• It hit home for me and in a sense, was therapuetic. I am from Louisiana and come from a family where we are comprosed of various shades. Both of my grandfathers were dark-skinned black men and both grandmothers were of Italian descent. Many peole especially, darker skinned blacks think those who are lighter have it “made”. So far from the truth. I used to get so tired of people asking what I was. When I tell them I’m black, I got this look of astonishment, especially from other blacks. I won’t even get into the “high-yella” remarks and such.

    Yes, racism from whites is hurtful, but hatered from those of your own group, those with whom you share a common ancestry, experience and tribulations is even more hurtful.

    As for the show, I will say I was surprised at Becca in the end, but it’s her right and choice to check the box she did. I still respect her no matter what for getting on there. I have to also wonder if she was influenced by her family in some fashion in regards to the college application and their reaction to her proclamation of blackness.

    When the little girl stated that dark is ugly, I wanted to cry. THIS is how we have been brainwashed by white society, and tragically, it has infected and divided us as black people.

    The biracial woman #3..I kind of thought this was more of an identity issue than anything. As you mentioned, If i saw her walking down the street, I would see her as a sista. the same goes with the teacher referred to as Vision.

    The young bi racial lady who grew up In PA. When they mentioned the town of Litiz, I cringed because I live not too terribly far from that community and I can only imagine the isolation she endured.

    I do appluad everyone for getting on there and sharing. That took a lot of strength. I couldn’t do it myself.

    Ultimately, I have learned being black is so much more than exterior features. It’s each and everyone of our own unique journeys, good and bad, that make us black. I hope that one day the colorism will vanish for good.

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