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    That he’s pissing and moaning, instead of ignoring StopRush, should tell us that it’s working. Pray, continue. :o)

  • On it:

    “They both seem to be willing to do anything to please the GOP.”

    Jesus, do they ever!

    Every time John Boehner took a dump on Obama’s head, he came back for more. And Hillary is clearly gearing up to make another triangulation run at the Oval Office. You’d think that when the National Organization for Women took a pass on her, she’d be thinking “What am I doing wrong, here?”

    Slow learner, and I want to go on record to say that, so far from being “savvy”, she keeps making one screwup after another. Dumb as a brick, politically.

  • Pesky: “Russia created the unrest in the eastern Ukraine.”

    I stopped reading right there, Pesky. It’s like you said to me: “TB! Let’s have a discussion about geography, and I said: “Sure pesky.”

    And you said: “Of course, TB, you do understand that the earth is flat, don’t you?”

    I mean, we just don’t have a common reference point. :o)

  • “The GOP is backing her…”

    You bet they are. No matter how sweetly she smooches rightwing butt, they know that most republicans would get out of their death beds and crawl to the polls on bleeding hands and knees to vote against her. In 2008, when the democrats could have run a dogcatcher and probably won, she was the only candidate who could have kept a republican in the White House.

  • I don’t have a problem with this. I think that if the Ukrainian government had offered the east a federalist system with a fair degree of autonomy, this would not be happening. Instead, they proceeded to the bombs-and-artillery solution. Now, the Russians have said “enough”, and well they should.

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    Dear Marion, guns don’t kill people. 9 year old girls kill people.

    At least, i THINK i heard that, coming from Charlton Heston’s crypt.

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    They’re the dinosaurs. We’re the meteor. :o)

  • Miller was bad enough, but Friedman was the main cheerleader. As Powell was the deal-closer with his UN dog-and-pony show, Uncle Tom, with his incessant cheerleading for the invasion, influenced a lot of “moderates” to get on board with Operation Enduring Shitmire.

    That you omitted his name when you talked about “reading the NY Times critically…” is kind of like ignoring a large piece of fecal matter in the chiffon congeal at a party.

  • The notion, implied or explicit, that the New York Times’ reporting on Iraq during, before, and after the invasion, was “fair and balanced”, is utter horseshit. That you would say anything that could be construed as that, is an excellent indication of either how poorly informed you are, or how dishonest you are.

  • I’m disputing it. Where are the tank columns? Where are the Russian aircraft? Where are the Russian soldiers?

    Supporting the separatists is not an invasion. In fact, I would say that the corporate takeover of the Ukrainian government fits “invasion” better than what Russia is doing.

  • “EU leaders have got to be pissed at DC…”

    Spot on. I don’t think any of the IMF, or the corporate leeches in the EU, thought that overthrowing Yanuckovich would open up this can of worms. I mean, thousands of people being killed is nothing to the monied interests now flacking for “market capitalism” in the Ukraine, but cranking up another cold war, with the attendant stress fractures to the great international money chase, is another story.

  • “The New York Times feels they have enough evidence to support the Russian invasion as fact…”

    Well, if the newspaper that gave us Thomas Friedman, and is STILL giving him to us, says it’s so, then by God, we know it’s true.

  • Ukrainian President Poroshenko ( “Petro” Poroshenko…just to give anyone who likes irony, a giggle or two…) has just dissolved the Ukrainian parliament and has scheduled new elections for October 26th. He felt that there were too many vestigial supporters of separatists who didn’t have enough enthusiasm for dog-eat-dog capitalism, for him to pay off the IMF, the EU, and the corporatists who are licking their chops at bringing “freedom” to the Ukraine.

    And, I would still like to know how, and when, Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son, got on the board of the largest natural gas company in the Ukraine.

    I mean, what was the quid for that quo?

