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    Lo but some of thou still believeth that sapiens were the only species to bipedal out of the glacial mists but no. Within our grasping herd lurks a race of impostors who learneth a different lesson from their mere survival; humans are the ultimate tool.

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    It is ironic when the right basically adopts Pinker’s method of citing a moderating mean in order to minimize the slaughter of innocents as if that could be minimized at all. But the libertarian Nasim Taleb’s method of accounting for the dominance of fat tails, relatively rare but increasingly catastrophic events, get’s closer to the reality of moar guns, less govmint.

    As for emotionalism, you first have to cite whether a particular emotion promotes an adaptive response. Then you have to account for the fact that choosing to have a gun in the house in most situations doesn’t increase the odds of successful procreation. The choice to have a gun in the house is basically an emotional choice and statistically an irrational and stupid one. The choice to limit the availability guns after the slaughter of innocents may be emotional repsonse in part but as Australia and several other countries have proved it is a statistically rational and adaptive one.

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    When you say that “we” need to change, how are you planning to change? Does your change involve any actual sacrifice on your part?

    You’re crossing a two way street without watching both ways, Perfesser.

    Not that there is anything unusual about that these days. The states are getting more polarized, more states have legislatures and governors in control of one party and the republican controlled ones are hell bent on making radical change (like rigging the electoral college in blue states but not in red states)- even as many of those states voted for a democratic president i.e. Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio.

    Even if Feinstein’s proposed AWB passed, the restriction on semi-automatics would not be retro-active. And according to Nate Silver a significant majority of the more than 8 million automatic and semi-automatic weapons are in the hands of republicans, not surprisingly.

    So let’s just be clear, Newsweek and USA Today, with the passive assistance of “moderate” Democrats, are perfectly fine with pushing an agenda that says – Moar guns for Republicans and less government support for Democrats.

    I’m not saying that we are headed for Civil War but if you really wanted that this is what you would do.

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    Hey let’s not miss McMegan’s larger point; the hideous slaughter of twenty 6 year olds is an unavoidable externality of the mildly regulated access to firearms that we are helpless to change. Because of course we must not infringe upon the freedom of the most insecure assholes amongst us to feel safe by attempting to make the rest of us fear for our lives.

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    well technically she can call it her McSquad. But as a McLibertarian of ultimate McSelf interest we know she is going to scream CHARGE and then get the McHell out of there.

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    I came upon a child of Rand
    She was walking along the road
    And I asked her, “Where are you going?”
    And this she told me…

    I’m going on down to the DC Ghetto,
    I’m gonna join in the gentrifiCAtion.
    I’m gonna liberate my privilege.
    I’m gonna get my Cuisinart.

    We are Galtians.
    We are helpless.
    And we’ve got to send them back to the jungle.

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    Shorter Megs;

    Hey kids! We can’t stop homicidal maniacs from turning you into hamburger with assault rifles so if you want to survive to adulthood you’re going to have to bumrush a semi-automatic barrage of hot lead. Good luck!

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    Moar guns less government

    Think Deadwood.

    Without Bullock

    and Swearengen works for Hearst

    and grenade launchers on every AR-15

    and a 3D printer in every bunker

    so, you know, forget that order out of chaos thing

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    Wee Penus-Americuns are people too, my friend. And Wee Penus-Americuns are wallowing in a Win-Win.

    Either Liburals ban assalt weapons and Wee Freedom Lovers get to live out our Rambo/RedDawn/TurnerDiary wet dream and perform the Ethnic Cleansing required to maintain our Freedom


    Liburals cower in their houses and Freedom Loving Armed Patriots clean up with Extortionalry Home Delivery services.

    Your choice.

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    That quite nicely sets up a civil war. And one side is armed to the teeth and the other is not. And the police and the armed services would act on the side of the lawful – as long as each policeman

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    So we fat insecure white males have just lost another election to THOSE people and you ALREADY wont let us fix bayonets on our Bushmaster XM15 E2S V Match “”Commando” 16″ Carbine that we got from Mom on our 12th birthday but NOOOOO thats not enough.

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    The Pussies of Petraeus; The Consul-General

    I am the very model of amodern consul general, I have inviolability so do not cross my property
    I know the brass of Quantico and have polished by fellatio
    From Iraq and to Afganistan, in order categorical

    In short, in matters vegetable, animal, and mineral
    She is the very model of a modern Consul-General

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    whateva dudes and hipettes, vote, dont vote, bellyache an whine. Whatever you do jus make sure you support yer local dealer, change yer bongwater monthly an keep that barcalounger warm. Jus leave that activism shit to the Tea Party after the election.

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    Yup, Gotcha covered. Mitt is such a Master Debater that he gonna imply that Obama is a lying bisexual muslim terrorist sissyboy AT THE SAME TIME attacking him for killin dusky foreign children an flanking Obama on teh left.

    You got it, teh Misttster can MasterDebate with either hand.

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    hehe hehe Ya Romney didnt mention Labia yesterday so hes goin all soft an shit. Right.

    Next week Mitt teh Master Debater is gonna Bring It in a Foreign Policy debate. Foreign Policy. Where low information undecided voters go to find a Daddy to tell them America does indeed have a Twelve Inch Schlong. An the only thing we need to get a massive collective Hard On in our little minds is some Blowhard Bluster and Diplomatic Naughty Talk. An no one is better at Blowhardism than the Mittster. He gonna whip it out Big Time and slap teh moderator Flaccid Bob Scheiffer silly and make Obama look like the girly boy that he is. Cause we all know Obama is not allowed to get angry. So therefor he is a girly boy.

    How do I know this? Cause good ole boy Jerome Corsi was on Mitts plane yesterday. Yes thats right, Jerome Corsi of “Obama is a gay-married Muslin terrorist”.

    No, See Mitt is not pullin out now. Mitt is goin Deep and Long into the Wingnut epistemic-closure wormhole, the only place that can supply low information undecided insecure voters the FearBoner that they need to vote for the Daddy Party. Cause only a FearBoner can make you forget that its the same Daddy that raped you just four years ago.

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    See you guys dont fundamentally understand the fundamental insecurity of teh conservative low information voter fundament. How the hell do you think we get a hard-on at all if we cannot resort to blowhard bluster and he-man histrionics?

    Obama and liburals want to take away our 1st Amendment Right to naughty-talk ourselves into becoming the Manly Men we desperately want to be so we can humiliate teh imaginary girly-man libural in our heads. See without He-Man Histrionics our inner girly man would be free to cavort like a slutty slutslut that is only allowed to come out on Daddy-approved and paid for National Review Caribbean Cruises and that is just wrong. Fundamentally.

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    Meanwhile Teh Villagers of DC are in ecstasy because they think they have cleverly engineered the Horse Race to beat all Horse Races. AAAND DOWN THE STRETCH THEY COME. NECK AND NECK. WHO IS GONNA WIN?

    The Villagers always win in their small communal mind. Epistemic closure is a terrible thing to waste when you have the opportunity fuck over the entire country.

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    OK well even a few Long Island insecure sociopaths do manage to ask a good question twice a day.

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    Yes, attention seekers are the deciders in this political circle jerk. The nations attention is about to be acutely focused upon the navels of a few Long Island insecure sociopaths. Attention whores the world over will be taking notes and planning for 2016.

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