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    Before NATO is shut down, the US people must recognize that they have been occupying Europe for seventy years–that it has not been and is not now an actual alliance of equals, given the forward deployment of US troops in European territory.

    Excellent job, David.

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    Let’s bring back the welfare stigma. And let’s apply it properly. First up to be stigmatized for their dependance on welfare instead of work are Lanny Davis and Daniel Payne. And then there’s Sarah Palin and even Howard Dean (unless he’s gone back to being a physician.) And of course the welfare queens: Ann Coulter, Amity Schlaes, and Michelle Bachmann.

    Daniel Payne likely has no clue of who is actually working and working hard in America’s new normal economy.

  • The little towns are where future members of Congress from those regions learn their stuff. Thanks for this comment, littler.

  • Let’s look at those statistics correctly:
    67% are black
    86% are employed
    78% live about the poverty level
    79% do not receive food stamps

    This is a suburban community, a middle-class black suburban community. Look carefully at the backdrop on the Vice interview with the kids of Ferguson. Look at the kids. Impeccably clean clothes. Fixed up houses. Reasonably nice cars.

    This is the world that 1970s urban planners said would deal with low-income housing problems in a way that did not create large areas of slum housing, would deal with social problems and crime problems and foster education and the motivation to get educated. This was the logic in shifting from public housing to Section 8 rental assistance (aside from the privatization aspects).

    So what do we see? The deliberate impoverishment of schools and overpolicing through white minority control of government and the use of fines to offset increases in tax rates. Even as state and federal governments cut back on infrastructure aid for schools and social services and even as federal policy perpetuates unemployment and underemployment.

    The black community as a community is doing everything that whites say they need to do to get ahead, to lift themselves up by their bootstraps, but as they get close to parity, whites impose new obstacles–bogus charges to give people criminal records and make them unemployable, starving the public schools.

    Even. In. A. Modestly middle class. Suburban. Community.

    With a relatively low real crime rate for communities its size.

    Just think about that. No wonder the MO GOP is terrified that these people might register to vote (and folks like them across the northern suburbs of St. Louis). People who have not voted because they have been too busy working to stay middle class might suddenly have a new reason to take the time off to vote.

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    Good to see you here, Norske.


    But the first, seemingly impossible task, is to even the information battleground because 30 years investment of billions of dollars has gotten the people who should be tearing down the status quo defending it with virulence and propping up the artificial divisions. And making the job scared even more job scared, hunkered down, and outwardly apolitical.

    It’s the how to do, not the what to do that is still unclear.

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    And because of a federal court judgement the rules of engagement have changed for protests. The ability of citizen journalists to video police actions is much more strongly grounded in law than two years ago. Plus Oakland PD is working under a court judgement.

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    Something is moving again, isn’t it. Block the Boat delayed an Israeli-flagged ship for 4 days in Oakland. And have delayed one for 1 day in LA and Tacoma. Those are not insignificant costs for the Israeli company that owns them. Chicago Slutwalk turned out thousands for Stop Rape Culture. Moral Monday turned out several [...]

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    Forget the governor, what does the Secretary of State race look like? And how is it that all the “give me an alternative folks” aren’t flocking to the Green candidate? Does that candidate have worse problems than Fitzgerald, or is it just the lack of geographic dispersal of Greens across the state? Good analysis of [...]

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    To what extent does the Shanghai Cooperation Organization provide the scaffolding for a Eurasian mutual defense organzation? In which case, the continued sixty-nine-year-old occupation by the US of Europe is a strategy is held in place by the NATO organization, which has its institutional actors with severe existential anxiety should European nations start joining the [...]

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    And when Russia and China created the BRICS – inviting India, Brazil and South Africa to join with them – their combined threat became existential.

    Is there a missing “perceived as” before “existential”?

    Or do I really have something to worry about vis-a-vis BRICS as a working economic alliance?

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    In its national security policy, the Obama administration contrary to last year’s trends is now beginning to look like the Nixon administration. And it’s policy on race relations looks like Nixon’s “benign neglect”. But the PR flack Admiral at DoD says that ISIS lacks the capability to attack the US homeland. That sure makes one [...]

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    Only one mission makes sense. Destroying the US heavy equipment that ISIS captured from Mosul and those little white vans. That should be easy enough right, but some nitwits always want deeper involved to prove John McCain’s and Lindsay Graham’s manhood. And the Dems, DoD contractor-funded little rabbits that they are hop for cover. Welcome [...]

  • Figures. Those folks are tight. Interested to see what else they have been doing.

  • It’s disheartening, to say the least.

    Remind yourself that there are a lot of sockpuppets and robotic commenters commenting on blogs. The proliferation is meant to create an illusion of numbers that might or might not be accurate.

    Take heart.

  • Ryan Devereaux ‏@rdevro 26m

    Now playing at the Darren Wilson rally: ACDC’s “Shoot to Thrill”

  • Well OFG, this week a group called the Huey P. Newton Pistol Club, under the hashtag of #blackopencarry marched for 90 minutes with weapons through the streets of South Dallas and the cops watched but did not provoke. Open carry is legal in Texas. We might see more of this type of protest before there is organized popping back at the police. Especially given that most police are known to wear Kevlar vests.

    If that gets widespread, some Ronald Reagan clone will propose draconian restrictions on guns. And that likely will divert attention from having a race war.

    Remember that it was the restriction on the expansion of slavery and not the elimination of slavery that caused the South to rebel. They were acting pre-emptively to ensure they would never be outvoted. The race war will not be over race.

  • From the Support Darren Wilson Rally at Barney’s Sports Bar, Ferguson:

    Ryan Devereaux ‏@rdevro 29m

    Young woman (former police intern) tells me Ferguson protesters have spread the message that “ISIS is here,” calls it a “terrorist message”

  • Not just Ferguson as the St. Louis Post Dispatch point out on its front page.

    Out of Balance

    North St. Louis County looks to have an occupation force from outside the community, who at a minimum are clueless about what is going on in the community and at worst hostile to the community. The dynamics are no different from outsiders occupying any community, as the US found out in Afghanistan and Iraq. Outsiders policing fails for the same reason that outsider counter-insurgency fails. Regardless of ethnicity. Regardless of intentions. It is an inherent stuctural limitation of the strategy.

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    Inside the ring road suburbs like Shaker Heights or Lyndhurst are geographically (and probably demographically) the most like Ferguson.

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    The training film didn’t show how they actually acted in Louisiana 50 years ago, just how the mental health association thought they should act. IMO that training film gave the New Orleans PD the Jack Webb treatment.

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