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    I wonder if you have any conception how many people now just tune you out as soon as the word “race” escapes your lips?–People who used to be sympathetic on the issue, too, but are now completely burned out by increasingly ridiculous and contorted accusations. Racism was and is a serious problem, but you’ve seemingly [...]

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    Fringes of the Eagle Ford Shale country here. Lots of jobs, housing stable. The winter was a little colder than usual, but not problematic. Taxes all moderate with the exception of school district ad valorems. Strong volunteer spirit.

  • texan99 commented on the blog post US Appeals Court Upholds Texas Harsh New Abortion Law

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    So you object to that part of the law, too?

    It’s just that it doesn’t seem to be getting much press. All the focus is on the nearby-admitting-privileges restrictions. Isn’t the ban on late-term abortions troubling to all of you, too? — Or does it not seem particularly harmful, given that so few late-term abortions are performed anyway?

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    You mention the nearby-admitting-privileges restriction but not the prohibition on late-term abortions. I’m curious what the view here is on the latter.

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    Of course the Democrats aren’t going to take back the House. The real question is whether they’re going to lose the Senate. I doubt it, but it’s looking iffier than I ever would have thought possible last summer, before Obamacare crashed and burned in such spectacular fashion.

  • I’ve worked with many grindingly poor immigrants who never go near junk food. They stick to cheap peasant food, just as poor people all over the rest of the world do. They’re missing many things in their lives, but nourishing food isn’t one of them. Calories are easier for them here than in their countries [...]

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    The millennials are ripe for capture by someone like Rand Paul.

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    I agree: I would have to conclude that Pres. Obama has taken a significant step (really a series of steps) to repeal his signature law.

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    Do you honestly think Phil Robertson judges the behavior of his misspent youth any more harshly than you do? If so, you’re getting all your information about him third-hand. He speaks about that part of his life often, and without any sort of rose-colored glasses. He describes his younger self as a drunk, miserable jerk who nearly lost his wife and children. At least one of his sons and one of his grandsons has been quite open about weathering a similar crisis in young adulthood.

    There’s a lot about Phil Robertson for you guys to hate. He’s extremely uncompromising in his fundamentalist views. You don’t have to make up anything about him to disapprove of.

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    Almost all the elderly members of my family have controlled their finances until their deaths, without encountering any disasters. Two members handed over control to someone else at just about the time we’d otherwise have had to consider some kind of guardianship proceeding.

    It’s easy to assume that the elderly are incapable of handling their own decisions, but there are guardianship procedures for relieving them of that responsibility if the situation truly warrants a remedy so extreme. I think it’s a mistake to assume that we younger members of society are automatically qualified to make better decisions on behalf of our elderly relatives and neighbors.

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    Some bright soul at a hospital figured out it would save the hospital money to buy qualified Obamacare coverage for their sickest, poorest patients and have the hospital pay the premiums itself. After all, these are very needy people, the very ones the new law is supposed to help. They’re in dire straits and probably can’t afford the premiums. And it would be very wrong to deny coverage to these desperate patients merely because they’re sick, right?

    No, the Obama administration and insurers are up in arms about the proposal, because it will upset the balance of the risk pools, dumping all those expensive sick people in.


    So if sick people can scrape up many thousands of dollars a year to buy exchange insurance, that’s OK with the White House. If they can get subsidies from taxpayers and not pay anything out of pocket, that’s OK with the White House. But if hospitals pay the premiums, even if it saves the hospitals money overall, that’s terrible, because then sick people will pour into the exchanges and get covered at last. Weren’t the sick people who couldn’t otherwise get insured the whole point of this exercise? Wasn’t it a terrible problem that poor, sick people were dumping their problems on hospitals via EMTALA and leaving the taxpayers holding the bag?

  • Well, I was surprised and unhappy about the news, too. But it’s hardly a unique story. Haven’t you been following the news of the hundreds of thousands of people who are getting cancellation notices as we approach the 12-31-13 deadline for compliance with the new mandates? And HHS has been warning us for years that high-deductible policies were in the crosshairs.

  • I’d have been happier if the worst they had done is interpose an expensive middleman between me and some new options in the way of health insurance. Instead, I am now in the same boat as 16 million other Americans who are losing their individual healthcare policies because they are deemed “non-standard” under the ACA. Our deductible ($10K) is considered too high. Our new deductible will be $6,250. Unfortunately, our new annual premiums will be $4,800 higher.

    We like our policy, but we can’t keep it–not because Blue Cross let us down or our circumstances changed, but because the law now prohibits it. It’s not helping anyone else, it’s not saving anyone a dime, for my previously-affordable insurance to be taken away from me.

  • I’m always encouraged when Americans correctly identify the government as one of their worst problems — if not THE worst — but I’m afraid what this mostly reflects is the tendency of poll responders to identify whatever problem has been getting the most press in a given week.

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    Are the adults we’d like to run the show the same ones who are putting up traffic cones to stop visitors from pulling over to take pictures of Mount Rushmore? Shutting down tourist attractions that are entirely staffed and funded by private volunteers just because the feds are the landlord and have the power? Sending [...]

  • Isn’t that the definition of a “base”?

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    I suffer from ICD regularly, but it doesn’t seem to be brought about by the same news sources as yours.

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    So perhaps they were delayed, but if anyone really had it out for these groups don’t you think they’d have actually denied them the tax exempt status they were filing for?

    Why would the IRS deny the applications when they could instead let them drag on for years, occasionally taking the opportunity to harass the applicants further? As long as the application is pending, the status quo favors the IRS. You talk as though the purpose of the exercise were to apply the law. If that were the case they would not have singled out their political opponents for enforcement.

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    Wait. Is eight months too little time for the Obama administration to get to the bottom of the attack, or too much time to still be paying attention to the bald-faced lies they told to get the story out of the election-period news cycle? I can’t figure out if it’s a long or a short time any more. I just know the answer always is, “Why are you asking all these impertinent questions? It’s too early/late now. And what difference does it make, really?”

    The military wanted to send a rescue mission and were ordered to stand down. They left our people to die at their posts. You don’t think that’s important? You think it’s OK to shrug it off with a world-weary “Oh, everything’s politics”? Is that worldly sophistication or just a deep, partisan, cowardly moral rot?

  • Come on. You don’t seriously think deficit reduction is a goal for President Obama?

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