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  • 11 years ago terrorists crashed just three missiles into American cities and what followed is still remembered today. Ask any New Yorker how he or she feels about terrorists who send missiles into American cities. Now imagine not 3 but 450 missiles fired on your city from January through October which is the amount that [...]

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    SOrry – one more thing – Current NWS predictions are calling for Sandy to NOT be a hurricane when it arrives at the east coast and are now predicting only a 25% chance of tropical storm winds on the east coast this Sunday – and it decreases after Sunday. So…. really … a non-event [...]

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    The full moon is not a weather event :( . The higher tides are about 20% higher during full moon and the low tides are about 20% lower. In point of fact , if the storm occurred during the part of the day where low tide occurs the having a full moon would help negate the [...]

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    amy goodman is great if all we want to do is talk to each other. she is not going to reach a mass audience — way too intellectual, cerebral, delivers all her commentary with a straight face,…

    Both Jesus AND Walter Cronkite wept.

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    it was Keith Olbermann ALONE out of any other major news personality/reporter/anchor who spoke out: and forcefully against it.

    Amy Goodman just doesn’t count?
    How about Dan Rather?
    Phil Donohue??

    I give Keith his due but he most certainly was not alone ant most certainly not the only one speaking out.

    After this many conflicts with his employers I have to conclude the problem is Keith more than anything else. He’s done some fantastic reporting and speaking out but I think he likely has issues that interfere with his success.

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    I was a great fan of Keith early in his MSNBC days and loved his anti-Bush speaking-truth-to-power rants. But as much as I’ve been a fan its become obvious to me that Keith has been just phoning it in for several months now. So much so that I had stopped watching him on CurrentTV altogether. Everything has it’s season and it’s unfortunate but Keith’s season has passed.

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    I don’t comment because 90% of internet comments are vapid worthless nonsense. The signal to noise ratio of almost any comment board is just too high to participate or waste time reading comments. I like Firedoglake and I like the reporting that you do but I don’t find the comment situation here any different than anyplace else. Hence I don’t bother to comment.

    If there were no comments here whatsoever it would not take away the tiniest bit from my enjoyment of this site. I like your reporting . I like the direction that you take and the information that you put out there.

  • The irony here is so very thick. Natalie Johnson is a Black woman. I unfortunately remember a time, just 50 years ago when Ms. Johnson would have been prohibited from using the Texas Macy’s dressing rooms herself. In fact she would have been prohibited from using the same women’s bathrooms in Texas that I might have used. Ms. Johnson needs to go back to school and learn about the civil rights history that gave her back those inalienable rights before she decides to withhold those same rights from others.

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    Scarecrow: Respectfully I have to voice my opinion that phrasing the issue as you did only helps divide us. Soldiers and teachers, if we are all Progressives we are all on the same team. I saw several comments in this thread pick up on your theme and voice how one group is more important than [...]

  • It’s a great and sensible proposal Jon but it will never happen. You seem to be under the impression that 21st century America cares about the average citizen. It does not. 21st century America cares only about the richest 1 percent of its population and the Fortune 500 because that is where all of it’s funding and kickbacks come from. The rest of us can just eat cake as has been so aptly demonstrated by the various budget “discussions” going on in high places; all of which are a joke.

    I think we are past the point where anything will be done to help the 99% of us in any real way until things like this start happening again.

  • How about an organized mass protest just outside the gates of the base? That should hopefully draw some press coverage. If Arianna H. could fund buses to get people to that Stuart/Colbert rally perhaps she or someone else could fund buses to take people from various parts of the country to protest outside the base?

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    There’s more going on here than meets the eye. Remember that COmcast takeover of NBC (amd MSNBC) ?

    Via Crooks and liars:

    Comcast now owns MSNBC after their acquisition was completed earlier this year, despite protestations from many of us. A look at campaign finance disclosures for several organizations shows that Phil Anschutz, chairman of Comcast major shareholder and content partner with Comcast, donated large sums of money to the First Amendment Alliance, one of the largest outside groups targeting Democrats in the 2010 midterm elections.

    The Anschutz Corporation, wholly owned by Phil Anschutz, gave $50,000 on 9/24/2010 to the First Amendment Alliance. The two candidates targeted by the First Amendment Alliance? Jack Conway and Michael Bennet.

    Keith Olbermann gave to Jack Conway’s campaign along with Raul Grijalva and Gabrielle Giffords.

    In addition, the Anschutz family donated $169,900 to Republican candidates and committees during the 2010 election cycle, according to Open Secrets.

    Additionally, Comcast Corporation has contributed $125,000 to the Republican Governors’ Association in the 2010 cycle (as of 9/30/2010).

    The conservative take-over and silencing of ALL Progressive media has begin.

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    I’m sorry but, snark or not, this article is horridly worded. It borders on the incomprehensible. You’d do well to have someone edit the piece for clarity.

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    As usual you’ve done a wonderful job of separating the facts from the fictions. I’ve bookmarked your post so I can bring it up when talking to the tow-the-party-line Obamabots whom I am finding little different than teabaggers in their rigid adherence to what they believe to be the truth as opposed to the truth.