  • Excuse the OT, but earlier today a 9 year old girl was being “instructed” in the use of a UZI machine gun at a shooting range near Phoenix, and when she fired it on fully automatic, she lost control of the weapon and accidentally discharged a round into the head of the instructor, killing him. Her parents had signed a waiver and were standing nearby, video-taping it.

    This is going to take some spinning by the gun lobby…to put it mildly.

  • Some people on here have said that the CIA might have helped ISIS with Foley’s death. I think that’s nonsense.
    But there is a possibility that he may have been a “stringer” of sorts, for them. And there’s a stronger possibility that ISIS thought he was, which may have contributed to his death.

    At this point, practically every american who’s in close proximity to conflict in the mid-east, and some of them who aren’t in close proximity, has to know that they may be a target of kidnapping. I sympathize with Foley and his family, but he surely knew what the risks were, of being in the middle of the bloody chaos of Syria.

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    Good on you, Jon, for re-visiting this particular piece of bullshit by Obama’s defenders, for his sellout.

    He completely lost me when he had Pelosi stuff the effort by some House dems to strip the HMO’s of their exemption from our antitrust laws. At that time, he had a 79 seat majority in the House, AND, he badly needed a legislative win, with so many good progressives already asking “WTF???” for his licking of John Boehner’s ass. It would have been a piece of cake to bring that bill up and force the repubs to take a stand on it. He could have gotten in the pulpit and racked conservative ass up one side and down the other.

    Instead, he had Pelosi bury the bill, and that was that.

    I’m not interested in hearing the apologists poor-mouth about not being able to deal with a filibuster. If they HAD gone to that, he could have flayed the hide off them. He just doesn’t want to confront the assholes. As a friend says, we should have saved some of LBJ’s DNA and injected Obama with it. If Johnson had had the smarts to not jump into Vietnam with both feet, he could have been on Mount Rushmore. Sighhh…..

  • Flacking for these bloody shits has always been lucrative, but after Bush’s (AND Blair’s) “freeing” of Iraq, it’s become a full-on get-rich-quick “job”.

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    I don’t think the Ukrainian government shot down the plane. I think it was very likely that the separatists did it, thinking they were firing on a Ukrainian military jet. Horrible, even if it was an “accident’, but in the context of what was going on at the time, the claims from the government that they knew it was a civilian plane, are more highly useful agit-prop.

    In the halls of the Ukrainian government, you could probably have cut the schadenfreude with a knife.

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    About a week ago there was a PRI (Public Radio International) interview with an american journalist (I think she was american…) who is fluent in Russian. She was one of the first journalists to visit the MH17 site, and she was astounded at how few people there were there. No cordoned-off areas, no yellow tape…just a few people wandering around looking at the wreckage and the bodies, which were spread out over a large area. The reason for how few people there were at the site at that time is that the Ukraine had been regularly bombing the area…to the extent that most of the people who lived there had left. The point is, that if it was the separatists who shot down MH17, using Russian missiles, they were probably responding to what they though was another bombing mission by the Ukrainian government. It doesn’t make the incident any less tragic, but, as with so much of the sanctimonious teeth-gnashing by the government side, about innocent lives lost, the whole truth needs to be out, not just the part that supports the IMF and the EU, etc., as they try to dragoon the eastern Ukraine into dog-eat-dog corporatism.
    I’ve also read that the Ukrainian government possesses some of the same BUK missiles which are supposed to have been used to shoot down the airliner, courtesy of Russia, when the country had a government which was more sympathetic to Russia.

    It’s worth repeating that Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, is on the board of the largest private Natural Gas company in the Ukraine. No time wasted there…

    And speaking of sanctimony, the US shreiks of outrage need to be put in the context of those dirty little words: “USS Vincennes”. I won’t repeat all of the shit we pulled to try exculpate the deaths of those 290-odd
    Iranians, but if you’d like to get your hair raised a little, just google it.

  • I’m argued out for the day. Here’s a little something to lighten everybody’s load. It sure lighten’s mine. :o)

    Steve Sparkman, Ralph’s banjo player, with “Clinch Mountain Backstep”:


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