• I’ve been waiting for somebody to put these English “riots” in to the wider perspective. As somebody who lived though the Los Angeles rebellion of the early 90s you could feel it coming. The youth of Spain and the people of Greece have been trying to send a message but no one in power wanted to listen. They never do. See the Arab Spring for what can ultimately happen when they don’t. Neo-Liberalism and the austerity it spawns creates pressure cookers. Unless the “elites” change course soon expect more of this. I guess that’s why the big O kept and expanded Shrub’s security state. He and those that pull his puppet strings know this. The Clash may be the soundtrack to what is coming soon to a urban center near you. The current system of social organization has failed us. The sad thing is that many more people will be hurt before we have a chance to create a new one. If only the environment would give us a break and wait until we get our act together…

  • Collide? No they clash. Like you said the other day, it’s time to hold the enablers accountable. Here is the list of who need to feel some heat. I don’t know who might be most vulnerable from a challenge from the left but we gotta push back like the teagaggers. It is clear that this [...]

  • It amazes me that there is so much evidence of the pawns of the American oligarchy doing there business out there that “the people” haven’t yet gotten the torches pitchforks out. Maybe it has not gotten bad enough for most people yet, not to mention the effectiveness of co-optation and repression. I suspect, as the events in Tunisia and Egypt show, that sooner or later the American people will be squeezed to the point that they take back control of our country. There is gonna be a lot of needless suffering until we get there, as this article demonstrates. Got a little hope left, but not much.

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