]

  • And this is why, with all the Upper Midwest crazies, it’s time to find somebody willing to run in primaries.

    People are active, they’re angry, and they see firsthand what’s being assaulted around them.

    Obama will the beneficiary of all this only if we let him be. If he’s forced to be accountable for his abominable record, things might not be so easy for O.

    Let us force him to defend the Stupak amendment and the rest of Disastercare, his pay freeze for federal workers, his budget cuts, his deplorable and illegal treatment of Bradley Manning. Let us force him to talk about all the jobs he didn’t create, about all the bonuses given to the banks. Let us force him to talk about the tax breaks he gave to billionaires while raising them on America’s poorest. Let us force him to defend the catfood commission, and their attempts to free the rich from paying taxes and kill Social Security. The American people have been allowed to ignore reality, it’s time we bring reality to them, and make them realize Obama is what he is.

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    Amen. There’s only one way to fight this, and it’s going to take consumers uniting the way they have in Canada.

    If another large provider imposes a cap, a collusion lawsuit is begging to be waged. Not only then would they have to prove their network congestion, but they’d have to justify that their costs are somehow being hurt by high-bandwidth users. And again, it’s a violation of even the neutered net neutrality to discriminate between u-Verse TV traffic and other TV traffic, by my judgment.

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    Why are they doing this? It’s not necessarily to demonize the poor (although that’s the end result). It’s because they can partner with a bank, and have their friends make more money. They can have these people’s money go into their banker friends’ wallets instead of the economy. Wells Fargo, Chase, US Bank, and the [...]

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    Yea, I was going to say an average HD Netflix stream runs about 2.16 GB an hour. 3 hours per day would put you right at that 250GB cap. That really isn’t that much when you think about it, and as technology grows, streams will get much more detail-rich. A true HD stream that’s TV quality will run about 18 Mbps in bandwidth. Caps like these will make sure we never see 1080i streaming. And bandwidth usage grows with each year, so more and more people will be affected by these caps and overage fees with time.

    Something to realize here: There is no bandwidth shortage. Bandwidth is not a utility the way water, electricity, and other metered (and regulated) industries are. The cost of bandwidth is incredibly cheap. Even for smaller providers, it’s as low as .02 a GB. For a behemoth like AT&T, lower that even more. A recent report showed that only 2-5% of the cost of a typical internet bill is for bandwidth. AT&T is creating an artificial scarcity to protect their TV revenue, get rid of competitors they find threatening, and all the while, pad their already obscene profits.

    My advice: If you have an uncapped option in your area, cut the cord on AT&T. You won’t miss them. You’ll probably save money, and you’ll be doing the one thing you can still do in this country (for now) and that’s vote with your wallet. It may be corporatist vs. corporatist on the election ballot, but not with your almighty dollar.

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    A few corrections here. Comcast does not have usage-based billing, but possesses a 250GB bandwidth cap. In some ways, this is more sinister. If you go over it twice, they’ll shut your internet off without warning. IMO, this should be illegal considering the internet is all but a utility at this point, and few people have any more than 2 realistic choices for broadband access. Most larger cable companies, with the exception of Time Warner/BrightHouse have these caps now. I’ll talk more about it if anyone’s interested, but Cox has a cap, Charter has a cap, Mediacom has a cap.

    If we let these companies have their way, they’d drive the internet right back to the 1990′s. They want to do everything they can to kill Netflix and cord-cutting, even though their customers can’t keep affording TV service.

    Here’s one to try on: AT&T supplies routers, and forces them on to their customers. These routers provide the bandwidth of the entire home on TV, internet, and phone. Apparently AT&T has somehow found a way to not count u-Verse TV’s bandwidth against these caps, but count when its customers watch Netflix. This to me, even with the neutered corporate net neutrality, seems a violation to me. It’s wireless where the lobbyist struck their magic, not with wireline.

    This is another example of corporations and their lobbyists taking over everything for their own benefit, and why oversight and regulation, especially in an essential industry to future growth and one that has such little competition, is so important. And it’s why we need people to stand up against these industry shills. Of course, instead we find a President who appoints them.

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