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  • tam1MI commented on the blog post Sluts Are Asking the Right Question about Rape

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    It wasn’t all that long ago that women *could* get drunk at frat parties and be taken home safely.

    Sadly, not true. At the college I went to, back in the early 80′s, there were fraternities who’s parties girls on campus were warned away from, because they were notorious for all the (often gang) rapes. the only difference between then and now is back then the girls who were victimized never bothered to go to the police or press charges, because they figured they had “deserved it”, since “everybody knew” that any girl who showed up at those parties was “looking to get laid”.

    Part of me is glad that this issue is being loudly brought to the forefront, but another part of me is deeply saddened that, 30 years on, nothing has changed.

  • Why are people focused on Steele. The Repubs won, he got fired the end. Why is no one talking about Tim Kaine? He presided over the biggest fail in Democratic history. He ran an invisible campaign. Spent little monies and mostly spent that supporting conservadems. Why is no one questioning his handling of the DNC. I would like an audit.

    An excellent question that Democrats of all stripes deserve an answer to. Why aren’t we getting rid of Tim Kaine?