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    For what it is worth. We told them so.

    I really do fear a genuine train wreck beginning. I hate it for the country and really for the government. No matter the politics the people lose more if it fails than not.

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    “moderates” in Georgia vote Republicans. Liberal/progressives stay home.

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    Don’t get your hopes up she is a progressive/liberal Democrat. She is running on austerity and “reaching across the aisle.” That said she has been involved in the non-profit world primarily and is an intellectual. So far her campaign has been very clever and cagey. There appear to be strong ties with the Obama people and the Clintons. Look more for a DLC agenda.

    I am somewhat surprised she seems to have some DC support. Georgia has been the victim of the Rahm Emanual and Obama strategy of write off the state starving the state party of funds and support. Atlanta has been a cash cow for the national party and candidates. Millions if not billions of cash has in the past 10 yr flowed out of the state. I think there will be some who will hate to see that go but know of no opposition to Nunn among the money people. The Democrats just may get that seat when you look at her opposition.

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    Last year I watched the Maine osprey Rachel and Steve quite successfully feed and fledge three chicks. Youngest did fine just remained behind the first two. Father remained with him in Maine after all the others had left for SA. This year 3 eggs only 2 hatched and now just fledged. Some sibling hassling about [...]

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    As a physician I see the young ones as anxious to do the work of healing as when I was in school many years ago. I do not think they are as well trained in physical diagnosis nor as independent as we have moved from the early 20th century aspiration of “a scientist at every bedside,” to the metrics of guidelines and labs. Most do still make a decent living and want to. I really do think their pay is the least portion of the exorbitant excesses in the cost of medical care. That said I would prefer to see fee for service eliminated and abhor these celebrity and boutique practices that bring enormous incomes to a few. Look to pharma and equipment first, then Wall Street. Cleveland Clinic is doing some very interesting things.

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    Good description of the service workers. We are all more or less higher paid or uniquely skilled whores. We have to sell a part of ourselves in order to survive. The limits on income are the limits of being human. You can only get rich selling something plundered, minerals or the labor of service workers.

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    Certainly tragic and likely unintended but it seems to me it is criminal negligence for only a single person be permitted to operate any vehicle with human or material vulnerability or of a size to be dangerous to the public. Regardless of other factors of maintenance inadequate regulation etc. IMO that alone created a tragedy [...]

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    Yes one of the most destructive scams was to enable by law and otherwise and let the corporations plunder their pension plans and pacify workers with dreams of wealth as shareholders in the market; then thank you Ayn Rand’s favorite Objectivist Greeenspan keep the interest rates low then through criminal actions devalue them and the other security in home ownership further.

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    A lot of the once yuppie high flying boomers are now like those cartoon characters just off the cliff in mid-air legs still churning, not having felt the fall yet. Folks may not like them but they are now our brothers and sisters.

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    I passionately support Social Security, Medicare and the welfare type programs for the poor and the ill. I am one of those who lost over 40% of my 401K living on the SS check and 100% equity sucked from my devalued home so I have a personal bias. However I do feel myself lucky that I likely will die before it what I have gives out.

    But that is minor compared to the real crime that has been done by the Wall Street blood suckers is just what Krugman and you are pointing out. Our legacy out children and grandchildren have been stripped of their future.

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    I read the thrust of the NYT article to be that the wealthy regardless of merit create advantages to their 10% class that perpetuates it; not so much to the consequences which are unjust and causing much suffering and really hollowing us out as a nation and continue to worsen. Krugman writes on that also regularly. I put the link up to support my position this is not just the luck of the economic cycle, nor that related to the qualities of the middle and poverty classes.

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    The current situation is not that much influenced by or related to working hard nor virtue or God’s grace or even luck. We are living in a system of extraction and plunder of other’s labor and the planet; designed and created and sustained by real people with faces. The targeting of the poor and the unabled is especially disgusting

    Read Naomi Klein; The Shock Doctrine or The Unwinding by Packer. In fact read Masaccio’s archive of magnificent essays. Until we have the will to expose and rid these real people of their excesses through just laws it will just continue. Yes. It can get worse.

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    Compelling. Thank you for sharing this. Yes, what seems to the politicians just a good move to prove their manhood in jingoism tortures and damages real people and lasts through the generations. I wish I could say but now we have learned. Watching the shameful display of empire in Europe today proves we have not.

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    Great story. Thanks!

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    I think you have nailed it. I have always loathed James and J. S. Mill. I never understood the bond between Wharton and James as IMO she was one of the most acute and skillful of the writers to call out the style over substance elite establishment.

    As long as evil is committed with style it is acceptable. We see so much of that now in our artistic expressions, especially film.

    This brand of liberalism has gained power in the Democratic Party after abandoning the Republicans. Now beginning with Clinton the party is abandoning its populism, and roots in labor and civil liberties. It is hard to not gag in disgust at these, as you say so well Masaccio;

    “There is no statute, program or principle they won’t treat as a bargaining chip.”

    There may be one exception, their money. They are always very “pragmatic” about keeping their money.

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    Thanks for doing this. Popular media is our most potent tool of propaganda, our’s and their’s. It is impossible to expose all or sufficiently the evil practices of the O&G industry. I hope all of us with the environmental community will be ready for a long and hard fight on this issue. IMO it may [...]

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    Great appeal to the humanity in us.

    It has been sickening to hear and see the so serious pundits spinning and projecting the morality of the the humane into the most evil-speak I have heard in my lifetime.

    I hope there exists still those who can recognize the message.

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