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    Cantor makes the same logical error that every proponent of “consumer-driven” health care makes, which is to ignore the fact that the 20% of “consumers” who account for 80% of costs are not able, in any way shape or form, to participate in a market where they can make choices about their care – they are too ill. As for the other 80%, the cost savings will be negligible, it still does nothing to control costs, and all studies indicate that the behavioral hazard (making a poor decision regarding your care) is as deleterious as the moral hazard (overusing the system).

  • The other element to consider about individual retirement plans vs SS is that in order to exact the maximum benefit from an individual plan you would have to dip into the principal at a rate which presumes you know exactly how long you will live. Good luck with that. SS is definitely the best way to go. If wealthier individuals can supplement their retirement income, fine, but SS should remain the strong social compact that it is. The income cap on contributions should be removed completely.

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    Done. Feels good to give to the right people and annoy the asshats at the same time!

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    The healthcare in Britain isn’t free, there’s just no payment at the point of service. I hate it when people talk about “free” healthcare. There is no such thing, and there never has been any such thing in any healthcare system. But the fact that the Brits fear “American-style” healthcare remains an important arrow in our quiver as we push for publicly financed healthcare.

  • so by that definition of “enemy” practically every Tea Partier should also be thrown in the brig, no?