• If the federal government required that everyone who earned above a specific amount, whether they drove or not, be forced to buy full-coverage insurance and used the IRS to enforce the rules then it seems reasonable to assume that law would get thrown out as well. I do agree that the Rs will not be supporting anything that might actually fix the problem of rising costs.

  • The wonder of a Republican blowing up the insurance reform boondoggle referred to as the mandate. A plan which was almost a Republican corporate poster-child for how to address health costs – until the corporate Democrats ran with it. The mandate was probably the most offensive part of the gift to health insurance companies. Now it appears that only the Republican and Republican-wannabees controlling the SCOTUS will be able to save the day for this mistake posing as reform. Wonder if those FIRE lobbyist will want some of their money back. Probably should have gotten a money-back guarantee.

    I suspect that a few of my Obama – love that pragmatic compromiser – friends will be a bit miffed. I’m miffed that the Gruber’s of the world made very good money pushing for this dreck. Squandered opportunities are all we have to look back on in our money driven election system. Real health reform having no natural, high-rolling corporate sponsors is less likely than ever.

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    Success leads to God’s approval of one’s efforts and failure is the withholding of God’s Grace. Obama appears to just want us to convert to that once popular American version of Neo-Calvinism which was dominant for those that believed that the robber barons of the 18th century deserved whatever they could acquire. Once we understand that failure or success are proof of divine mercy we can quit worrying about electing a government that might attempt to level the playing field. If you don’t have it, you don’t deserve it.

    Interesting side note via the link: Calvin led the way to making usury acceptable among Christians. Now there was a patron saint.

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    The visionary promise to change nearly nothing except possibly unleashing corporations for icky regulations that protect the rest of us while continuing to provide back door welfare via the Fed to the TBTF means that the act of simply doing nothing about the economic frauds of the past is as bad as it has to get.

    Since the current number of employed in the country – barring various kinds of fudging done with unemployment figures – currently hovers at around 47 percent of the employable population, doing nothing significant to focus on job creation and the massive disparity of wealth is as bad as it has to get.

    We knew that Obama had a window to do something right about the big problems, a window which he has long since squandered, so it is probably not a surprise that he now will simply pretend that the problems of today are no different than those of the 80s and 90s and that we just need to work out that “vision thing” so that everything is hunky-dory. Meanwhile the financial part of the ship of state’s crew are busy stealing everything that isn’t nailed down and moving whatever they found to their ill-gotten life rafts while the Captain looks on in approval.

    A positive attitude as the ship takes on water won’t help when the life rafts are owned by someone who has no interest in sharing.

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    ‘Our Destiny Remains Our Choice’

    Pure Calvinism. If you aren’t well-off it’s because you aren’t trying hard enough or simply don’t deserve to be. The fact that our differentiation between the poor and the wealthy makes the US a third-world economy is only as it should be.

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    Obama has joined his undifferentiated predecessor in our house. If we wanted to celebrate the 100 birthday of Reaganism with Obama we might have tuned in. One of the better quotes I’ve seen coming from more conservative economic types.

    Think of the betrayal of conservative values by Richard Nixon in reverse and you’ve got the scale of the political transformation now underway at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

    The next two years will be a great time for the rich and conservative as Obama sells everything down the river in order to separate the poor and the middle-class from the crumbs they used to hope to receive. All the while pompously spouting lefty sounding rhetoric.

  • We believe, therefore, that the initial purpose of the “reside in” requirement for candidates, and the failure of the legislature to alter that language in the current Municipal Code, strongly indicates that the phrase “resided in” as used in the Municipal Code requires actual, not constructive, residence.

    So he can vote where his house is but can’t run for office because he also lived in DC while working for the WH and only officeholders are exempt from this rule? Rahm clearly displeased somebody important. Perhaps some disabled person.

  • As is generally the case when reading news about the insiders through the lens of the mainstream press we need to parse the words. Moving to the center always means moving farther right. Pols that move to the left, if there were such a thing in our money driven election system, would always be moving to the left not the center. Thus it is correct that Obama is moving to the center because thats the way the moving to the right is phrased for mass consumption.

    What we are graced with is the same story passed on in the Clinton years and phrased in nearly the same way. Obama thinks he can “recapture” the independents and the border-line Republicans because he apparently didn’t understand that the people that voted for him thought he was offering a change rather than the status quo. The only difference this time is that we already watched this story, via Bill, and it doesn’t play as well in reruns. Not that he can get my vote again but it will be interesting to see how they play this game. Vote for Obama because he got the tax cuts the super-rich needed to avoid price hikes at Tiffany’s and Rolls Royce probably isn’t the one they will want to lead with.

    The part of the article that describes Obama becoming a walking-talking-sellout as proof of adulthood is just too precious. Only adults lack a moral code apparently.

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    Two years in we see the results from the guy who was going to pick the best and brightest for white house appointments. Business insiders with preference to Chicago cronies are the order of the day. Circling the wagons even tighter after only two years speaks volumes about how the administration expects to go forward, or not, as the case may be.

    The story about Clinton and Obama hunting for reporters while ignoring else anything beyond the next chance to blow hot air for a few minutes pretty much says it all.

  • The only bright spot – such as it is – is that the tea party crowd has gotten to watch some their Congressional picks roll over on their promises after just a short time in “control”. Perhaps if everyone that is not part of the corporate welfare agenda is disenfranchised then the cost of buying elections might go down a bit because there won’t be a need to run against folks that say they might worry about something besides how to make Wall Street richer.

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    Now with Daley playing at a more powerful national level we can probably expect this administration to work harder to privatize national services in the same way that Daley sold off the parking meters in Chicago, for chicken feed. Having Dean and others refer to this corporatist crook as an adult, because he says slightly less provocative things than his predecessor, just seems to be part of the ongoing slide of the Ds into vacuousness. Paint every corrupt loss as the lesser of evils.

    And still they stand around with their hands out offering to tinker around the edges for progressively smaller goals while massively enriching the members of FIRE with every new bill – selling the rest of us down the drain.

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    Meanwhile in bizarro land

    There’s still nearly 23 months until that election, and of course a lot can happen, but Obama turned a corner of sorts by hammering out a sensible compromise with the Republicans — in defiance of his own party.

    ‘Cause the Rs will now be hot to vote for the guy who gets the Republican agenda done just like Clinton before him. Gotta triangulate that competition.