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  • What the hell? Is Pam Spaulding really this intellectually dishonest? That’s not what Romney was saying. At all.

    First of all, in Massachusetts there have been a percentage of people trying to game the system. That is what Romney is referring to.

    Secondly, to so misrepresent Romney’s position on the issue reveals Spaulding’s disingenuous attempt at obfuscation.

    Thirdly, I’m sorry for Spaulding’s health issues; but she always has the option of telling the Insurance Company to GO TO HELL and getting on Medicaid, thereby forcing the state to pay–which is PRECISELY WHAT OBAMACARE DOES!

  • Crowley should have known better; his comments were egregious, despite being accurate. It’s sad, but sometimes one comes to a fork in the road and has to choose. Crowley made a choice to disparage a White House policy publicly. Oops. That never goes over very well, you know? I suspect Crowley feels strongly about some [...]

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    Get real. The public and even those normally friendly to unions are fracturing; union supporters are disintegrating; that you refuse to face that fact doesn’t negate the fact. There will be weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth, but the changes are already evolving. If unions want to save themselves, they’d do well to accept that times have changed:


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    Oh, public tv is ripping Walker. Now, there’s a shock.

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    Walker wanted it all. He wanted the destruction of public unions by eliminating collective bargaining. Nothing less would do.

    Walker offered to allow collective bargaining on salaries, isn’t that correct? So, clearly your description is over-wrought. And, the question remains: Why should Wisconsin taxpayers pay for the pensions and health care benefits of government employees, when they can’t pay for their own pensions and health care benefits, and government employees contribute very little to their own pensions and health care benefits? That is in fact what these protesters are demanding. Collective bargaining on salaries would remain under Walker’s budget; union members would have to contribute 6% to their pensions and 12% to their health care benefits, and they would not be required to contribute their hard-earned money in union dues–which are a shakedown if ever there was one, since those monies are used to fund lavish pensions and lifestyles for union bosses and to extort legislators to pass bills friendly to MORE TAXPAYER SHAKEDOWNS. Really, all in all, it’s a protection racket, and it’s disgraceful.

  • Another say one thing, do another, play from Obama. He’s a coward.

  • There is no place for public employee unions. Public employees–government employees–are paid by the taxpayers. So, these people are holding taxpayers hostage to their demands that taxpayers be soaked so they can live better than taxpayers. This is your idea of “social justice?” It’s my idea of kidnapping for ransom; not exactly fair. Walker is right to do what he’s doing; he’s not touching their collective bargaining rights on salaries; he’s asking them to pay 6% on retirement and 12% on health care benefits; something most people in the private sector would consider a gift. The public see quite clearly what the issues are, and they are not persuaded by people like Michael Moore that government employees should be able to force local municipalities to go bankrupt acceding to their demands. And, in point of fact, the reason we are at this point now is because unions take members’ money and use it to hold politicians hostage to their demands, so that taxpayers are never even allowed into the “bargaining” in the first place. It’s disgraceful, and whether or not you want to admit it to yourselves, it will end. The money is gone; the party is over; the hangover will be fierce.

  • Dana Milbank was ALWAYS a liberal, and his experience, recounted with his usual smug arrogance, isn’t the spark you think it is for a change of heart. Personally, I think you’d have to be a moron to go to Citibank for a mortgage re-fi or anything else in this world. And, why didn’t he point the finger at the real culprit behind the incompetence, cronyism and corruption: Tim Geithner and Ben Bernanke? Geithner & Bernanke have made it their singular focus to save the big banks, no matter how corrupt the means to do it. Crickets from Dana. He got what he deserved, a spanking. He’s never been as smart as he thinks he is.