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  • Tehanu commented on the blog post How Can I Live Without You

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    Exactly, what parsec said. I hate goodbyes so I will just offer a hope that this isn’t really one. Best to you, the lovely TBogg ladies, and the TDoggs.

  • Agghhhhhhhh! Well … what practically everybody else said. Dayum, I’m a-gonna miss ya. For heaven’s sake, if you return to these here Internets, at least make sure everybody knows it. By “everybody,” of course, I mean me. Good luck with the enjoying yourself!

  • Tehanu commented on the blog post Tim Pawlenty Has Finally Found Someone He Can Beat

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    You said it. What kind of — well, I was going to say “twerp,” but that’s way, way, WAY too kind to this douchebag — brags about his imaginary attack on a sick old lady?

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    I don’t have to benefit personally in order to be for [a] program that benefits others, especially since i have been in the shoes of those without medical insurance and know how it feels. It’s called empathy.

    This, 1,000 times. In fact, I think wayout (may I call him/her wayout, since he/she clearly is?) ought to repeat the first clause of that sentence 1,000 times every day until he/she figures it out. Or grows a heart, whichever comes first.

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    She explained that women were human beings worthy of respect and honor and dignity and some other stuff that I wasn’t really paying attention to….

    Genius, sheer genius.

  • Well, since the people applauding this verdict and celebrating the murder of an unarmed juvenile are the same people screechingly denying the reality of climate change and preventing the rest of us from doing anything about it, there won’t be a Sunshine State in another half-century or so, since the highest point in the whole state is all of 345 feet above sea level. If it were physically possible, I’d be in favor of just sawing Florida off right now and letting it float out to sea, but it looks like the laws of physics are going to obviate the need for that anyhow.

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    the much-missed Gavin M

    By me, too. My favorite of his posts ever, from 3/30/09 but still (sadly!) all too appropriate, on conservative whining:

    Aha, so they’re the victims of a Time Warner conspiracy to silence [trips over lamp cord] — agh, liberal lamp-trip unfairness. [grabs shelf, chinaware falls] Shit, dish-crashing liberal victimizer scheme-plot, with the [cat dashes under feet] gaaah, [falls through glass coffee table] fnaaagh, Soros-funded sneak-assault on [shelf falls on head] nuh! [cat runs across wreckage pursued by dog] Vince Foster [cat and dog knock over brass pole lamp, clatter out of pitch-dark room; phone rings]

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    Never forget Gary Larson’s “When Potato Salad Goes Bad” cartoon.


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    The Firesign Theatre also had a comedy Presidential candidate — George Papoon, whose motto was “Not Insane!” He’d fit right in with the real candidates now…

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    Big Schwinn! Destroying your lifestyle since it was Biggus Schwinnus, back around the time Dorothy was in the Iuvenes Dominarum Moribus Propria Seminarium(that’s Young Ladies’ Seminary of Proper Deportment, for you cloth-headed ignorami).

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    Me too, only 2 degrees, BOTH signed by Rayguns alas … but even back in the day when I was getting a really top-quality education there, the place was infested by whining rich kids whose entire colloquy with any professor consisted of the sentence, “Do I have to read ALL the books on the list to get a B?” This Elena makes the sorority girls I used to know look like Mother Teresa. Also, this is the first time I’ve heard of this “Entitlement Generation” since all the students that age I know are already being crushed under the weight of usurious loans from corporate thieves and debating whether to take that unpaid internship or just give up and work at McDonalds.

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    Hope the lovely Mrs. T gets all better soon!

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    At the risk of sounding like a real throwback, why wasn’t a makeshift community “militia”

    So many tells. “Risk”? This bozo wouldn’t recognize a real risk if it bit him on the balls. “Throwback” to what, the Neanderthals? (Sorry, no insult to real Neanderthals intended). “Makeshift” is not a positive description of anything — it reeks of what Jay Leno calls “White Trash Repairs.” And he himself puts the scare quotes around “militia.” I bet he thinks the actual National Guard is just full of losers who could be at home blogging about “risk” and eating Cheetos instead of, you know, actually trying to serve their country.

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    But…dead Breitfart vs all of humanity and life ending(because of the beez)…I’m conflicted but I will go with a thumbs up on destroying all life to be rid of Breitblast.

    You and me both, brother.

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    If they would only get on his case for proposing cuts to social security.

    This. Sure, I see the point of not always dragging in appearance but fer chrissake, it was a fundraiser = a schmoozefest among friends (well, putative friends, anyway). And besides, speaking as a female, I think a man’s appearance matters a lot more than some of the more humorless feminists think it does, so why aren’t they bitching about how rude it is to say anything nice about anyone?

  • TBogg, you have the best post titles and the best tag titles of any place on the Intertoobz. This one was a doozy! although I may need more brain bleach…. (BTW, do you have a list of tags? I can’t remember them all).

  • Also, danielx @ 6, “P.S. – you’re sounding cranky at the moment. Please continue.” gets my internets winner vote.

    Mine too! I didn’t get out of the boat but I’d bet “the dissenter” also complained about the pampered aristocrat heroine of Brave winning out over the working-class hero of Wreck-It Ralph.

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    “…Official business and documents needs to be in English.”

    And the Tea Party are “official” how, exactly? Maybe in Rep. King’s dreams. And as drbloor says, too easy. “Offical,” “morans,” yadda yadda…

  • offer him a seat in a comfy chair

    Oh no! Not the comfy chair!

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    South Africa has enough problems already, why inflict this jerk on them?

    Personally I enjoy playing golf, it’s a great game and easy to have fun even if, like me, you’re totally inept. But watching a bunch of Republicans play it, not so much.

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