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  • TerryOtt commented on the blog post Ahmad Chalabi Still Wants To Lead Iraq

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    Couple of questions:

    1. Inasmuch as the US has gigantic reserves of unused hope and change, should we simply gift that over to Iraq? I realize it’s degrading over here after persistent application of deadly statusquocynicism, but maybe a guy with impeccable credentials (like Chalabi’s) could pass it off as “new and improved hope and change”. Who would ever know?

    2. By “ … lead Iraq FORWARD… ” does that mean TOWARD the precipice, or over the edge, or does “forward” in this context mean decisively and spectacularly into chaotic irrelevance with accompanying visions of a holocaust?

    3. Finally, does anyone have Baghdad Bob’s contact information? His infectious enthusiasm and confidence MUST be the foundation for the emerging Iraqi Miracle. Or, wait, is that even possible? Rumor is that he’s in the US now and running for Congress with backing from the Whatmeworry party

  • The President is not interested in any data gathering unless it involves campaign contributors and other backers. That’s how he gets input re: whom he should appoint to key government posts. Their allegiance must be pure and focused.

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    What a relief this development is. I am getting ready to fire off a letter to Holder expressing my full support for his efforts to investigate himself, suggesting he personally oversee the investigation in order to make it apolitical, conduct hearings with himself, and recommend the appropriate corrective action for himself to follow. Furthermore, I’ll tell him to be sure to inform the Attorney General’s office in writing of all developments as they unfold.

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    I have not read many other things by her, but I tend to agree with you. But is it even safe to say that? Will we need protection?

  • As I understand it, the Federal govt rules under which States would have to operate their State exchanges make it essentially a Hobson’s choice.

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    Actually, my theory is that when Obama decided to run for ’08, he expected not to win. A VP slot under Hillary or a cabinet position as an outgrowth of running a strong campaign would have been his, and he would have been position just right for a run in 2012 or 2016, depending.

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    What has happened in Wisconsin is this: Voters grew tired of a government out of touch with concerns of the citizenry where “tax and spend” has been the mantra. It became one of the least favorable places in the country for businesses to locate (and, of course, to expand or even stay).

    So, in the case of Walker, they put in place a guy who has a reputation (having been the CEO of Milwaukee County) for “tough love”, for saying what he intends to do and then actually DOING it. A person who sees the folly of deficits and the crippling effect of runaway taxes and regulations.

    Walker is inviting businesses to chose Wisconsin. Like any effective turnaround executive, he knows that bold action is better than incrementalism when change is urgently needed. Like many others who are retired and struggling to pay state taxes and outrageously high property taxes, long after the state’s reputation for good government has been flushed down the crapper, I hang on here rather than move away where taxes are more reasonable and the climate more desirable. For the first time in a long time, I am encouraged that I can do it.

    Whatever state you live in, there will come a day when you realize you will have to pay the piper. Our state is probably giving you the blueprint, and we are glad to do it. Wisconsin, as has been true most of the 50+ years I have lived here, is seeing things clearly and sucking it up before we have a full-fledged disaster.

    Good luck.