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  • OT but can we put together a class action suit against the NFL for intentional infliction of emotional distress? That wast the WORST half time show EVER. I thought maybe it was just me, but did a search of the intertubes and found a bunch of polls where the majority of people voting thought it was terrible.

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    I’ve never heard of this movie so this clip made we want to see it. I went to my Netflix account and it’s not available to stream! it came out in 2003. Then I went to Amazon on Demand and it’s not available to watch by streaming there EITHER.

    Do I need to go ahead and buy a replacement for my broken DVD player? I thought we were on the cusp of everything being streaming- how far away are we from that point REALLY?

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    Happy Christmukkwanza to all your two legged and four legged folks.

    Tbogg’s plan sounds about right – let Wembley reduce the quarantine people to begging.

    Speaking of dogs with big poops, I’m keeping a friend’s son’s St. Bernard for a few days. She arrived tonight and is less than 1 year old. She has a regular collar and nearly dragged me down the street (my yard isn’t fenced.) I’m thinking about buying a prong collar tomorrow for my own safety. Anyone have any suggestions? I tried the thing where when she pulls you turn around and make her go in the other direction so she doesn’t think she’s in charge but I really don’t want to have to turn her around every 5 feet……

  • Um, Honolulu I don’t get. I went there on business a few years ago. It was June and it was hot and humid downtown, and also on Waikiki. One day I went to the interior and it was cooler but hot and humid beaches can be had in Florida, and with a much cheaper cost of living.

    Now, maybe one of the other islands would be nice. After my week of work downtown I spent a few days in a hotel on Waikiki and disliked it intensely – the buildings are not far from the water’s edge on Waikiki, and other than that it’s a shopping mecca for people from the US who don’t live near high end stores, and for visitors from Japan. Small beaches and shopping = no thank you.

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    What the f- did I do that was SO wrong that you posted that awful picture AGAIN?????????????????

    Until today I thought smoothjazz was a poe, but i’m beginning to think he actually believes that stuff he “says”.

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    milhouse911 – I’m certain that someone photoshopped the picture to give them those creepy eyes.

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    klynn – in that cop’s 30 years of work he never had to worry about someone walking around with a bomb in their underwear.

    I understand that this scanning and these pat downs are upsetting to a lot of people. However, that doesn’t make it the wrong thing to do. I bet a lot of people, if asked, would say they think we should have limits on the annual deficit or total national debt. However, if you ask the same person if she thinks we should extend the term of unemployment compensation during a severe recession you’ll hear “absolutely, yes we should.”

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    Gitcheegumee – I agree that we are not spending enough money scanning cargo. Something like 3% of it gets scanned. We should cut our military spending by 75% and use some of that money on technology to scan cargo at airports, ports and road borders.

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    EvilDrPuma November 16th, 2010 at 8:31 am 7In response to asiangrrlMN @ 6 (show text)
    They see stars(bursts) when they look at her.

    Or are they having a stroke?
    When I see starbursts it’s a warning that I’m about to get a migraine. For my health I must abstain from watching. That will be my only abstinance.

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    No it’s not just like assault – your medical dr touches those same parts. The circumstances must be considered.

    The reason they want to fine him is that they have a rule that if someone in line refuses the scanner they must be physically examined. Otherwise, a terrorist would get in line and wait to see what type of scanner is being used, then leave the line and try at another one if it was the new, more thorough scanner.

    We are forced into this solution by the concept of the underwear bomber. I have been through the new scanner and I don’t give a fig that someone in another room was looking at my parts.

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    I’m still FURIOUS that Obama allowed the military to take a survey to see what the enlisted and commissioned members thought about it. That sent entirely the wrong message to them.

    I’m also still furious that the Air Force Academy in Colorado hasn’t been shut down due to its religious discrimination against non Christians, and that rape of female service members is still not punished harshly.

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    Yeah, I know I can get one of those too. I love dogs and keep a neighbors’ 2 when she goes out of town. But the last dog who owned me cost me over $7,000 in the last 12 days of his life (ICU). I’m going to wait until I retire to get another dog.

  • oldhippiejan commented: “I well remember Blanche digging in her heels against a public option. I’m glad she’s gone. Now that she is out of a job maybe she can find the time to look for her soul.”

    i just emailed that to a bunch of fellow supporters of the public option.

  • PLEASE stop with that creepy picture. Like Squirrel2634 it freaks me out. ALSO, I can’t risk now going to this website during my lunchtime blog reading for fear someone walking by will see that photo and report that I’m looking at pron.