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    Those rapture guys are wrong, and perhaps deserve derision. But what is certainly not needed is the “Jeebus” slur that clearly demonstrates that bigotry is not relegated exclusively to the right. I know everyone here are atheists and thus intellectually superior, but perhaps it might be wise to hold back the sophistry while you hold out your greasy hand for a donation to FDL.

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    Financial websites are describing this as a “minor” demonstration.

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    the inherent racism and bigotry of the modern Republican and conservative movements.

    Really judgmental. Kinda like saying the “inherent drug use and hippies among the modern Democrat and progressive movements.”

    The statistic to look at is the number of birthers remaining in the Republican party is 25%. Likewise, I’m sure the percentage of people among Democrats who thought that George W. Bush was illegitimately elected president in 2000 was over 25%, and I saw more than one comic making him out like a monkey throughout his presidency.

    My point is that the Republican party doesn’t have the corner on disrespect and bigotry, and saying otherwise is just trying to jockey for position rather than changing minds on valid political issues. Regardless, it seems that 20% of the population will be demonstrably wrong about anything and will not (readily) change their mind no matter what the poll is about, or how convincing the evidence may be. Look at the 20% of people who think we need to hang on to big oil subsidies as an example.

  • Boy, if I lived in Florida, one of the states hit hard with unemployment, I’d be pretty mad over this.

  • I’m sorry if I don’t take such a hard line for this Corespondent’s Dinner, as it did serve the useful purpose of calling out Donald Trump (who we now know can’t take a joke) and seeing Seth Meyers at his finest esp. the pointed joke about 2008 Obama vs. 2012 Obama.

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    In other three words: The Koch brothers.

  • The way I see many of the female gender of our great nation (US) fawn over the royal wedding has me almost believing that some would have us return to some monarch.

    That said, can you really be a Tea Party member without pulling out your gun and shooting your TV?? If you said yes, I want to see your birth certificate.

  • Sunday show bookers everywhere despaired at the prospect of actually having to feature a woman on their programs.

    ^Citation Needed.

    I have always liked seeing Debbie when she has appeared on TV.

  • Because a Democratic president pandering to the same people who elected George W will somehow work? It makes more sense to go through another four years of stupid Republican to get to another election to where maybe Kucininch might run again. Of course that is if we don’t have to climb out of our bomb shelters to vote then.

  • Really, when we had the savings and loans crisis, scores of bankers were prosecuted and sent to jail. What exactly puts these turkeys above this exactly? Why is there no criminal prosecutions? Someone steals some music off the internet, the FBI breaks down the door. Commit massive fraud on the nation and everyone sits around chewing bubblegum.

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    “if something is legal for one, it just has to be legal for all.”

    So, does that mean bigamy or polygamy should suddenly become legal too? No thanks. Stop making the Republicans look smart.

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    Well that’s not all. If you’re over 50 (aka senior) and looking for a job forget it. And if you got bad credit because of bills you have not being able to cover, then that’s a double whammy against you getting a job right there. Both of which could have been fixed if we had a congress or president that actually cared. I guess that they think that there are no problems because they aren’t having problems with collecting a paycheck.

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